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DropKick is a Pomodoro style alternative to StayFocusd. It increases productivity by limiting your access to time-wasting websites.

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Description from store DropKick is a Chrome Extension that helps you create good working habits by limiting the amount of time you spend on time-wasting websites. It uses the Pomodoro Technique, which works like this: You have a working interval (say 25 minutes) Followed by a short break (say 3 minutes) A break might be include catching up on Facebook or checking Instagram. You are allowed to enjoy yourself! DropKick simply prevents you wasting too much time.

Latest reviews

  • (2018-02-12) Zhxiang Xie: 與StayForcused的差異在於, StayFocused是定義限制一整天在"無生產力"網頁中可以耗多少時間.. DropKick則是定義一個時間區塊, 限制這個區塊內在"無生產力"網頁中可以耗多少時間, 類似紅綠燈吧.. 若區塊30分鐘, 綠燈3分鐘, 紅燈27分鐘.. 好處是, StayFocused若定義一天可看 1小時, 就允許會連續無生產力1小時之久.. 但若用DropKick,也許整天也是1小時, 但會分散開, 在工作步調的管控上較平均 ======= Additional Suggestion @ 2018/2/17 ======= Assume a scenario, set a rule which work for 30 min and play for 3 min. It's fine that I play from 15:00 to 15:03, and then I should wait until 15:33 for the next 3 mins play. But if I play form 15:00 to 15:02:40 (remain 20 sec), and then go back to work for maybe 30 min or an hour. When I finish some work and want to take a break, it remain 20 sec to play.. That like a punishment for who not run out fully play time. :) So it just a suggestion, to recover the play time by the start play time, not by the finish play time. As the same scenario, if I start play from 15:00, the system recover fully 3 min play time at 15:33 (which is 15:00 + 3 min play + 30 min work).
  • (2017-06-22) Emily Haggstrom: This is exactly what I need! Something that starts a timer *automatically* when I visit a time-waster, then *automatically* boots me out when my break time is over, until I have gotten some pre-set amount of work done. I have used a number of timer, website blocking, and pomodoro extensions, and this is the first one that works like I need it to. - Like Strict Workflow, it uses configurable timers to use the Pomodoro technique, but it doesn't rely on me to start my work timer once I'm done with my break. It also doesn't tell me to start a break when my work time is up. I don't need a tool to break my focus and tell me to go play. - Like StayFocused, it locks me out of my timewasters for a set amount of time, but unlike StayFocused, I CAN change the settings, so if I have a sick day, or I need to access a time-waster for some work task, I can still get to it. Great work on this! Is there a mobile version, and a way to link it so I can't cheat by checking Facebook on my phone?
  • (2016-05-13) David Page: As a serial internet binger, I love this extension. Breaking up surfing into predetermined intervals makes my day much more productive, and keeps me from getting in the mindless surfing mindset.


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