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SN Utils - Tools for ServiceNow

Description from extension meta Productivity tools for ServiceNow. (Personal work, not affiliated to ServiceNow)
Image from store SN Utils - Tools for ServiceNow
Description from store NOTE: REFRESH YOUR OPEN SERVICENOW BROWSER TAB AFTER INSTALLING THIS EXTENSION! Personal work of Arnoud Kooi, not affiliated to ServiceNow Current features: - Slashcommands type in /help to know more about this feature - Edit scripts and widgets in VS Code! (requires sn-scriptsync) - Show technical names: Show useful info like choice value and name next to labels. - Search updatesets in progress, view list and set current. - View your last 20 updates, browse to related record. (Admin role only) - Node switching. - Search tables and open list, dictionary or schema map. - View the data and columns of the current record in a table (similair to view XML) - Select a (abstract) username, view details of user. - Provide (context aware) links to relevant places. - Ability to popin, popout, or copy a tab. (also via context menu) - Generate GlideRecord template, based on list - Save record with CTRL-S / CMD-S - Rightclick to go to Scriptinclude, table or search - Paste a clipboard image to any record with CTRL-V / CMD-V - CMD / CTRL Click in a form on element labels, to build conditions and open list - Support for Studio - Context menu code snippets and links There are no assets required on your instances.
Latest reviews (2019-10-07) Thilo Grobe: Great work! I use it everyday! But one question remains: How can I use the SNUtils on Custom URL Instances e.g. "portal.mycompany.com"? Can this be configured? (2019-09-02) M5: Cool! (2019-07-23) Corey Scott: Edit: Amazing turn-around time, thanks for fixing this! When I hold Ctrl and hover over the ticket buttons at the top I get a sys_id popup and this keeps triggering when I'm trying to quickly copy/paste stuff between windows. Is there an option to disable this? (2019-07-17) Rene de Leeuw: I use it a lot. Thanks. (2019-06-14) Jan De Wulf: Awesome tool, many thanks! (2019-06-13) Orest Ivasyk: Best app for ServiceNow Developers ever! Thank you so much guys!!!! God bless you! (2019-06-03) Rajshekhar Paul: This is freaking awesome, saves my lot of time since I have installed in my Chrome browser. Thanks to the developers, now I can make most out of ServiceNow with this more powerful tool. Cheers! (2019-02-22) Very useful tool!! Thank you (2019-01-16) Eric LeMonnier: I am loving the VS Code Sync feature! Everything else is also very useful. Thank you (2018-12-18) Cyrille Feijó: Great Extension. Real Helpful. Note: Can you put an Options to allow to be always active the show technical names? (2018-08-09) dheeraj govind: good (2018-03-21) Namory Keita: Excellent tool. It's very useful. Thanks (2018-02-13) Dale Stubblefield: Very useful tool!! (2018-02-08) Elie Abdelnour: Awsome (2018-01-29) Eric: Excellent tool. The author have been very helpful when I contacted him. (2017-11-09) James Griffith: Awesome tool. I would like to be able to adjust certain things for the GlideRecord generator: * Reorder them to choose default. * Setting to include sort by default or not. * Setting to include setLimit by default or not. Also, is this open source? I would like to be able to contribute! (2017-10-31) Josh Cooper: Super helpful, speeds up a lot of repetitive developer work (2017-10-27) John Ashby: Phenomenal tool! (2017-08-22) Carlos Aguilar: This extension has been a time saving extremely useful and life saver. Can't thank you so much for all this work given to the community (2017-03-13) Andy Cary: Excellent integration with my ServiceNow instances and favorite IDE's through Chrome. (2016-12-09) Christopher Johnson: This is pretty neat. When you are coding and you need the name of the table, it can be a pain to get the table name quickly (unless you wanted to make a quick ui action I suppose) but this works great along with the auto glide record generator. Thanks. (2016-10-03) Rik Burgering: This is a great help! A real ServiceNow Jedi - Black belt - Super consultant or hardcore administrator will love this! Thank you!!

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