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Set a default speed for video and audio.

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Description from store - Hotkey support. - Pinning (apply custom playback rate to a specific tab). - FX: Apply filters (invert, grayscale, contrast, etc) on the entire page or on select elements (video, img, etc). - Open source.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-10-15) ARatQuiRit: Just installed today so I’d have to use it more to say, but at first glance it feels very good ! Unless surprise, seems like my new favorite speed extention ! That’s nice, because there were not much choice some time ago. Here there is much control, many settings, I’m glad I found it ! Thanks !
  • (2021-10-09) Alysson Pinheiro: Muito bom!
  • (2021-10-04) Zhang Jinhui: The best extension for human
  • (2021-09-25) Allen: Is it possible to adjust the speed from local video file opened by chrome?
  • (2021-09-17) Lautaro Leiva: Keys cannot be changed in Capture option
  • (2021-09-12) zach webster: FINALLY! I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS FUNCTION FOR YEARS! This extension allows you to pause live radio streams, allowing you to sync your home radio announcer with the video stream. It even provides a nice and easy UI for you to control both video and radio stream in a small box. I would give this 11/10 if I could. THANK YOU!
  • (2021-09-11) 朱永健: 好用!
  • (2021-09-10) Zee L: The best speed adjusting extension I've ever used.
  • (2021-09-09) Aryan Gupta: how to speed up audio in spotify?
  • (2021-09-04) Mummy Vicetone: 非常出名的一款插件
  • (2021-08-26) 木羊羽: 牛B啊,真的太好用了!!!!
  • (2021-08-19) SUBHAN MIRZA: saved my life thank god it remenber my playpack speed everytime i played a new video
  • (2021-08-19) 完美。
  • (2021-08-11) Douglas Lima: Best. Extension. Ever.
  • (2021-08-11) Nayan: Its good but a problem is that LIVE youtube video cant be auto set to normal speed
  • (2021-08-03) hugo wang: 很好用
  • (2021-07-31) 山粉圓: 非常好用 一鍵固定倍速
  • (2021-07-29) Md. Mobashir Hasan: This is a great extension which has a lot of customizable feature. Unlike Video Speed Controller which has 2million+ downloads! I was using it for daily basis, but yesterday i installed 'Global speed' extension on MS Edge and kinda surprised. The only lack is there is no option for local speed only. Hope you will bring the feature. Waiting patiently, Thanks for your hard work!
  • (2021-07-29) Saba Am: works perfectly
  • (2021-07-27) Rodrigo R.D.: This extension is OP xD
  • (2021-07-25) Hyu Sam: Is it possible to use mouse wheel to increase/decrease play speed?
  • (2021-07-23) 赵铁柱: 感谢作者,绝不给百度送一分钱
  • (2021-07-21) Carlos Espinosa González: How can i use it for spotify?
  • (2021-07-18) David Herman: The best extension out there. This makes browsing so, so much smoother— love being able to jump forward and backwards on video players with ease.
  • (2021-07-14) nacho martinez: I love this extension 5 stars because you can put the speed faster but also you can put the video minimisation so you can do all you want and seen the video.
  • (2021-07-12) 温柔坚定的晓美焰: 好用啊
  • (2021-07-03) Tyler West: Best thing in my life. Has worked on every video I have came across. If a video is not responding to the speed then enable ghost mode and that does the trick for me. They mention that some sites "Try to block website from changing speed. [Ghost mode is] Disabled by default because it might break some websites." So just turn it off once you're done. Seriously great for school and just consuming content in general.
  • (2021-06-29) Eco: DUDE... I've been a LONG time user and lover of Video Speed Controller. This magnificent piece of software does everything VSC does and more, better. I love everything about this extension.
  • (2021-06-25) Bruno Ribeiro: Funcionou perfeitamente.
  • (2021-06-22) bogdan v: The only soundcloud working ext-n! Best!
  • (2021-06-13) Yu Peng: 非常好用
  • (2021-06-11) Luka Skulic: The best speed controling extension by far. The customizability and options are unmatched. I started having problems with the other most popular one and I'm glad I did because this one blows it out of the water. Shortcuts (hotkey) editor, URL rules, customizable appearance, etc. Hope this keeps on being supported. I couldn't live without it, as someone that finds anything below 2x speed too slow to watch.
  • (2021-06-02) 发发的肘子: 感谢,网盘看课件很给力
  • (2021-05-21) 叫我阿娜达: 牛逼,好用
  • (2021-05-20) Fisarmonica Cursos: Funcionou perfeitamente para mim. Acelera não só videos no Youtube, mas Vídeos em geral (inclusive Netflix). Até agora, não teve nenhum site onde ele não conseguisse acelerar o vídeo
  • (2021-05-17) Jiajia Zhuo: 好使 多谢
  • (2021-05-16) Tina Wu: 刚刚试用了一下,这也太强了吧!!!!牛逼牛逼 ps:脚本过来的
  • (2021-05-15) Core T: 非常實用啊! 功能都非常齊全
  • (2021-05-11) yan liu: thank you very much
  • (2021-05-11) 周橙雨: 啊啊啊啊非常感谢!
  • (2021-05-05) Charles Franklin: 从油猴脚本评论来的。感谢作者!
  • (2021-05-04) Michelangelo Cifaldi: Polywocker you're awesome! :) Thank you so much for this, an actual good functioning extension. To anyone who might have an issue when key binds don't work immediately, just reload your pages. I had accidentally overlooked that step but Poly mentions it in the pop up page that comes after you install this extension.
  • (2021-05-04) 代仁成: 最新版本百度网盘失效,上一个版本还能使用,更新后不能使用了
  • (2021-04-28) co po: 百度网盘好像不行了?老黑屏
  • (2021-04-23) 水谷: 功能实用不臃肿,完美的软件,希望能长久有效
  • (2021-04-21) JC Chan: 油猴脚本失效了,在评论区找到这个神器!!!感谢作者!!
  • (2021-04-16) Orkhan Allahverdi: JUST PERFECT!!! I can't thank you guys enough!
  • (2021-04-01) GTX xeon: 隔壁过来的 这个和Edge浏览器一样好用
  • (2021-03-31) Faheem Pervez: Excellent extension; thank you to the developer. This extension has all of the features of the other audio and video manipulation extensions plus a great number of tricks of its own up its sleeve. If you happened to set the ScreenCaptureAllowed policy to false, then it must be removed or set to true to enable the audio capturing part of this extension.
  • (2021-03-30) Késsia Leão Garcia: Muito bom, supriu minha necessidade.

Latest issues

  • (2021-07-14, v:2.9.1) mark-one: Audio effects
    When I try to apply any of the audio effects, the audio stops playing altogether. I have to click the "release" button for the audio to start playing again. Thank you in advance for your help.
  • (2021-05-29, v:2.8.2) Thyago Kufner: Frame by Frame Shortcut
    Hello, me again :) Never tired to congrat you about this beautiful and rich-featured extension. Thanks. I'd like to know if there is some option to seek 1 frame at a time. At the moment I am using a "seek" shortcut with 0.01 set, but 1 frame fine tuning would be awesome. Kind regards,
  • (2021-05-22, v:2.8.0) rewind and forward
    ciao , e possibile aumentare i secondi di rewind e forward? attualmente torna indietro solo 5 sec. si puo aumentare diciamo a15 sec
  • (2021-05-14, v:2.8.0) Valentino Tomaino Da Silva: Audio/Video sync
    Good morning, I noticed it's possible to delay the audio of a video, but it's not possible the other way around (the delay field requires numbers equal or greater than 0). Is there a way to make the audio of a video be reproduced before the video itself? This would help solving bluetooth headphones latency issues, which is a plague nowadays on Windows, thanks
  • (2021-04-12, v:2.7.5) Kai I.: Soundcloud not supported
    Love this extension! But it's not working on Soundcloud, as you wrote under some youtube video
  • (2021-03-18, v:2.7.2) Maide Yıldız: hız
    chrome dan açtığım adobe connect videolarını hızlandıramıyorum
  • (2021-02-04, v:2.7.0) katpo: Videos speeding up too much
    I've started noticing videos speeding up too much (e.g., I've preset it to x2 but the video is probably playing at x4) when I have this app enabled. This is a recent issue and I'm not sure if it's due to my updating Chrome to Version 88.0.4324.146
  • (2020-11-18, v:2.7.0) Sirius Marsa: Version 2.7.0 does not want to work with video if it is in frame
    Hello. Everything worked well in version 2.6.4 and it was possible to control the steps of pre-wrap by 0.001 if the video was in a frame. But now the extension has been updated to version 2.7.0 and if the video is in a frame, then the steps cannot be changed through hot keys. In general, version 2.7.0 does not want to work with video if it is in a frame. The performance of the application is very necessary when it was like in 2.6.4
  • (2020-06-05, v:2.5.9) Kyle Cherney: carryover onto play back speed using drive app on phone.
    unable to make the feature work while using drive on phone linked to same chrome account... Love the product idea overall. Any ideas?
  • (2020-05-11, v:2.5.9) Dahili Depolama: not just a speed extension
    hello i think you can improve this extension that can add more features for playing videos like adding time skip shortcuts 1 sec 5 sec 10 sec, go to the certain time like 1:23:04 etc. that would awesome.


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