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Put time limits on unproductive sites.

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Description from store Dawdle block limits the usage of time-wasting sites by blocking them after the time limit you set is exceeded. Avoid procrastination. You can set a daily time limit, active hours and active days. You can specify urls or parts of them to match visited sites. If a match is found your time limit begins to deplete. When the time is used up, the blacklisted sites are blocked. You can also whitelist sites to not deplete the time. For example you can block the whole domain reddit.com, but allow www.reddit.com/r/programming/. You can whitelist or blacklist specific YouTube channels or genres. You can set different rules for different times of the day, different days of the week or anything you can come up with using multiple independent block sets. You can have up to 50 of them. ------------------------------------------------------ Patch notes: Version 1.5.2 - Save indicator made sticky to always be on screen - Small visual improvements Version 1.5.1 - Fix inability to add more than 15 block sets in options. - Switch to overall more usable whole page options menu Version 1.5.0 - Added compression for saves to allow more blocking rules for each block set (from ~80 rules to 500 and more depending on shortness of the rules) - Improved save indicator * Message shown is clearer than before when settings are successfully saved * Now shows a message if there was an error when saving, eg. storage is full - Fixed timer not resetting in some situations - Improved annoy mode banner consistency on different websites - Added hover tooltip to show full contents of long blocking rules Version 1.4.7 - Fixed bug where deleting drag and dropped block sets would break the settings user interface until reload - Annoy mode banner made more consistent on different websites Version 1.4.6 - Fixed colors in typing test to be visible in dark mode Version 1.4.5 - Fixed bug where "Require active" setting could not be unchecked Version 1.4.4 - Fixed bug where youtube playlists would get blocked unintentionally Version 1.4.3 - Numbers in number input now distinguishable from the background in dark mode - Fixed bug where first blacklist/whitelist rule was always deleted regardless of button pressed - Fixed typos Version 1.4.1 - Fixed old help message Version 1.4.0 - Implemented settings protection system, which allows you to edit settings when timers are zero Version 1.3.1 - Fixed bug that caused the wrong blacklist rules to be removed when the amount of rules exceeded 10 Version 1.3.0 - Removed unintended regex matching (eg. characters "?", "*", "+", and "=" didn't work correctly) - Added intentional regex matching - Added ability to choose if unfocused tabs deplete time - Small tweaks Version 1.2.1 - Active dates now applied more reliably Version 1.2.0 - Now uses a much more reliable alarms api for resetting timers - UI improvements on Firefox - Cursor now clearly shows when an option is disabled Version 1.1.6 - Fixed a bug where users could not add YouTube channels from the options page Version 1.1.4 - Sorted out library links to satisfy Mozilla's security policies Version 1.1.3 - Fixed a bug where timer would reset every time when opening the browser Version 1.1.2 - Popup buttons are now not disabled when annoy mode is on (same behaviour as options page) Version 1.1.1 - Annoy mode banner font more reliably pretty - Firefox specific css optimization Version 1.1.0 - Annoy mode * shows overtime in a banner instead of blocking * less intrusive way to discourage website usage - Dark theme - Slight visual update - Small stuff * periodic saving made more bandwith efficient * corrected typos * fixed issue, where in rare cases time elapsed at double rate

Latest reviews

  • (2022-06-19) 麵皮: Epic.
  • (2021-11-24) Tasnim Mujir: Hello, thank you for developing this. How do I go about blocking a specific category of YouTube videos? For example I'd like to leave Educational and Music videos up, but block Gaming and Entertainment.
  • (2021-05-16) nerdError: It's really cool! Really hope to see more updates!
  • (2021-03-03) Daniele Mello: sinceramente é a melhor extensão de bloqueador de sites que eu encontrei. Muito prática e com horário definido.
  • (2021-02-18) nyroc: most lightweight functional timed site blocker I could find

Latest issues

  • (2022-05-07, v:1.5.2) Gabriel Johnson: Doesn't work on Kiwi
    I wanted to use this extension with Kiwi to limit my time on certain websites on my phone, but it fails to work. First and most importantly, the "require active" option completely breaks down. It doesn't detect when a site is active at all. Second, if the "allow in incognito" option is checked, then it forgets all your block lists while you're in incognito mode. I think I would have to redefine all my block lists every time I go into incognito... except that the button to add a new block list disappears from the options page while in incognito, so I can't test that theory. I tried exporting the block lists from non-incognito mode to import them in incognito mode, but when I went to import them, it couldn't find the file—I went right to where the file was, and it just didn't show up. Not sure if that's because of this extension, or Kiwi, or Android, or my file explorer. My other problem was that it's hard to block Google image search (and only image search), but that's Google's fault for making their URL's so bloody inconsistent...
  • (2021-08-06, v:1.5.2) Tony Zale: Extension Enhancements
    Thanks for the nice extension, I enjoy its functionality and simplicity! My top suggestion for an improvement would be to stop the timer in situations where I'm not actually using the active tab. For example, it seems the timer continues to countdown while the display is asleep, when I'm on a different virtual desktop, or switched to a different account on the machine (I'm on a chromebook). I'm not sure if the Chrome APIs give you access to enough information to stop the timers in those cases, but if possible it would be very useful. I often lock my computer or switch to a different user, then when I return I find I've lost all my "time wasting" time. Thanks again, Tony


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