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Description from extension meta Encoding/Decoding Plugin for various types of encoding like base64, rot13 or unix timestamp conversion
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Description from store This extension enables you to encode and decode selected text via the context menu. This reduces the time you spend on looking up values and gives you more time to concentrate on the important things of development. Version 1.3.0 introduced a new in-clipboard-conversion which will allow you to copy text into your clipboard and select a conversion from the menu(when no text is selected). After the conversion the new text ist pasted back into your clipboard. The context menu this extension enables is customizable through the options page. To get there either click on the item or go to Wrench -> Tools -> Extensions -> d3coder options. Via the popup you are able to choose between 5 message types: alert the result, display the result via native HTML5 notifications, inject a DIV-element to the pages bottomm, via console.log() or replacing the selected text on the page. You can also deactivate functions( e.g. if you don't need and want to free the space they use). The current version has implemented the following en-/decoding functions: - Unix Timestamp - rot13 - base64 - CRC32/MD5/SHA1 hashing - bin2hex - bin2txt - HTML entity - HTML specialchars - URI encode - Quoted printables - Escapeshellarg - (PHP) Unserialize - "L33T"-speak - reverse
Latest reviews (2018-06-29) Clauton Lopes: installshield wizard error (2017-09-20) It does the job, however, it breaks some websites (ex: listmoz.com) (2016-12-13) Lance E Sloan: It works in a lot of cases, but I've just noticed while working with quoted-printable text that it doesn't do that very well. For example, the string "=E2=80=94" should decode to "—", but this extension shows "—". Also, "=E2=80=99" should decode to "’", but it gave "’" again. It doesn't handle the "=" linebreaks correctly, either. The decoded text includes a lot of equal signs in them. (2016-07-19) Amy Powell: Very useful tool! A bit difficult to understand how to use at first. It looks like the bugs mentioned in earlier reviews have been addressed which makes this a valuable resource. (2015-08-27) Pedram Azimaie: When you cannot save/copy decode result. this extension is useless. (2015-08-05) Ross Patterson: Took me way too long to look for a tool like this. (2015-07-16) Colin Harms: In place base64 decode? Aw yiss (2015-04-19) Confused Brit: Good enough for rot13, but translations from base64 end up with gibberish ocluding half the message (2015-02-09) ashish kumar: good (2013-07-19) Arsène von Wyss: Great extension, but unfortunately the one decoder I used is buggy: the quoted-printable decoder doesn't decode the line continuations ("= " at line end) correctly. (2013-05-21) NFY Newsfactory: great tool - please add json decode (2013-03-07) Yayan Mulyana: Love it, But how to copy the results ? I mean to clipboard. (2012-12-04) Albert Yu: it would be best if it support url-decode (i.e. %20 => " " , %3C => "<", etc). (2012-12-03) Ken Gant: Love the different encodings & decodings. You (the developer) might simply mention in your front page that a user needs to go to the Chrome Settings page for Extensions to change the d3coder options, such as copying the results to the clipboard (super helpful!)

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