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Description from extension meta Auto-refresh (reload) pages, if they are idle, on a selected interval.
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Description from store Are there are times you want a page(tab) to auto-refresh? If so, this very simple extension is what you need. ___________________________________________________________________ To use the extension, you have to press CTRL+SHIFT+R (or CMD+SHIFT+R on Mac). ___________________________________________________________________ Features: - Press CTRL+SHIFT+R (or CMD+SHIFT+R on Mac) to make a page to auto-refresh every minute. - Optionally don't show icon if not needed. - Press the same combo again to stop the refreshing. - Interacting with the page (key press or mouse click) will restart the refresh timer. - Click on the icon to set the interval for the current tab. - Remembers last scroll position and restore on reload (NEW). Notes: - Future version will incorporate syncing, as performed in Chrome Notepad and "My Alerts" extensions, in order to sync your "Page Refresh" preferences to all your computers. __________________________________________________________________ My other extensions: - Chrome Currency Converter: http://bit.ly/7pNM1a - My Extensions: http://bit.ly/5ZQhzW - User ID: http://bit.ly/85ZbMG - Chrome Notepad: http://bit.ly/4t8Zlv - My Alerts: http://bit.ly/7iEMXv - Pathfinder Weather: http://bit.ly/8
Latest reviews (2019-10-09) Diman Velev: The extension works perfect! I totally recommend! :-) (2019-06-07) Richard Quentin: Ilde = no click. What about scrolling ? (2019-05-14) Atakan Cici: It doesn't work. I can not change refreshing time. Please help us. (2019-03-13) Steve Ross: Doesn't work, counts to negative... tried reloading multiple times, changing times, nothing worked (2019-02-26) SOM TOOL I REALLY LOVE THIS TOOL (2019-02-18) Tucaninho Bz: Doesn't work. Even if u click Ctrl + Shift + R. I have windows. (2018-12-21) MJ Arguelles: Not working as expected. Not user-friendly. (2018-09-12) Ulker Zade: don t work (2018-08-24) Andy Adamson: Update: I take it back. It worked for a while but now most if not all pages I've applied it to are showing the "count down to minus infinity" issue. Not good, so I'm uninstalling. Original: I'm using this with Vivaldi 1.15, it works exactly as advertised. I do like the "last 30 seconds" countdown, and the button to click to change the refresh time. Nice job. And I am not seeing any of the "infinite negative countdown" issue reported by some others here. (2018-07-17) Quang Minh Lê: NOT Remembers last scroll position and restore on reload (NEW). (2018-06-06) Rémi Benoit: Make the keyboard shortcut configurable. Ctrl + Maj + R is already refresh ignoring cache content. Deal beaker for me :/ (2018-05-03) Vivek More: only refreshes once. then counts down from zero to negative infinity (2018-02-22) Jun Maurin: nice extn (2018-02-09) Brian Knutsson: Virkede perfekt (2017-10-04) Useful extension. Simple interface and works well. (2017-08-27) Adem G.: Açamadım dakika gelmiyor (2017-08-01) Claudiu Vlad: you have adddEventListener in js.js (2017-07-28) Gord Allott: flat out doesn't work. (2017-07-21) Sebo Ramzio: super (2017-06-08) Yayaya Şaşaşa: on numara (2017-06-02) Андрей Токарчук: глючнность (2017-05-17) Rômulo Areal: It has been working fine, sometimes I get some glitches but the reason is definitely the website I'm using it on because it happens sometimes with manual refresh. Good work. Thanks! (2017-04-01) Raul Rios: Does not work under the 10s setting. Bugs out and timer starts counting up. (2017-03-31) Tanuj Gupta: After a certain number loops, the countdown goes into negative numbers. (2017-03-28) Chris Kent: refreshes once only and then counter goes negative, so never hits zero for next refresh.

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