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Lookup scholarly articles as you browse the web.

Image from store Google Scholar Button
Description from store This extension adds a browser button for easy access to Google Scholar from any web page. Click the Scholar button to: - Find full text on the web or in your university library. Select the title of the paper on the page you're reading, and click the Scholar button to find it. - Transfer your query from web search to Scholar. Press the Scholar button to see top three results; click "full screen" at the bottom of the popup to see them all. - Format references in widely used citation styles. Press the quote button below the result to see a formatted reference and copy it into the paper you're writing. - Save the article to your Scholar library, so you can read it or cite it later. Press the blue star below the result to save it, or the gray star at the bottom to see all saved articles. Library links work best when you're on campus. To configure them for off-campus use, visit Google Scholar Settings at https://scholar.google.com/scholar_settings (you may need to login with your library password or to set up your browser to use a library proxy; please visit your library's website or ask a local librarian for assistance). To search the US case law, click the gear icon at the bottom of the popup, and configure your preferred collection in Google Scholar Settings. By installing this extension, you agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/.

Latest reviews

  • (2023-09-19) Husain Agha: It's a good extension, but I wish there was an option to grab the DOI link address when citing a paper with citation options. I try to use Google Docs for my manuscript prep, but it makes it really hard to use the button for my reference list when I have to go in and grab the DOI individually every time!
  • (2023-09-18) 王翼真: 偶尔能用,大部分时候连接不上
  • (2023-07-27) Patrice Albert: les résultats sont grand-public, alors que mes exigences sont de niveau professionnel
  • (2023-07-24) yueqiang wang: 翻墙之后可以用 可以免费翻墙的网站 从去年用到现在都没付过钱 https://go.91merry-1.top/auth/register?code=wh0XRG
  • (2023-07-15) LORD BRAIN: The Illuminati fraternity is a first class association of world pioneers, business specialists, trend-setters, craftsmen, and other compelling individuals from this planet. Our alliance joins powerhouses of all political, strict, and topographical foundations to additional the flourishing of the human species in general.🔺🔺 ​ CONTACT INFORMATION 🔺🔺Email: [email protected] Official website
  • (2023-06-23) Cheng-Han Lin: The history catches are annoying, which always show up when typing. Can't remove it until clean the catches of Chrome as all the history data is removed.
  • (2023-05-29) Yukihiro Marui: いつもありがたく使わせてもらっています。 ポップアップでラベルの追加ができれば大変助かります。 Thanks a lot for useful extention. I would appriciate if we could add labels in popupp.
  • (2023-05-27) Marlon Longa: bien
  • (2023-04-16) 陳鈺同(芋頭): 好用,五星推薦
  • (2023-03-25) Fahim Abdullah: It's mostly good but no direct way to import to BibTeX from the popup. It's good to find the paper without opening another window, when you actually click "Cite" in the popup itself, it only gives you 5 options. BibTeX is at the bottom, which you have to click and let it open in a new tab, which you have to close again. I wish there was an option to just have BibTeX or at least that with others with that at the top. I even enabled the "Show links to import citations into: BibTeX" under "Bibliography manager" but noticed no difference.
  • (2023-01-13) Erin Ross-Marsh: Love this extension! It helps so much when I need to quickly find the citation for a publication I am looking at. Favourite extension by far.
  • (2022-11-18) Luana Santos: Muito boa, facilita na hora de encontrar os textos
  • (2022-10-18) Zef Koch: I can use my linker's on things I search, it's a must have for any researcher!
  • (2022-09-23) Victor Hugo: Una funcionalidad que hace le hace falta a la extensión, sería poder elegir la etiqueta de tu biblioteca cuando quieres guardar una referencia y no tener que entrar a la biblioteca para hacerlo.
  • (2022-07-20) Andres Felipe Sora Martinez: Excelente aplicación muy utíl, pero despues de mucho uso Scholar comienza a generar conflicto y deja de funcionar, principalmente para la descarga de citas. Incluso a veces crashea totalmente o como minimo pide captcha.
  • (2022-04-25) X Zh: One of the Chrome extension that I used the most often. Don't need to say too much.
  • (2022-04-15) Zulkarnain Hamson: Sangat membantu
  • (2022-04-06) Raouf Roland Michel: Muito Interessante e facilita busca com detalhes. Bom Referenciador
  • (2022-03-21) Belal Al Droubi: I use it everyday and I LOVE IT, Extremely convenient and saves a ton of time
  • (2022-03-15) Rabia -: I used to love this extension, but for some reason I cannot search anything anymore and any time I surf to scholar.google.com I need to verify that I'm not a robot. Which is something I can live with I suppose, except this happens multiple times a day?
  • (2022-02-26) 2M: Please add endnote style download as a critical option in the extension results as like as in web results (I mean, access to the endnote is easily accessible on the very first page (not after clicking on the cite))
  • (2022-02-14) zhanhua zhang: 太好用了
  • (2022-01-30) Srđan K: To je skvělé!
  • (2022-01-23) Jali Ig: Sangat-sangat helpfull. Mantab
  • (2022-01-19) Jahongir Yakubov: Hi guys, How can I create automatically in text citations for instance (Johanson, 1988) from the full reference source such as the following? Johanson (1988), The role of business networks in the internationalization of manufacturing firms: A longitudinal case study (pp. 205-222). Univ.. Thank you in advance,
  • (2021-12-23) Islamiyatur Rohkmah: membantu
  • (2021-10-02) Mario Peters: fast and effective!
  • (2021-09-16) Sbai Anas: Excellente
  • (2021-09-05) Paulina Pareja Ramirez: Muy buena
  • (2021-07-23) dazhi ouyang: it so bad,i not use it
  • (2021-07-21) Omar Moured: The extension after few searches (around 10 when I was filling my paper in latex overleaf) shutdown and don't respond it shows shows "Unable to access the server. Open results in a new tab" Please fix this bug I like this extension. Good luck.
  • (2021-07-05) Amr Radwan: Very helpful!
  • (2021-05-20) Mondher Njehi: très utile est rapide
  • (2021-05-03) Hexxin: It is a button to open and use Google scholar. Straightforward and works. Would and will click to search again. Uncomfortable truths are waiting.
  • (2021-03-17) 北斋宥: 很好用,网页版的谷歌学术经常出现无法加载的情况,这个插件则很流畅,非常赞
  • (2021-03-17) Christos Markos: Extremely useful and easy to use.
  • (2021-03-02) Vadim Karatayev: After adblock, the most useful extension I've ever had by far!!!
  • (2020-12-25) yemliha toker: Faydalı oldu. Bu konuda detaylı içerikte hazırlamıştım.. https://yemlihatoker.com/google-akademik-nedir/
  • (2020-11-02) Rosdi Efendi: Belum bisa buka google scholar maupun sience direct
  • (2020-10-06) carlos gutierrez: excelente
  • (2020-09-28) Himanshu Sharma: Hello Developers, Thank you for the wonderful GS extension. This review is a feature request, in GS extension when clicking the cite option it nicely populate the citations in most of the format (i.e MLA, APA, etc), but when choosing the "Bibtex" it produces the output into a new chrome page, can this be avoided and the output be provided in the extension panel only. This will be a huge boost to the usage for Latex user such as me who use the extensions very frequently. Thank you...!!
  • (2020-09-24) Frances Cherman: The "new and improved" Google Scholar button released in September 2020 does not retain my Google Scholar settings. I keep changing the settings to search Case Law (being careful to click the "save" button), but the next time I use the extension, it delivers articles rather than case law. I've cleared my Google Scholar cookies, logged in again, removed and then reinstalled the button, but nothing seems to help. This makes the extension useless for me. I would appreciate a fix.
  • (2020-09-13) x may: 很好用,好评,也特别感谢开发人员,但是为什么来学校之后一直要我验证ip呢,完了,登不上去了,一直显示网络错误,咋搞啊
  • (2020-09-05) RAUL ARTICA: Educación Vial
  • (2020-08-30) Cilene Neres: ÓTIMA EXTENSÃO ADOREI
  • (2020-08-27) jiajia yu: 为什么我的插件用不了?我选中文献标题的时候,他总是显示无法访问服务器
  • (2020-08-26) linda lynda: لم افهم شيء
  • (2020-08-25) วิทยา สกุลดี: รักกกสุดดดดดดดดด
  • (2020-08-15) Elias Curuela: Uma ferramenta sem duvidas muito importante para a pesquisa academica.


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