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Forget Me - Clean History, Cookies & more

Description from extension meta Delete everything about a website. Cookies, History, localStorage, sessionStorage...everything!
Image from store Forget Me - Clean History, Cookies & more
Description from store Click the icon and everything disappears...not just cookies, but also history, and html5 client-side storage (local storage and session storage). I'm also working to delete the less-known flash cookies, but it looks like there is some naughty work to do. Just click the icon and nobody will ever know you visited that website! If you like "Forget Me" you might also like "Edit This Cookie" https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/fngmhnnpilhplaeedifhccceomclgfbg and "Swap My Cookies" http://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/dffhipnliikkblkhpjapbecpmoilcama These extensions are integrated and work nicely together...it's Recommended to have them all! You can post issues and suggestions at: http://code.google.com/p/forget-me/issues/list Enjoy!
Latest reviews (2019-09-08) Skajd Andy: I just need to have the cookies deleted from just the site I'm on. This app does it. You can check by refreshing the page and if cookies are deleted okay then you will not be logged in any more. This app is good for me. (2018-12-28) Aaron McDaniel: Does not work anymore (2018-11-05) Don Burns: Doesn't remove what it says it will. (2018-10-18) Emil Atanasov: very useful for developers! (2018-10-11) Holo Dilnick: Same as Steve Bison's on Jan, 9th 2012. It just doesn't delete the site from history though I have all settings checked. UPD: still true as of 2018. (2018-07-20) PitchiPitchi Popo: SUPER app!!! (2018-03-27) Jeewan Madushanka: good app (2017-09-06) Océane P: Doesn't do anything (2017-05-27) klaas van der meer: great stuff great app extentions ! (2017-05-07) Jim Fox: This removes absolutely nothing! Why are useless extensions like this allowed to remain posted? (2017-03-05) Bryan Stark: Despite what other users say, it does delete history and cookies for the specific site you are on at the time that you double-click the icon. It doesn't delete all history on other sites, it only works on the site you have in your address bar at the time. (2017-01-12) Tom Simmons: I won't mention the news sites that this works on but it has allowed me to read more stories. Load the web site, click on the icon in the bar, close tab, open new tab and load web site. (2017-01-10) Eduardo Cardoso: muito bom podem baixar eu recomendo e omelhor para ser visto sem descrisao sem nhem nhem nhem. (2016-10-06) Gil Go: Doesn't do anything it says it will :( (2016-02-15) Gabriel Grigorescu: Doesn't delete anything (2016-01-07) Uses too much memory (2015-05-04) Ulrich Lehmann: Super App, habe schon lange danach gesucht!! (2015-02-05) Victoria Clark: Doesn't actually do anything it says it will. History remains in browser, URL suggestions are still made for "forgotten" sites, on sites where you need to log-in I'll still have my password autofilled. (2014-07-24) Kenneth Jaeger: Does not work for history in the URL bar. (2013-11-02) Terry Parsons: Very useful for me. Extremely simple way to avoid pay-walls on news sites, etc. One click and you have reset your counter and can continue to read free content. (2013-07-14) Don't clear history (2013-03-27) Nela Šuka: Works great EXCEPT that it doesn't delete auto-fill entries for the site you've "forgotten." (2013-02-10) guLi Zaah: doesn't work for me neither, pages are still in history and autotype. (2012-11-29) Travis Youman: Love it, allows for getting around paywalls like NYTimes and others. One click resets the "counter" allowing you the additional 10 (or whatever) visits before you have to click on it again. Highly recommended. (2012-10-11) Aleksey Midenkov: History clear does not work. The site still in history and appear in autotype.

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