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To support writing, editing and managing the github.io based Jekyll Blog, with Markdown Previewer.

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Description from store # Jekyller ## Intro Jekyl Tool hopes to: 1. Support Markdown Editor focusing on Jekyl (hosted in Github.io); 2. Support list posts, edit post, publish post, delete post, etc.; 3. Support 'cloud' feature with sync API . And, some key reuse inputs: * Markdown Editor : * fork from https://github.com/iphands/Meltdown, thanks, * Github simple check/update/create/delete for recent posts: * mainly got from chrome-app-samples for oauth2 part Several highlight points: - For security concern, removed the key.pem file from folder, so, if anyone fork and want to do own development for chrome app, you need to generate the pem file by yourself and use it for publishing (without it, you can't get fixed key for the Github API access); - Some critical changed on Meltdown code to support cross domain picture display; [1]: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/jekyller/lgdhgkhhglmhiacjecigalebiffjklec [2]: https://microsoftedge.microsoft.com/addons/detail/jekyller-blog-editor/blogcklanlfjglneidejdabdljnoohlc?hl=zh-CN ## History + 3.0: Major Update: * Authorization approach updated from Oauth2 to Github Token; * UI refinement; * Extend the post list from recent 6 to all posts by pagination; * Update the fetch logic from sync to async which can ensure the right order of the blog list; * Add search function (but not so good for non-Latin as github search API can only recoganize 'full word' ,so in other language e.g. Chinese, Japanese, please well use 'tag' to sort your blog, which can ensure and help searching greatly) * Multiple language support added by i18n , now English/Chinese supported. + 1.03: Adjust the permission , remove unlimitedstorage, assuming we will not take >5MB content + 1.02: Optimize Some Style + 1.01: To support automatic judge for Edge/Chrome/Firefox, and light/dark theme switch + 1.0: Baseline for Edge Support > Old info not mentioned. Start from v1.0 Baseline --- # Jekyller ## 简介 Jekyller是一款支Jekyl工具, 希望实现以下功能: 1. 支持专注于Jekyl的Markdown编辑器(托管在Github.io上); 2. 支持列出帖子、编辑帖子、发布帖子、删除帖子等功能; 3. 支持具有同步API的“云”功能。 另外,一些关键的重用输入: * Markdown编辑器: * 派生自https://github.com/iphands/Meltdown,感谢, * 最近帖子的Github简单检查/更新/创建/删除: * 主要来自chrome-app-samples中的OAuth2部分 一些重要的亮点: - 出于安全考虑,从文件夹中删除了key.pem文件,因此,如果有人派生并想为Chrome应用进行自己的开发,需要自己生成.pem文件并用于发布(没有它,您无法获得用于Github API访问的固定密钥); - 对Meltdown代码进行了一些关键更改,以支持跨域图片显示; [1]: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/jekyller/lgdhgkhhglmhiacjecigalebiffjklec [2]: https://microsoftedge.microsoft.com/addons/detail/jekyller-blog-editor/blogcklanlfjglneidejdabdljnoohlc?hl=zh-CN ## 历史 + 3.0: 主要更新: * 从OAuth2更新为Github Token的授权方式; * UI细化; * 将帖子列表从最近的6篇扩展到所有帖子,通过分页实现; * 将获取逻辑从同步更改为异步,以确保博客列表的正确顺序; * 添加搜索功能(但对于非拉丁语言,如中文、日文等,由于GitHub搜索API只能识别“完整单词”,请使用“标签”来排序您的博客,这将极大地确保和帮助搜索) * 通过i18n添加多语言支持,现在支持英语/中文。 + 1.03: 调整权限,删除无限存储,假设我们不会采用>5MB的内容。 + 1.02: 优化一些样式。 + 1.01: 为Edge/Chrome/Firefox支持自动判断和浅色/深色主题切换。 + 1.0: Edge支持的基线。 > 从v1.0基线开始,旧信息不再提及。

Latest issues

  • (2016-04-18, v:0.61) Xuesong Shi: Cannot sync with GitHub
    Hi shinemoon, is this tool supposed to be good for now? It does not work on my Windows 7. I've signed in with my github account, and it showed "Blog of:xxx" on the top bar of Jekyller, but I cannot sync down my recent posts or publish new posts to github. Are there any known issues like that? Thanks a lot!
  • (2015-07-08, v:0.5.7) Bryce Stradling: Posting Issues for jekyll 2.4.0
    I've posted with this twice, and I have to adjust the commit so it'll display properly on my blog. I'm sure this is an issue with my config file, but my blog won't accept an .md file only .markdown. I also have to add "layout: post" the front matter. It also seems to dislike having the date in quotes or tags separated by dashes. It's been pretty tricky. Pretty great otherwise!
  • (2015-03-18, v:0.5.7) Support Github Org
    Hi, try give support for other github-pages in the brand gh-pages or for orgs. Thank you.


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