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vi like interface for Google Chrome™. For every Google Chrome™ user who hate using a mouse.

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Description from store [26, May, 2013] VERSION 0.12.0 RELEASED!!! Release History : https://github.com/k2nr/ViChrome/wiki/Release-History Check out more information at http://github.com/k2nr/ViChrome/wiki/Vichrome-User-Manual ---------------------------------------------- Vichrome is a Google Chrome Extension that enables you to use vi(vim) like user interface. Vichrome offers you many features: * vi(vim) like key bindings * HIT-A-HINT like functionality called f-Mode. see http://github.com/k2nr/ViChrome/wiki/Vichrome-Screenshots * very flexible customizability. * wrap scan/inc search by Vichrome built-in search mode * many useful commands are available. you can use all of the commands in command mode(to enter command mode, press :). For more about the commands, see http://github.com/k2nr/ViChrome/wiki/Vichrome-User-Manual#wiki-Commands Vichrome's default key bindings are: j : scroll down k : scroll up h : scroll left l : scroll right <C-e> : scroll down <C-y> : scroll up t : open new tab x : close tab X : Close the current tab and focus the previous tab r : reload tab / : enter search mode ? : enter backward search mode a : enter link text search mode(search only text that have a link and focus it) n : next search result N : previous search result gg : go to top of the page G : go to bottom of the page gt, <C-h> : move to left tab gT, <C-l> : move to right tab H : back history L : forward history u : restore last closed tab gp : pop out current tab to new window gs : open source of the current page in a new tab f : enter f Mode (like HIT-A-HINT) F : enter f Mode (open links with new tab) ; : enter extended f Mode i : focus on first input area o : Open new page with awesome completion O : Open new page in new tab with awesome completion s : Google Search S : Google Search in new tab b : Open bookmark B : Open bookmark in new tab <C-f> : page down <C-b> : page up <C-d> : page half down <C-u> : page half up : : enter Command Mode '' : back to last auto page mark yy : copy URL to clipboard p : Open a URL based on the current clipboard contents in the current tab P : Open a URL based on the current clipboard contents in a new tab <C-^> : switch tab focus to the previously focused tab ,z : toggle image size <ESC> : cancel all input/command and blur focused element [Advanced Tips] <Key mapping for Page-Open shortcuts> nmap <Space>tw :OpenNewTab http://www.twitter.com nmap <Space>gr :OpenNewTab http://www.google.co.jp/reader nmap <Space>m :OpenNewTab https://mail.google.com/mail/#inbox This example is a part of my own settings.I'm using <SPACE> key for launcher prefix key. this offers you very quick access to your favorite web sites. <Continuous f-Mode> nmap F :GoFMode --newtab --continuous By default, F is assigned to ":GoFMode --newtab". When you intend to use f-Mode with "--newtab" , you may want to open 2 or more links with new tabs continuously.This example offers you surprisingly efficient way for that. Continuous f-Mode will not exit by hitting a hint so you can continuously open many links. <Alias> alias ext OpenNewTab chrome://extensions/ alias option OpenNewTab chrome://settings/browser If your key setting is filled up with your customization so you can't add new key setting, Alias is a very meaningful solution.In this example you can open Chrome's extension page by executing a command :ext and open chrome's setting page with :option [Future Release Plan] since Vichrome is too young, There may be lacking in functionality and is being under very active development.So here's some of the release plan. * a command to launch chrome apps Also, if you have any requests I'll implement it. Need more information about Vichrome ? see: http://github.com/k2nr/ViChrome/wiki/Vichrome-User-Manual I'm looking forward to your feedback.please feel free to contact me via twitter http://www.twitter.com/k2nr_ Vichrome is hosted on Github http://github.com/k2nr/ViChrome enjoy! --- [Release History] https://github.com/k2nr/ViChrome/wiki/Release-History

Latest reviews

  • (2020-03-27) Norman Stevens: Complete waste of time. It doesn't work at all, and there are no instructions on how to enable it, troubleshoot or to find out what's wrong.
  • (2017-01-12) Ryan Bernstein: Such a pleasure to use. Good job selecting the hotkeys.
  • (2016-11-23) Aji Mide: Like it ,but now i doesn't work now!
  • (2016-10-16) aizigao gao: 非常棒的扩展
  • (2016-09-30) Matt Clark: "Error:Can't open commandbox. Try to reload page" Reloading the pages does absolutely nothing, but redisplay this message. In addition, this seems to break other, already established Chrome Hot-Keys.
  • (2015-07-07) mateusz matejuk: This is too much for chrome, most of commands are already implemented through shortcuts, sandbox is not intuitive and more like getting in way than helping. Better choice to Rat Poison your workspace is "hit a hint" or similar extension
  • (2015-05-28) Baobin Qi: Love this one, powerful and no issue found yet.
  • (2015-05-12) marine marine: 重宝しています。 要望があるのですが、Google検索結果をページ内検索に連動させることってできますか?
  • (2014-12-11) Kun Lu: some time, the c-h is back to history, not the pre-tab
  • (2014-11-27) Keener Edge Consulting: Excellent for power-browsing through the web, especially for those of us that love Vim.
  • (2014-10-17) François Delpierre: Nice extension, but definitely does not with DDG. For instance, no way to "o" to a bang. The the CTRL-l or equivalent is not working. So I would love to use it, but it does not work for me.
  • (2014-04-06) ta wen: good tool ,I enjoy it, thanks.
  • (2014-03-11) Mustafa Erturk: Better than the other vim integration extensions i've tried
  • (2013-08-19) sachin21: iとlの違いをわかりやすかったら5☆でした。 それ以外はめちゃくちゃ使いやすいです!vimmer絶賛です。 このプラグイン無しではChrome出来ません。ありがとうございます! 修正待ってます! 宜しくお願いします!
  • (2013-06-14) Aki Y: キーボードのみの操作ができるようになるので非常に便利。 リンクを開いていくFモードが非常に使いやすい。ただiとlの違いがmacからだとわかりにくいのが難点。あと、continuous f-Modeの時に一つのページを開いたあとに以前の頭文字のリンクしか表示されないのを修正していただけるとパーフェクト。
  • (2013-04-25) Kate McKenzie: This is lovely, very vim-like, and f-mode is inspired. Unfortunately search is broken for some pages, and is getting to the point where I may have to disable it.
  • (2013-02-17) Q Sun: カスタマイズの自由さを大好きです。勉強足りないかもしれないが、ページ上にあるURLのコピー方法がありますか?
  • (2013-02-08) Raphaël Monnerat: As a programmer doing all his stuff by keyboard shortcuts I want to say : thank you.
  • (2013-02-05) Vasil Zlatanov: Definitely the best Vim plugin for chrome. Has the most functions and customization. Plus it crashes least.
  • (2012-06-28) samu ochi: もうこれ無しではブラウジングできません。
  • (2012-06-17) Michaël Chlon: It does not woork with google Chrome 21 !!!!
  • (2012-04-20) na oh: 日本語に対応していて、すごく使いやすいです。 ただ、ヒントによる文字の指示がまれに間違っているので、そこは直して欲しい。 --------------------------- 追記:ヒントの文字列に重複があったため、間違っているように見えた模様。文字が重複しているかを検知していただけると、ありがたいです。
  • (2012-03-25) Beats vimium! But I don't understand how to add a bookmark. Pressing 'b' searches bookmarks (great!). I miss the 'add to bookmark' functionality.
  • (2012-02-25) Weizhou Pan: I love this tool. But sometimes it doesn't work. To solve it I have to disable it and enable it again. Hope this bug can be fixed in the future.
  • (2011-12-30) Jim Xu: pretty good vi extension.
  • (2011-12-21) Deben Kong: It has too many bugs, but it has more options and operations than others. It is more convenient.
  • (2011-11-07) Apurva Agarwal: Search interface broken for some webpages.


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