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Refresh page automatically with powerful page monitor features

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Description from store Auto Refresh Plus comes in handy to any user who needs to perform automatic web page refresh at certain times efficiently. It also provides content detection support, which is useful when monitoring content included in a dynamic web page. ⭐ Key Features (1) Default Time Interval (2) Random Interval (3) Set custom refresh cycles (4) Display Visual Timer on page (5) Auto Stop refreshing if click anywhere on the page (6) Countdown Timer mode (7) Hard Refresh / Bypass cache (8) Auto-start URLs (9) Refresh the Predefined Page (10) Active Tabs List (11) Page Monitor (Keyword Find/Lost) (12) Refresh Predefined Text Keywords (13) XHR Refresh (with custom auto click on each Refresh) (14) Custom, XPath, and Regex expression support (15) Auto Click on the Link (16) Get alerted via notification and email. (17) Hotkeys ⭐ Features Detailed explanations (1) Default Time Interval This feature allows you to set the default time for every page refresh. You can select the predefined time intervals or provide your custom time interval. (2) Random Interval Using this feature, you can randomize the time interval of page refreshes. Select a minimum and a maximum range of time, and it will automatically refresh pages on any random time interval between those ranges. (3) Set refresh Numbers Set how many times you want to refresh the specific webpage (4) Display Visual Timer This feature allows you to display a visual timer on the webpage you will refresh. (5) Stop refreshing if you click or write anywhere on the page Auto Refresh Plus will pause the refresh task if the user interacts with the page. (6) Countdown Timer You can use the countdown timer to refresh a specific page after a certain amount of time has passed. Enable and set the timer, a countdown will begin, and as soon as the countdown hits zero, ARP will start refreshing the page with the default time interval. (7) Hard Refresh Reload the page without relying on cached data (8) Auto-start URLs These are the URLs that ARP will start to refresh automatically as soon as the Browser opens them or when Browser will restarts. You can add one or multiple URLs on the extension settings page (9) Refresh Predefined Page: Using this feature, you can refresh a webpage without opening it yourself. Once you put a URL in this section, it will automatically open and refresh the URLs on the default time interval. (10) Active Tabs List In the extension popup (action menu), You can also see the list of tabs where refresh tasks are in progress. You can see the timer, switch the tab on click, and suspend the task. (11) Page Monitor: This powerful feature allows you to monitor a webpage and look for changes. You can monitor your changes in the web page's visual or source code. You can monitor website changes in three ways. (I) Finding out if some specific text has APPEARED on the webpage (II) Finding out if some specific text has DISAPPEARED from the webpage (III) Monitor Anything change (Stay alert when any change occurs on the specific webpage) You can also configure Auto Refresh Plus to stop or continue to refresh tasks if it finds or lost the monitored keyword. Depending on your page monitor's settings, it will trigger a notification, email, or bell. Furthermore, you can add any monitor keyword from your browser context menu. (12) Supported Expressions for Page monitor (I) Normal Expression (II) Custom expression (III) XPath expression (IV) Regex expression ↪ For complete details: https://autorefresh.io/expressions/ (13) XHR Refresh (with custom auto click on each Refresh) Retrieve data from a URL without having to do a full page refresh. This enables a Web page to update just part of a page without disrupting what the user is doing. (14) Refresh Predefined Text Keywords This feature starts refreshing a webpage when some specific text is found. To use it, insert one or multiple keywords on the settings page. ARP will start refreshing it automatically with the default time interval as soon as this Text appears on a webpage. (15) Auto Click on the Link if your Monitored keyword is a link or a button. Auto Refresh Plus can also click that for you. You must first enable this feature in settings. (16) Get alerted via notification and email. Once the page monitor finds that some specific text has appeared or disappeared from the webpage, it notifies the user with a Push notification, alert sound, and an email alert. The sound notification can be customized as per your needs. (17) Hotkeys Set your custom keyboard shortcuts for following Auto Refresh Plus actions • Start Time Interval: • Start Random Interval: • Start Timer mode: • Stop interval: • Kill notification sound: ⭐ Getting started ★ Open a webpage to be Refreshed or monitored. ★ Click the Auto Refresh Plus icon in the browser toolbar. ★ "Select the Time interval" and "Page Monitor " as needed for your case. ★ Click on "Start." ★ For more configuration, please check the extension settings page. ⭐ Use case ★ Competitive monitoring ★ Monitor Price changes ★ Monitor Job offers ★ Monitor Product availability ★ Media monitoring ★ Website error tracking ★ Track numeric data in graphs ★ And many more ============================== Version - 7.5.4 || OCT 24, 2023 ============================== ✓ Improved performance ============================== Version - 7.5.3 || JUL 09, 2023 ============================== ✓ Fixed Window Focus bug ✓ Added function to Select the time duration to retain the record of Alerted Tabs before they automatically disappear ============================== Version - 7.5.2 || JUN 24, 2023 ============================== ✓ An option to stop auto-refreshing on click and keyboard interaction has been added in the settings under "Time Interval." ✓ A bell icon has been added to the "active tabs" to indicate which tab has a monitored keyword alert. ============================== Version - 7.5.1 || JUN 07, 2023 ============================== ✓ Added email verification to prevent spam. ✓ Added option to enable Page monitor email alert from the popup, ensuring it only functions for individual websites ✓ Added Option (in general settings) if the site changes the URL, Auto Refresh Plus will automatically switch to the new URL or stay on the canonical URL. ✓ Added support to stop refreshing if the user types anything in input on a webpage. ✓ Added option (in general settings) to Enable / Disable Window Focus when Page Monitor finds or loses a keyword. ✓ Added option to Import or export your Auto Refresh Plus configuration and restore it later on the same or a different computer. ✓ Improved Hotkeys Functions. ============================== Version - 7.5.0 || Jan 27, 2023 ============================== ✓ Fixed problem with window focus in page monitor and multiple windows ✓ Some minor bugs fixed ============================== Version - 7.4.8 || May 18, 2022 ============================== ✓ Improved performance ============================== Version - 7.4.7 || April 25, 2022 ============================== ✓ Fixed Visual Timer bug ✓ Fixed ARP Stop at 00:00 for some users ============================== Version - 7.4.6 || April 11, 2022 ============================== ✓ Added XHR Refresh (with custom auto click on each Refresh) ✓ Added support to Stop refreshing if clicking anywhere on the page ✓ Added support to auto restart Refresh tasks if it finds or lost the monitored keyword ✓ Added support to add monitor keyword with your browser context menu ✓ Added support to display the Active Tabs List in the extension popup ✓ Added support to display Visual Timer on the page ============================== Version - 7.4.5 || January 26, 2022 ============================== ✓ Improved Ui ✓ Fixed some minor bugs ============================== Version - 7.4.4 || November 25, 2021 ============================== ✓ Fixed Time Interval bug (Now you can Set the Time Interval for less than 1 second) ✓ Added support for Adding multiples URL in AutoStart URLs ✓ Restoring AutoStart functions as it was before in version 7.4.2 ✓ Add support to Combine three functions (Restart open, predefined Text, and refresh open) in one domain and multiple domains ✓ Fixed repeated update alert tab opening ============================== Version - 7.4.3 || November 18, 2021 ============================== ✓ Fixed Email Notification in the backend ✓ Added textmode support in Page-Monitor search ✓ Fixed Decimals Bug in custom time ( Crash ARP ) ✓ Fixed Blank line bug in Auto-Start ✓ Fixed $ sign bug in Page-Monitor ✓ Fixed Predefined Auto-start URL bug with page-Monitor ✓ Fixed Error bug when combining Regex with Auto Click Function ============================== Version - 7.4.2 || August 3, 2021 ============================== ✓ Fixed Russian language detection in page monitor ✓ Fixed Predefine URL bug ============================== Version - 7.4.1 || July 20, 2021 ============================== ✓ Fixed Form resubmission error ✓ Fixed bug showing notifications ✓ Added Support for custom expressions ✓ Added Support for regex expressions ✓ Added Support for XPath expressions ✓ Optimized reload and Page monitor speed ============================== Version - 7.4.0 || July 3, 2021 ============================== ✓ Added "Hard Refresh" Feature (reload without relying on cached data) ✓ Added "refresh numbers" (Set how many times you want to refresh) ✓ Added "Custom scripts" (play with automation) ✓ Added "Custom hotkeys" (set your custom keyboard hotkeys) ✓ Added "Full page monitor" (stay alert when any change occurs) ✓ Added "default monitoring keywords input." ✓ Added "visual and source" Find monitor text in visual and source ✓ Improved Ui ✓ Fixed miner Bugs ============================== Version - 7.3.2 || December 21th, 2020 ============================== ✓ Added option for auto click on Link => in the same tab or new tab ✓ Random Interval Time can be saved now! ✓ Focus on Tab Once Target Is Found ✓ Added input in settings to save default keyword for page monitor ✓ Added custom hrs., min, sec in Time Interval ✓ Fixed Play sound from the custom link, and for x sec ✓ Fixed some other minor issues ============================== ⭐ Active Support Center We deeply care for our users and are actively working on providing support and adding requested features. If you have a suggestion, a feature you would like to request, or need help with ARP, please leave a request in the support section. ↪ Feature Request: https://autorefresh.io/wishform/ ⭐ Privacy Policy • We do not track any of your data, period. • We do not track extension usage, including searches, filters, tabs, windows, popup opens, etc. • We do not track any websites, website usage, etc. • We do not transfer any data to any 3rd party servers/internet • The only data that we store is your storage data. You save this data to your local browser storage. We never touch or see this data. • The same goes for your settings - your settings are saved solely inside your Browser. • The extension uses Google Analytics to collect code error information anonymously to improve extension quality. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about data privacy; we will gladly help. ↪ Contact us: https://autorefresh.io/contact

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Latest issues

  • (2021-01-20, v:7.3.2) Rodney Foley: Start Button Does Not Work
    Installed, save default settings, and then went to a tab I'd like to refresh ever few hours setup the interval and clicks start and then nothing happens. The button doesn't animate a click there is not indication of any kind that it is starting. When closing the dialog and reopening it goes back to default settings indicating it wasn't saved for this tab and that its not started. Went and tried it on a dozen more different sites just to test and same issue. Basically this plugin doesn't work at all, based on comments and number of downloads I am sure it works for a number of people however if it doesn't work out of the gate then it is an instant uninstall and try the next extension that does the same thing as there are plenty as I don't have time to troubleshoot 3rd party extensions as I have my own work to do.
  • (2020-12-27, v:7.3.2) J X: Speed of Auto click on the link
    Hi, I have been using the Auto Refresh Plus the newest version since it was released. I found it very useful. Thanks for a great app! One suggestion I have is to let user define the speed on "Auto click on the link (if monitored text or regex have a link)". I tried to time it (set to 1 second refresh) but often it was too slow to auto click the link. Not sure if there is a small time lag between "Found this text on the page" and "Auto click on the link", if quicker, the better! Thanks.
  • (2020-12-22, v:7.3.2) sim l: Setting Menu is gone
    After the new update, the whole setting menu is gone. I click on it, and it just leads me to the Extension download website instead. I can't figure out how to change anything such as the Sound play length and stuff.
  • (2020-12-18, v:7.3.1) Craig Hodge: Play sound
    Since you've redone the extension a couple of days ago, the sound does not play when you set it to play for a set amount of time. The only way I can get it to work is just to let it keep playing until I click on the mute button.
  • (2020-12-18, v:7.3.1) Auto Refresh Plus: Predefined URL Bug Fixed
    There was a bug in "Predefined URL" we have fixed it and updated the extension to version 7.3.1, Please if any new bug found contact us immediately!
  • (2020-12-18, v:7.3.1) Auto Refresh Plus: There was a major bug in "Predefined URL"
    There was a major bug in "Predefined URL" we have fixed it and updated the extension, the new version 7.3.1 is in waiting for webstore approval, Please if any new bug found contact us immediately! we apologize for the inconvenience
  • (2020-12-17, v:7.3.0) donal goggin: Atlassian
    I put "https://compName.atlassian.net/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=43" in as the predefined URL but it reloads to "https://compName.atlassian.net/secure/Dashboard.jspa". It didn't do this before. Nothing makes sense
  • (2020-12-17, v:7.3.0) Bob “MiddleAgeFella” Pimm: The update needs changing back
    You updated the app just now and the pages now refresh to the sites home page NOT the page thats monitored. So in other words useless to me.
  • (2020-11-27, v:7.1.9) Sameer: Audio stops working
    Hi, It seems the ability to play audio stops working after some time. I have my PC as always on
  • (2020-11-26, v:7.1.9) Dalton Hicks: Data Privacy?
    Does the extension have access to webpage data and information entered on website text fields?
  • (2020-11-24, v:7.1.9) Kenson Nguyen: Check for phrase
    Hi, how does one check for a whole phrase instead of singular words?
  • (2020-11-24, v:7.1.9) alberto c: How do you make the sound stop after the alert triggers without closing chrome all together?
    How do you make the sound stop after the alert triggers without closing chrome all together?
  • (2020-11-24, v:7.1.9) Tremonie McDaniel: Auto Refresh
    Its not letting me add it to google chrome.
  • (2020-11-20, v:7.1.9) Lenny G: How do i sent this extension to simply look for difference/changes to the page
    It seems i can only setup for specific FINDS or LOSES on the page. What if I dont know either, is there a regex to simply look for ANY change to the page and Alert?
  • (2020-11-20, v:7.1.9) Chris Tabisz: Suddenly stopped working in chrome
    Hi, I was using your app to gain contracts on a website marketplace. Suddenly it stopped working and I have tried everything. It counts down but then doesn't refresh. It only refreshes if I change the tab to something else, then it will return to the original page URL i entered and refresh it. If I leave it on the marketplace site, the screen flashes when it counts down to zero but the page doesn't reload. I removed all other extensions and tried on different devices and it doesn't seem to work. At first I thought the website blocked it somehow, but then I used a worse autorefresh plugin in firefox and it worked (albeit unreliably). I would love to continue using your plugin as it was so reliable and easy to use. Do you have any idea for a workaround? Is this an issue you are familiar with? Any help would be much appreciated. Many many thanks, All the best
  • (2020-11-18, v:7.1.9) Gabe Locke: General Questions
    Hello. I'm new to this extension and have some general questions. 1) Is the regex notation Perl regex compliant and/or is there info around the supported commands with it? 2) It seems like the option to notify on 'Find' or 'Lose' text is not session independent. Even when I open a new browser and try to change what I want to look for, those settings carry over and change an existing browser session. 3) For the notify on 'Lose' option, does the text first need to be available on the screen prior to the first refresh? If I put in a dummy string value and attempt to notify if this isn't found, I do not get a notification.
  • (2020-11-18, v:7.1.9) Wilbert Cedeno: AND and OR Scenarios
    I would like an option to enable the alarm if the text is lost or gained, not just one or the other. One scenario is to lose "out of stock" and gain "session inactivity". After refreshing for some time, this issue occurs, but it doesn't sound the alarm of losing the text since it's a popup on top of the same page. I have to manually check it if the session expires.
  • (2020-11-17, v:7.1.9) Let's explore the world: Add extension problem
    Help me for finding option because I don't know from where I can add this extension into chrome.I am using this on mbl.
  • (2020-11-17, v:7.1.9) Brandon Christiansen: Page Monitor Target Text
    How do I set/specify what the Page Monitor Target Text is looking for? I see an option to enable it but not what to set a string to look for.
  • (2020-11-13, v:7.1.9) Scott Dickinson: notification problems
    when i set the options to notify me when it loses text, the very first time it refreshes it plays the sound without the loss of said text. Also, it listed the code for the entire page without loading the page itself.??? what am i doing wrong here?
  • (2020-11-10, v:7.1.9) Pro Bono: SWitches itself off
    I've been using ARP for months, and it worked fine, remaining in operation till the PC was rebooted. But now when I set it up on a page it disappears after a while, so I have to keep resetting it. How can I fix this?
  • (2020-10-24, v:7.1.9) w10436961: ARP for Mobile/Tab/iPad?
    Hello Is it possible to use this extension on iphone/Android/Ipad Chrome - I am happily using it on my chrome in laptop but the chrome in the iPad or android etc - i dont find this extension. I need this extension because it can detect the certain text and prduce music when that text found during refresh. [email protected]
  • (2020-10-23, v:7.1.9) Myles Cooley: Does not start again after url is removed and reloaded
    How can I get it to start timer again?
  • (2020-10-22, v:7.1.9) Peter Tootill: Auto refresh specific page by URL in Brave Browser
    I'm trying to set a page to always refresh whenever I open it. I can't find any docs to confirm but I have set it under 'Auto start URL' - however, I still have to enable it manually. I am doing something wrong?
  • (2020-10-18, v:7.1.9) Farhaad Riyaz: AR+ Stops refreshing when page monitor finds match
    Is there a way to keep Auto Refresh Plus running after Page Monitor finds a match? As of now, it stops running once a match is found and a sound is played. Could you add this feature?
  • (2020-09-23, v:7.1.9) Alanna Donovan: Sound on notification
    After I am notified a few times oon refresh the sound stops playing. I reboot computer and it will start again but I dont always have the option to reboot. It works fine for about an hour before it does it again. Notifications are turned on in windows. This is a recent issue over the past 30 days.
  • (2020-09-22, v:7.1.9) Brooks Talley: Regex lost/found should be per tab, not global
    Right now it's not possible to have one tab monitoring for the addition of "stringA" and another tab monitoring for the loss of "stringB". Doesn't it seem like the type of match should be specific to the tab?
  • (2020-09-18, v:7.1.9) Francesco Borruso: Multiple Tabs Refreshing at once
    Is it possible to auto refresh more than one page in multiple tabs using different pre-defined pages?
  • (2020-09-05, v:7.1.9) WL Cheng: Options to Notice when Words Appears
    There used to be an option to notify when a particular search strain appears on the website being refreshed. Is that option being removed?
  • (2020-08-27, v:7.1.9) Ma. Christina Cordova: how to use Auto refresh in QA world app
  • (2020-08-25, v:7.1.9) Smart Payment: Adding more feature
    HI I would like to ask about adding or is there any ability to add some features like 1- Finding numbers of same word and then alert i.e (look for word offer and the user determine the number of the same word if Plus then Alert say the user determine looking for 10 times (offer) if found more than 10 the extension alert me 2- adding E-mail Alerting and SMS if available but E-mail more recommended Thanks
  • (2020-08-22, v:7.1.9) Melania Trump: Plugin gets muted (sound alert quits working) after few hours of use
    hi, i miss many alerts because after several hours of use the alert sound quits working altogether and i gotta boot my win10 computer before i start to get sound alerts again...i would love it if this thing got fixed, i wish you'd introduce also visual alerts like chrome starts flashing red and white / turns red. that would help users in noticing the alert when plugin gets muted for some reason... (i am autorefreshing between 6 to 9 windows at the same time with win10 computers (64 bit systems). I have less issues with sound quitting to work with my win8 laptop thats only auto refreshing 3 windows at the time. with that laptop, sound quits working only once a day on avg.) (I may be wrong but I suspect that when I receive many sound alerts at the same time, from a bunch of windows im auto refreshing, this causes the sound alerts to quit working.) ps. I love this plugin and am extremely grateful for you for providing this useful tool. this is the only one i have found with sound alerts (a game changer!)
  • (2020-08-18, v:7.1.9) Olga N.: Не работает.
    Расширение не перезагружает страницу, отсчет времени просто начинается сначала.
  • (2020-08-08, v:7.1.8) IV Semestre Medicina - UCLA: No suena
    Tengo mucho tiempo utilizando esta excelente extension. Pero desde los primeros dias de agosto de este año, ha venido presentando fallas. Utilizo esta extension, para determinar cuando una pagina cambia de contenido. Para ello, incluyo en las casillas, algunas palabras que pudiera encontrar. Al actualizarse, si encuentra algun cambio, comenzaba a sonar. Pero lo cierto es que ultimamente no hace eso bien. En ocasiones suena, pero en otras ocasiones no lo hace. Tambien sucede que, al pasar el intervalo de actualizaci{on, no actualiza la pagina, aunque el cronometro comienza desde cero (pero sin actualizarse la pagina web). Agradeceria mucho su ayuda, pues considero que es una extension muy util.


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