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Google Calendar based diary!

Description from store Ever look at the clock and wonder "what did I do all day"? I certainly have! But thanks to Reverse Calendar, I always know how I spent my time. Every hour, Reverse Calendar asks me how I spent the last hour, and I just type in whatever it was that I did. RevCal adds this information to my calendar. After a few days of this, I can go back and see exactly how I spent my time, which serves me two purposes: 1) I can learn about myself, and see how to improve my time management 2) Its nice to have a diary/journal of my life. Imagine being able to say exactly what you did last year, on Tuesday, April 4th at 2pm! 3) Its private to your own calendar, so only you have access to this information. (The code is open-source, so the community would definitely have found out if there were any suspicious activity going on in the code).

Latest reviews

  • (2018-03-27) Jo Librero: I am very disappointed with this one. The description was promising but there was nothing here. grrr!
  • (2017-04-03) Larry Uhl: nothing
  • (2016-12-08) Victoria Marinelli: This purports to be an app called "Reverse Calendar." The description in the Chrome Web Store looked like something that would be useful for me, and the store seemed to show a 5-star average rating, so I installed it. A red screen at the extension page asks users to sign in with Google. On completing this action, users find not (as they might expect) a page with options for configuring the supposed app--but rather, the personal page of an individual. Users wishing to read about his "entrepreneurial spirit," can certainly read his resume, but there is nothing related to any "Reverse Calendar" application. Looking then to my Chrome shortcuts, I see a new icon featuring a whimsically tilted calendar. An attempt to customize its options. A simple click on that icon yields a window that asks users to complete the prompt: "What I did in the last hour: _____" This, apparently, is supposed to pop up by default on the hour, though in options, as I later discovered, you could set it to pop up as frequently as each minute. However, it never actually popped up at all; the only way I ever saw it was by clicking the calendar icon directly. While one might expect the entered text to disappear upon being submitted (a good indicator, usually, of data having been successfully transmitted), here, one's text remains in the box, unchanged. Nor does the 'submit' button do anything upon being clicked. Finally, just to see if this application actually exported any of my attempts at text entry ("tested this app," "wondered if this is a scam or simply a waste of time," etc.) to my Google Calendar--its ostensible purpose--I checked. Nope. Either there is no app at all, or the "developer" has structured the project so poorly that users have no hope of finding it. Whichever may be the case, I now feel ill over having (however briefly) used the "Sign in with Google" (no actual passwords entered, but still sketchy). Naturally, on returning to the Chrome Web Store and seeing there are no reviews (nor screenshots), only a single user's (anonymous) 5-star rating. I'd be surprised if that rating wasn't entered by a certain "entrepreneurial spirit" himself.


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