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Monitors source files on a page. Reloads the page or just the changed stylesheet when source files are updated.

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Description from store Monitors included scripts, stylesheets and/or frames on a page for changes using configurable rules. Reloads the entire page or just the source file that was changed. Not sure why your page is not reloading? — Debug your rules by navigating to chrome://extensions, find the Live Reload tile, click "background page", visit the "Console" tab and monitor "All levels". Due to security restrictions in web extensions, files served using the file system (file://...) *cannot* be monitored. A quick and easy workaround is to serve local files over http. See https://github.com/blaise-io/live-reload/issues/3#issuecomment-358755120 Doesn't work? Need a feature? — Please create an issue on Github (https://github.com/blaise-io/live-reload/issue) or send a mail to [email protected].

Latest reviews

  • (2023-09-18) Кулаков Евгений: Отличное расширение! Большое спасибо! По последних версиях Chrome не корректно отображается выпадающее меню. Исправте пожалуйста
  • (2023-05-26) Joshua Harris: Beautifully simple and effective. As a professional developer, that is my highest praise. Thank you!
  • (2023-05-04) Alex Filippov: Отлично и стабильно работает когда разберешься с настройками. Works very good and stable after you correctly configure it.
  • (2023-02-27) Suraj Velip: It's fantastic.
  • (2023-01-12) Aymon Collins: This extension genuinely took 30 seconds to set up and test. I installed several others which didn't work and this one worked instantly. Thank you so much!! Definitely the simplest solution to the problem of having to click refresh every time a code change is made.
  • (2021-08-27) Brian D: Worked as advertised. Thanks!
  • (2021-08-20) Jared Rutledge: Does what it says for local development environments
  • (2021-03-20) Noname Noname: Great extension! I have to modify some sites, so I need to have my own css on the page, which I would edit in my IDE. This issue can be partially solved through the extension with userCSS-injection with a built-in editor, but it is a pain to go this way when working with mobile layout. Now I can add a <link> of my localhosted css to the page with one extension, monitor it with this extension, and edit the css file in a regular IDE. The only thing is that I would really like to be able to inject my css into the page in the same extension, so as not to use two different ones.
  • (2021-03-09) i n: It works perfectly. Thanks.
  • (2020-07-08) Ben Renschen: Works like a charm! So simple to set up. Hard to believe it took installing/uninstalling several extensions to get to this PERFECTLY working extension. This is particularly useful for WordPress developers! My 2-minute setup as a WordPress developer: 1. Run Local (by Flywheel) for a live server. 2. Installed this extension (Live Reload). 3. Click on your extension icon --> click "Create a new reload rule" 4. Add Title of rule (can be your website name) 5. Host URL: https://mywebsite.dev/ (don't forget the forward slash at the end) 6. Source file URL's: https://mywebsite.dev/* -- Note: you cannot technically monitor changes in local folders/files (on your comp). Instead, you refer to the root folder by using your source URL followed by a forward slash (/) and asterisk (*) to monitor ALL files 7. Ignore source file URL's: https://mywebsite.dev/wp-admin https://mywebsite.dev/wp-admin/customize.php -- Note: This allows your website to use Live Reload without reloading admin areas. There may be other admin areas to ignore, but this setup works for me. 8. Decide how many seconds the extension should wait before checking for updated source files. I set mine to 1s so the updates are immediate. 9. Choose to enable/disable two reload options based on preference. 10. Click "Save reload rule". Voila! Thank you Blaise for a killer (and working) extension!
  • (2020-04-05) Serge Dudnic: does not work for local files. This is not mentionned in the descrption. Uninstalled an unusual.
  • (2019-09-05) Dima uNerd: Отличное расширение, спасибо!
  • (2019-08-28) Gabriel Buckley: So many of these types of extensions don't work. It's nice to find one that does exactly what it should do without delay. Five stars simply because your software actually does what it says it does and that's a rare thing these days.
  • (2019-03-11) Very useful and so simple to use!! This ext made my life so much easier Thanks
  • (2018-06-02) Zane Dev: Does what it should and simple thanks! I had to add a wildcard to the host field to get it to work for my purposes.


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