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Turns your unused, youtube bookmarks that are laying around into a playlist loop for hours of entertainment!

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Description from store Do you find yourself bookmarking youtube videos/songs that you like? If you do, this chrome extension is for you. When you install it, the user-friendly interface displays three easy steps for you to follow: locate the folders that hold your youtube bookmarks (my folder names are "Music", "Music 2", and "Music 3"), type in the names of those folders into the extension separated by a comma (Music,Music 2,Music 3) and no unnecessary spaces, and lastly, choose whether to listen to the songs in-order or shuffled and you'll begin listening to hours of music. After you click the "Shuffle" or "In-order" button, a small window will appear and you can relax from there on out; the chrome extension will automatically select a new song and play it once the old song is over. v1.0 - Initial release. v1.1 - Fixed bug in v1.1 where songs were still duplicating. v1.2 (1/25/19) - Fixed bug where unavailable/deprecated/removed/country-blocked videos are automatically skipped and banned to assure they never reappear. v1.3 - Completely refactored code and reduced pause time between song transition. v2.0 - Reset versioning system to do it properly. Removed scrollbar removal feature and fixed some UI issues. v2.2 - Added functionality to store a user's 5 most recent playlists. Also added error messages for empty bookmark folders/playlists. v2.3 - Fixed bug where "No recent playlists" text was not showing up. This extension is also available as a Firefox add-on : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/music-playlist-generator/

Latest reviews

  • (2020-03-01) Anagha Babu: Just what I needed. Been using this for quite some time now and honestly, it's really, really good! Does what it says. The randomness of the bookmarks/videos is what I love the most about playlist generator. Thank you James :)
  • (2019-11-22) Rohit Ganguly: Incredible, this does exactly what I was looking for. Well done to James!!!!
  • (2019-08-27) Mohammad Badawy: doesnt work
  • (2019-05-05) ВАСЯ пупкин: Идея просто превосходная. Именно это я и искал. Работает неплохо, жаль, что нельзя посмотреть список и изменять порядок воспроизведения. Спасибо.
  • (2018-12-24) Wes Horne: Works perfectly for my purposes. I had compiled huge folders of YouTube links, but I didn't have time to create a playlist. This extension makes a non-YouTube playlist that automatically selects random videos from a folder. Requests I have are for a feature that goes through links in order, or to create a real YouTube playlist, though I realize the latter might be difficult. I've been using it for about a year, without any notable issues. Thanks for the great extension!
  • (2016-09-13) Simon Barton: It makes its own playlist thing, not compatible with real youtube playlists. I wanted a Playlist generator, not this.

Latest issues

  • (2020-05-20, v:1.21) Cara G: Glitch When Trying to Scroll for the Video
    The extension works great, I love it, yet a glitch I noticed was if I want to diverge from what I am currently listening to on the extension, when I try to scroll down, it's a bit bugged and just won't allow me. It's annoying but I still love the extension, not sure if it's just me. Thank you and have a good day.
  • (2020-05-19, v:1.21) Jag: Suggestions
    Firstly, really glad I found something like this. Have always wanted an extension to do exactly this for years. Anyways, was wondering if there was a way to skip the song or have it load the next link? I know I can just end the current song by clicking towards the end but maybe there is an easier way. Also was wondering perhaps instead of having a new window created maybe have it be created in a new tab instead? I have extensions I like to use for music but can't access them when its created in that new window because there is no address bar. Would be nice options to have. Thanks again for your work.
  • (2020-02-03, v:1.20) Josh McIlwain: Update Suggestion
    Hi Mr Hahn, your extension is really appreciated as I have an endless music folder in chrome which I do not have the time to turn into a single youtube playlist. A suggestion for a feature I would find super useful is the ability to remember which playlists you've added. Say, you click on the extension icon and the current window pops up, along with a simple 'Add, Remove, Modify' list of folders to choose from, upon which clicking on it commences playing Would love this feature, but love the extension anyway, thanks :)
  • (2019-01-18, v:1.11) does not appear to work
    windows 7, chrome browser with youtube music videos as bookmark, I have 6 or so book marks in a bookmark folder. I entered the name of the folder and pressed the Make Playlist button on the bottom. I got a window titled YouTube and it appeared to cycle through some process displaying gray placeholders on the window. It looped for a very long time and never did resolve... Whats going on. I never found any output.


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