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Description from extension meta Adds many features to the Waze editor
Image from store WME Toolbox
Description from store - Layers menu with following features: - Highlight of level-locked segments - Highlight of manual locks (greater, equal, less than automatic lock) - Highlight segments with positive or negative elevation - Highlight of segments with house numbers - Highlight of named streets without any house number - Highlight of segments/nodes with time restrictions - Highlight of loops - Highlight of roundabouts which may cause issues - Highlight unconfirmed turns - Highlight of U-Turns - Highlight of reverse connections - Highlight of Dead-end loops - Highlight of soft turns - Highlight of TTS override instructions - Highlight of simple segments (which have unneeded geometry nodes) - Toolbar with following features: - Function to hide the left sidebar - Configuration panel for the plugin options - Quick access to keyboard shortcuts editor - Select segments panel to enable multi-selection based on filters - Properties editor panel to modify several segments at a time - Copy segment attributes - Clear road geometry - Cut segment in two - Select all roundabout segments - Redo a roundabout - Convert a roundabout to a standard road - Draw landmark inside a roundabout (to give it a name) - Select segments in place or map comment area - Suppress unneeded junctions on screen - Suppress unneeded geometry nodes on screen - Delete expired restrictions (past ending date) on screen - Auto fix loops - Autofix unconfirmed turns - Auto remove toll attribute on non freeway/ramp segments - Auto fix reverse connections, dead-end and unterminated roads - Auto fix u-turns - And more: - Popups to help new editors on basic editing - Option to hide user greetings on the left sidebar - Option to force fullscreen - New shortcuts for Toolbox features - Enable shortcuts on numpad - Pan the map from screen size Access to individual features depends on user rank and country of editing
Latest reviews (2019-04-02) Essential tool for editing in Waze. (2019-03-01) A drive: Thank you for renewal. Sorry for trouble you, but please. (2018-11-24) Yves Poeydarrieu: Plus rien ne fonctionne depuis les dernières mise à jour. Dommage l'extension était bien utile (2018-08-21) XxCarlosxX: Muy buena, facilita el trabajo (2018-06-14) rbrdly: The new update is great. Toolbar appears 100% of the time now, and I can move it without it freezing. Thanks for your hard work! (2018-05-09) José Luis Nicolás Olmo: Recently, it starts to have problems as not loading (I must try several times) or it doesn´t allow resizing for places or roads windows (only downsize them) (2018-05-02) leibnitz garcia: Muy buena, pero se ha desactualizado (2018-03-26) Anthony Joo: The toolbox has been disappearing lately and is getting quite annoying... (2017-11-01) Reza Yar: Thank for the new update. 2017/11.01 This toolbox has helped me a lot in my editing, but with new version of WME some of the tools stopped working. Hope to have the update in near future. Special thank to the developr Already updated (2017-10-28) Kevin D Babiuk: Makes editing a whole lot easier. Indispensable. I just wish the updates would come quicker. (2017-10-27) Brigitte Pourquier: Dommage qu'il ne fonctionne plus avec la MAJ de WME (2017-10-27) Ricardo Ruivo: I heard that it was not abandoned and is soon to be released a new version. The developer could had a new option to create nodes in one segment. (2017-10-24) Cain Dawson: Einfach nur genial dieses Tool. :) (2017-10-02) Lajos Pálffy: Király!!!! (2017-09-11) Christian Parise: Bonne application mais depuis un mois environ la fonction "cut" ne fonctionne plus. Est-ce que cela va être réparé? (2017-08-26) H-W. R.: Wie gut das Tool ist, merkt man erst wenn es mal nicht geht!! (2017-08-21) Christopher De Leon: Having issues recently, doesnt consistently load. Many times it seems to do nothing. (2017-07-01) Mickael Rocco: Bug depuis la maj de chrome, il faut a chaque fois reparer l'extention, pour que ça marche !! (2017-06-24) Isaías Batista: I have to repair it everytime I reopen Google Chrome (2017-06-21) Сергей Гордеев: ок (2017-03-25) Nizier Mechling: Pratique et indispensable (2016-12-16) Damon Hunn: A must-have for any serious editor. Love it! (2016-11-30) Ike Vorisek: I didn't realize how useful this tool was until the WME release broke it. Keep up all the great work helping us perform quality edits quickly. (2016-11-22) MrBigNo1 MrBigNo1: This is not working so know I cant map Please Fix it (2016-11-14) Stefano Marchi: Molto Utile Auspicabile un aggiornamento più costante.

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