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Click to Call CTI for CRM

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Click to Call dialing from web pages, integration with any softphone, screen pops in Salesforce and other CRMs

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Description from store Click to Call, also known as Click2Call, or Click to Dial allows a person to click an object to request an immediate connection - typically via phone call. Click to Call CTI for CRM extension by Thirdlane converts phone numbers on web pages into clickable links to allow quick dialing and integrates with various CRMs and Service Desk applications. Salesforce and other CRM integration is what makes this extension different from other Click to Call extensions. Click to Call CTI for CRM extension supports caller identification (screen pops) and allows to enter call notes in Salesforce and other popular CRM and Help Desk applications. Salesforce integration, as well as caller identification in Zoho, Freshdesk, Zendesk and other applications is available out-of-the-box. If your CRM integration is not available today, please let us know. With Click to Call CTI for CRM extension you can: ■ Save precious time with Click2Call ( Click to Call ) on any web page Phone numbers in any web pages (except blacklisted) are highlighted and converted into clickable links, ready for Click2Call (Click to Call). ■ Use Click to Call while you work using your CRM Login into your web based CRM, and Click to Call CTI for CRM extension will find callers or contacts on active calls and display contact or lead information (screen pop). ■ Use Click to Call CTI for CRM integration extension with or without other Thirdlane products Click to Call CTI for CRM extension works best when used with Thirdlane PBX or Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX, and alongside the desktop version of Thirdlane Connect. When used with Thirdlane PBXs it can also work with your desk or mobile phone. For simple Click2Call (Click to Call) without CRM integration you can use this extension with any desktop softphone that works with your telephony server. ■ Add click to call capability screen pops and voice using Thirdlane platform, add video calls and conferencing and messaging with Thirdlane Connect Login into your CRM and Click to Call CTI for CRM extension and Thirdlane platform will find callers or contacts and display CRM data in your browser. Use Thirdlane Connect for messaging, voice and video. ■ Choose one of the popular CRMs- Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, Freshdesk and others If you tell us about your CRM and we will be happy to add it to Click to Call CTI for CRM extension ■ Work with multiple CRMs and sources of contacts at the same time You can enable click to call and do phone number lookup in multiple CRMs and applications, not just a single CRM. ■ Easily add call notes to CRM You can add call notes for all the incoming and outgoing calls ■ Use your own custom contact sources for dialing and caller lookup You can specify an additional URL (i.e. custom directory, or web based service) to be used for phone number lookup and screen pops. This URL will be used when CRM is not specified or CRM lookup fails. Example : http://www.whitepages.com/phone/${PHONE} ■ Combine Click to Call CTI for CRM extension with Thirdlane Connect This way you can use Click to Call CTI for CRM extension for Click2Call ( Click to Call ) and Thirdlane Connect for voice and video calls, instant messaging, voice and video conferencing, and CRM integration. Visit https://thirdlane.com for more information about Thirdlane. ================= Change Log: 0.0.1 Initial version 1.0.2 Full refactoring. Added Thirdlane Telephony SDK, new popups(config, dialer), new settings page, additional lookup url 1.0.3 Fixed configuration screen, added Spanish language support 1.0.4 Added click2-call and phone number lookup for Salesforce 1.0.5 Fixed telephony channel subscription 1.0.6 Minor bug fixes 1.0.7 Telephony SDK update 1.0.9 Support for Unicode 1.0.10 Added click to call and phone number lookup for Freshdesk 1.0.11 Improved Freshdesk support 1.0.14 Added click to call and phone number lookup for Smart Advocate 1.0.19 Added click to call and phone number lookup for Zoho CRM 1.1.2 Added click to call and phone number lookup for Pipedrive CRM 2.0.1 Major refactoring 2.0.11 Salesforce lookup bug fix 2.1.10 Fixes to Smart Advocate support 2.1.12 Added click to call and phone number lookup for Zendesk 2.2.2 Telephony API changes 2.2.20 Internal messaging core bug fix 2.3.2 Update to support new Google security policy Fixes for display of data entered by the user 3.0.3 Fix for excessive CPU utilization, major performance improvements 3.0.4 Context menu bug fix =================

Latest reviews

  • (2020-07-29) Tim Perkins: FINALLY an extension that handles Click-to-Call perfectly!
  • (2019-04-25) Al Kr: I tried multiple click-2-call solutions and this one is one of the best. Free, easy to configure; pop-up works like a charm with native Thirdlane PBX. If you need to make a lot of calls from the web - this app can save you tons of time. Also, you can configure the auto-answer feature on your phone and you won't need to pickup the receiver each time you make a call. Even more time saving. Five stars to developers!
  • (2019-04-25) Tim Belskiy: Works great!! Saves a lot of time!! Excellent click to call extension!!
  • (2018-08-28) Bruce Reeves: Works well for both our staff and our clients who use with with multiple CRMs
  • (2018-03-14) Michael Witlin: Very nice extension for click-to-call and CRM integration. Very useful and easy to setup.
  • (2017-08-31) Rik Holliday: Downloaded a few days ago an really liking this so far. Very easy to install and use. We are starting to roll out some of the features in a few of our Customer Support Departments as we see some real benefits to both internal and external customers. Screen Pops functioned immediately and we learned more information than we though would have been available.
  • (2017-08-30) Elena: I use this extension just for click-to-call, great extension, a real time saver!
  • (2017-08-24) Kevin Hawkins: Excellent UI! This really improves efficiency in the office for myself and my clients.
  • (2017-02-26) Matthew Malkowski: Very clean extension, very easy to use and the screen pop function saves our office a ton of time!

Latest issues

  • (2020-06-08, v:3.0.5) Dani Bartlett: Odd difference between users
    The plug in seems to work perfectly on my computer, however I've found that when I encourage other people to install it, it works differently on theirs. We can both go to the same page, and while on my browser it will only flag telephone numbers as callable, for them it will flag any string of numbers such as dates or turnovers as potential numbers to call. I've looked at their settings and confirmed that theirs are identical to mine. Any thoughts?
  • (2020-03-27, v:3.0.5) Myra: In NL we use format +31 (0) 20****
    In NL we use format +31 (0) 20***** and this is not seen by the app, any work-around available instead of changing format?
  • (2020-03-27, v:3.0.5) Myra: Bug report
    Wanneer de extensie enabled is wordt Whatsapp Web (https://web.whatsapp.com/) beschadigd. Extension is damaging https://web.whatsapp.com/ Win10Pro - Chrome Versie 80.0.3987.149 (Officiële build) (64-bits)
  • (2020-02-13, v:3.0.5) Rob Watkins: Need help with set up
    I followed the instructions and when I click a number on my computer is does not make the call to my iphone. Please help! Thanks in advance
  • (2019-08-29, v:3.0.5) Garry Deakin: Add 9 to the dial string
    Hi there, is there anywhere we could add 9 to dial out? thanks
  • (2018-09-17, v:2.2.12) Mark Price: call pick
    Hi, I picked the wrong choice on how I wanted my click to call to work but I can't find a way to change my choice to skype. Help. Thanks Mark
  • (2018-08-07, v:2.1.11) Manuel Rathmann: Blacklist
    How do you specify in the URL entry if a site is to be black or whitelisted?
  • (2018-08-07, v:2.1.11) Jeffruy Examene: Calling
    The issue I'm having is when I click the number it starts dialing then stops. Currently trying to use it with salesforce.
  • (2018-06-07, v:2.1.11) David Webb: Click from Excel or Sheets Hyperlink
    All I need, want is outbound calling. I need to be able to go down a spreadsheet and click on a hyperlink and make an outgoing call through my desktop computer. That's it. Can do? What cost?
  • (2018-05-31, v:2.1.11) ernaras kadziauskas: cell phone
    can cell phone be used as click to call device?
  • (2018-04-13, v:2.1.10) Lucky Way: Need some help...
    I can't seem to link my RCA phone to C2C, cannot get outbound calls.
  • (2017-10-16, v:2.0.8) Tony Hill: Dynamics CRM
    the dialer does not recognise number that are in our microsoft dynamics webpage. other websites work normally but the dynamics crm webpage numbers are not recognised
  • (2017-08-24, v:2.0.3) X2CRM
    Hello Any chance that there will support for x2CRM for your dialer?
  • (2017-05-01, v:1.0.18) vWhite Mamba: Salesforce
    Does not pop up with any CRM data when user calls in. We are signed into CRM and when phone call comes in the dialer has a notification but nothing else happens


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