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Saves {image, video, audio, links, selection, page} in directories relative to the default download directory.

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Description from store Adds a context menu to save media {image, video, audio, link, selection, page} in user-defined folders or directories relative to the default download location. Save into dynamically named directories. Flexible rules-based download renaming and routing. Option to save as shortcuts {.url, .desktop, .html redirect}. The WebExtension API only allows saving into directories relative to the default download directory. Symlinks can be used to get around this limitation: Windows: mklink /D C:\path\to\symlink D:\path\to\actual macOS/Unix: ln -s /path/to/actual /path/to/symlink Make sure the actual directories exist, or downloads will silently fail. <all_urls> permission is used to get around CORS on HTTP HEAD requests (to check for Content-Disposition headers) tabs permission is used to get the active page's title. Configure before use.

Latest reviews

  • (2023-03-07) А. Говорун: Сохраняет ярлыки в формате .txt и их расширение приходится менять вручную.
  • (2022-09-09) Michał Nowak: Conflict with JFIF>JPEG conversion extensions
  • (2022-01-10) Rihard Sk: awesome!
  • (2021-06-16) Tony Nguyen: Been looking for this gem for so long! It's just pure magic. Once you understand the documentation, it's dead simple to configure everything with a few lines of text. Thanks so much!
  • (2020-10-02) Turk: Great tool - would benefit from idiot friendly "save in" folder UI - i hate (atttempting) to write scripts - it's always a keep guessing until it works, sort of. Tbh I'd rather stare at a wall for an hour than learn how to script, i'm not getting paid for it, I dont enjoy it and quite frankly that's why UI's were invented. In fact, 4 stars instead of 5 :) 5 when I click tick boxes /"add folder" to save to. Until then i'll stick with dumping copied text to an rtf as the main use for this POTETNTIALLY awesome extension ;) joke aside, thanks for this tool, it's 99% what i've been after. psst UI. ps seems to have stopped working in Chedot browser so gone back to Vivaldi for the time being.
  • (2020-09-07) bobby decker: it is awsome i can download videos and images and audio keep it forever
  • (2020-09-03) Дракоша Пестренький (Drakosha): Убил кучу времени на написание регулярных выражений для фильтров, а оказалось что сохраняемые файлы оно вовсе не перехватывает, а при вызове из контекстного меню пытается сохранить саму страницу а не ссылку. Толку от него - чуть. Уж папки в избранном я и через системный диалог найду.
  • (2020-07-08) Leonardo Reis de Paula: bem util mas bem q poderia alterar esse ícone q n é nada facil de enxergar em temas escuros nos navegadores..
  • (2020-01-21) k u: It used to work well, but now it's easy to save frequently. For some reason I try to save it in .html format and it says "Failed-file not found". It is a very useful extension, so please fix it...
  • (2019-12-18) Doggy Woof: Unfortunately it has a huge problem that prevents me to use it on many websites: it doesn't save images whose URLs contain dynamic parameters after the filename (e.g. site/image.jpg?width=1500 , or image.jpg?1231241 , which are common on ArtStation and Squarespace-based websites - it simply throws a "Failed - Download Error" and shows the save dialog, making it very slow in terms of user experience and time saving); oh, and one other thing: I can't make aliases that have dashes in them.
  • (2019-09-20) Ooku Roku: I'm surprised how complete this extension is, similar extensions let you just set the context menu folders but this one adds great stuff shortcut keys and dynamic downloads, it has all I was looking for and more.
  • (2019-04-13) xx yy: this extension make confictions with other extensions such as : Save page WE when this ext. enabled and trying to save a page using save page WE, it gives wrong filename and page title, it gives the last filename and extension that downloaded via Save in note: I don't want to use save in to save full page archive (html)
  • (2019-02-06) 罗星雨: 超级好用,超级喜欢。根据时间自定义文件夹,根据时间自定义文件名。perfect
  • (2018-11-29) aione: 哈哈哈,需要一些时间学习如何应用,最主要的是它没有中文,,,, 很实用,可以下载的时候去分类
  • (2018-08-06) Dana L. Meli-Wischman: Fantastic add-on. It has developed into one of my most used add-ons and at this point I could not do without it. Super responsive developer too. Can't go wrong. Sets up as easy as editing a text file. Imports exports settings, nested folders, folder aliases, both chrome and FF version, heck more features than a life gives me time to list. Highly recommended.
  • (2018-02-09) Jacopo Kristiansen Recinella: This extension is just magic, great to sort picture in different download folder and not having to sort them out later. I use it both on chrome and firefox. Incredibly helpful are also the instructions and guides to set it up. Great customization possibilities.

Latest issues

  • (2022-06-22, v:3.6.0) Sævon: Auto-Filename
    It would be great if it could generate a filename based on WHERE I am saving. E.g. I have: "Fashion // (alias: Makeup) (filename: Makeup.##)" "Fashion // (alias: Accessories) (filename: Accessories.##)" and it would let me auto-generate names with a prefix, and a "new" number so they do not overlap, letting me add a suffix that describes it if needed.
  • (2022-05-31, v:3.6.0) B A: What do the numbers mean?
    When I create target folders, sometimes get numbers next to them - like programming (10) or exercise (11). Since I am not naming them like that, what do they mean? Otherwise - great plugin!! Thanks
  • (2022-04-26, v:3.6.0) Tony Nguyen: Would be great to preserve the raw file name.
    Thanks for an awesome extension! It'd be great if you could fix this, though: If the URL contains something like "...?name=Some very long file name.pdf", then $filename contains "Some+very+long+file+name.pdf". If the file name is non-English, I'll get something like "%E6%88%AA%E5%9C%96+2022-04-24+%E4%B8%8B%E5%8D%8811.03.18". Can we make $filename contain the raw (non-urlencoded) string instead? Thanks!
  • (2021-01-23, v:3.5.1) 86 abaile: Compatability with brave browser.
    Hi there, just to make you aware, your extension installs fine with brave browser and seems to work mostly, however it has an annoying bug where it always opens the save dialogue box regardless of settings.
  • (2020-11-06, v:3.5.1) Stefano Marchetti: problem with symbolic link .
    i create symbolic link wit mklink . that worjk fine with savein on firefox but not recognise from savein on chrome or Brave . that every time savein open dialog box on download directory
  • (2019-02-18, v:3.3.0) Every file saved as the same name without any extensions
    Just in the last two days, this extension has started to malfunction. It now saves all objects saved in this way as the same filename without any extension whatsoever, all in the same location. When disabled, regular saving again becomes possible.


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