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Surf the web with just your voice!

Image from store NaviVoice: Voice Input Productivity Assistant
Description from store NAVIVOICE - VOICE OPERATED PRODUCTIVITY ASSISTANT Are your fingers encrusted with the chips you've been eating since last night? Broke your right hand playing football with your friends? No longer must you use your fingers to type and your hand to click! NaviVoice is at your command the moment you install it. With the help of NaviVoice, all you need is a microphone to surf the internet. Be more productive with the help of this voice operated assistant! To view commands say "chrome help". With NaviVoice you can: - Click on links - Go to websites - Input text into fields - Play/pause/mute a YouTube video with ease - Do much more -- WHATS NEW IN v0.2.5 -- - Added option to reload page ("chrome reload") - Fixed bug where link number covered arrows on Google search results To read more, go to www.getnavivoice.com

Latest reviews

  • (2022-12-03) Eyetk Keyte: It has good responsiveness but it lacks some critical commands (such as 'previous tab' or 'next tab' -- I've got 50 tabs open, I'm not going to count to see that I need tab #37). Also, all the commands are prefixed with 'chrome', which is very annoying. Other voice command software just has 'scroll up' or 'scroll down'. Here it's 'chrome scroll up' or 'chrome scroll down'. It may sound silly to complain about just one extra word, but compare this to how it would be if I was doing a button click -- it already takes way more time to pronounce the words clearly aloud, I don't want take more time to add an extra unnecessary word. Sure, it's only one extra second, but multiply that by hundreds or thousands of uses over the course of a day. Plus, I'm already talking myself hoarse when I have to use voice command software. Adding 50% more words to say exacerbates that problem.
  • (2022-04-21) Karl-Lauri Puusepp: I need more voices to it. I get the german voice everytime i start it. Please add more voices
  • (2021-03-16) Sue&Aiden Fulton: 10/10 best Ai assistant so far!
  • (2020-03-10) Gopi krishna: This is really good, tried few other chrome extensions but this has many good features. I control my Mac with Voice Control but it doesn't work inside chrome webpages like link click.. . The features i like most are 1. click on <phrase> 2. click on link <number> ( along with show links) 3. Using without explicit "chrome" keyword Few things i want 1. I want easy way to disable n enable this, else it consumes unnecessary battery even when i'm not using it ( like double click icon pause else execute ) , currently i'm going to extensions n disabling. 2. Input is not working on most of the text boxes which is one more thing which i cannot do with my voice control. 3. Detection can be done better.
  • (2019-06-05) Kristian: Lots of potential, but as soon as installed it was bombarded with intrusive ads. Removed it and they went away. Had to reinstall just to leave this comment, so will now remove again! Avoid.
  • (2019-05-13) Peter Katsavelos: i just wanted a GGs for my guy Russel for getting into Software Engineering at waterloo.. have heard great things from labros, (im his cousin) keep it going m8, much love from DaSpartan55 on fortnite,, we played together once xDD
  • (2019-05-03) Greg Zeng: Brave effort, deserves better future. One in five commands recognized. Windows 10 Insider Preview. Slimjet web browser (Chromium based). Dell XPS-15, i7, 16 GB DDR3. Perhaps better with Google Chrome, or pure Chromium web browsers.
  • (2018-11-16) Paul Edward: this extension is probably the most useful one that I have and I have quite a few chrome extensions at any given time... Thanks Dev(s)! 5 STARS all day - highly recommend!
  • (2016-12-29) Edward Tang: Wow this is so cool!

Latest issues

  • (2021-04-04, v:0.2.5) margaret rosita hector: Navi
    Hmm well itz Really Put Together for A chrome add on i will say hmm impressive and All That good stuff i Really do Like it. So very much Actually i Love it how Ever just Like All Else it Aint Perfect it needs abit More Wθrk but Theres just Always gonna be RθθM For improvements infact being imperfect isnt really an good excuse/Reason as to why A person Shouldnt Try or Give their all out best ..Right...so with updates it gets even better much better each time aint A Thing Updates cant fix with as many postitve reviews as you has on this i can surely easily Tell youve put Alot in iT  which is Evident i Appreciate it very much not just me Every1 that Has ever used it we All knows it Although being imperfect it can still be Good enough which it clearly is and still getting better via updates ya know i had been searching for 1 Like it Awhile but Never Any Luck since 2017 up till 2020 Where i found something Finally good something Really good if Anything great. I wanna help you with some Added improvements such as media PLAY back Controll - page Controll etc shall we begin with prob most basic id so Like to BE Able to play Any music/videos i want Saying only >PLAY< something Like..whitney houstan or simply i Look Look Tθ Yu Also play Random Songs/Videos Example Play A whitney song /video<< where it searches Then (picks) A random song/video any song/ video with Y0uTUBE exactly Relevent to What i Asked for which is for A whitney houstand song/vid Doesnt matter what song/video as i Wasnt being specific at All in what song i wanted/was Looking for next up >[Stop/Pause]=The video/ This video<<->>> Stop video << Add.em all as Alternative commands (Playing-Videos-commands)=play The video//Play This video//continue This video//continue The video .unpause..simply  ->Continue<-(Playing video Videos at Any Mark)=Play Video at 10:28 etc iF said mark doesn't Exist nothing Shall happen Letting them knw it doesnt exist (Tab-Opening/Switching)=Select/Open/Switch-to->[Tab/page]-1/2/3 aka Tab/page number 123..EASier way-> (Switch-To/open/Select) the first-Second/third--Tab/Page Tab 1-2-3 <--etc surely tab number 1 can only = Left where A human would consider as first/Number one tab/page order/position (Closing/Exiting)= Exit/Close The first [page/Tab] Aka tab/page number 1-2-3 how About Exit/open Tab with Spoken Title for example open/exit the cartoon Network Tab if Theres more than 1 it shouldnt close Any but you can keep saying it Till it picks The right page (Auto-scrolling)=Auto Scroll up-down /Slide Down-up .  should go with any on Going Automated action (Reading-Mode)=Read-Aloud/read-This/Read·That /read page/Read This page/read The Page for me (Yoμ.TUBe-Video Searching)=video search birds</video Seard For Birds />YOuTUbe Search birds </YOuTUbe Search for birds </YouTube Video search:birds<YouTube video search for birds YT now has built voice Api take Advantage of it i can easily see disabled people Needing This extention perfect For old Too aswel as Google's api ofc
  • (2019-09-23, v:0.2.2) therealloadedgun: NaviVoice and microphone
    Hello, Is it possible to use NaviVoice and still have the Google voice search microphone work when I click on it? When NaviVoice is enabled, the Google voice search microphone does not work when I click on it.


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