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Best pomodoro method timer extension for chrome in 2023, if you’re looking for pomodor timer or pomodoro technique timer.

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Description from store Today you have some long task that needs to be completed. But of course you know what is the pomodoro method! 🚀 Let's use the Pomodoro technique to achieve result. We will use our timer app. Find method description below: 1. Choose task and open pomodoro method timer extension. 2. Start 25 minutes timer. This is working cycle step. Work on your task without distractions. 3. Work continuously until the timer stops. Well! Now it's time for a break. 4. Start 5 minutes timer. Take a short break from your task. Do everything you want. 5. When the timer ends, you can start working again. Let’s go to step 2. 6. But after 4th pomodor method cycle, take a longer 20 minutes break. That's it. Please thank us by setting ★★★★★ for our top pomodoro method app. You can also write your suggestions in the comment. 🚀 Please specify your top 3 features you want from this application. i.e. ✓ visual themes ✓ customization ✓ one-click start / stop / pause for timer ✓ integration with some task manager ✓ other? 🚀 I think you're wondering what pomodoro method is good for… - stay motivated when you do a job you don't like - pomodoro study method is also good example of such tasks - to finish what you start when you get stuck in the middle - if you have problems with focus during day - to get things done (only for other methods fans 🙂) - to try something new 🚀 Possible questions: 1. Is pomodoro technique effective for studying? Mostly Yes. But if you study in group it's really unnecessary. 2. Does the pomodor technique work? We suppose, yes! But try it and make your own decision 3. Why is it called pomodoro technique? No words. Just google something like “Tomato kitchen timer” in your preferred online store to find an answer. 4. What options I have to use this in real life? 1. use this chrome extension 2. use “tomato kitchen timer” 3. use any mobile tomato timer application 4. use mobile clocks with alarms 5. What is the pomodor method? Hm. Please start timer application and read this page from beginning again! 6. Is it the best app for pomodor technique? It will be. 🚀 And for clarification: - We are automatically installable chrome extension - We are not the best pomodoro timer physical - We are glad that you try our extension in your daily work or study - We are not timer for notion or any other specific online tool. We work in your browser without specific integration`s with 3rd-party - Extension is designed to to work in your browser, not as desktop app 🚀 BONUS. Check list with simple focus tasks you can use to try this amazing method: ☑ Read this extension description. I think you did it in less than 25 minutes. ☐ Clean your apartments ☐ Read the book chapter ☐ Write a letter to Santa Claus. Be kind and polite. Santa loves good children ☐ Use pomodoro timer notion to sum up 2023 year in your notepad ☐ Imagine your future and write plans for future year. Say hello to your impossible goals in 2024 ---------------------- 🚀 Some references about focus technique authors We are using Pomodoro® technique. This method is a kind of time management technique developed by Francesco Cirillo. Pomodor is suitable to improve your productivity. The idea is to break your work into intervals. Traditionally, the focusing cycle lasts 25 minutes. Short intervals (typically 5 minutes) are used between work cycles. This method allows you to manage your time, increases concentration on the task and reduces distractions from work. ---------------------- Version Changes: ✓ 0.0.6 - Our focus timer supports Chrome versions starting from 120 ✓ 0.0.7 - Added options page. Sticky buttons on every site to control current timer. Popup window main color changed. ✓ 0.0.8 - Added option to disable system notifications. Bug-fixes. ---------------------- 🚀 To sum up Now you know how to use modern methodology for focusing attention using a simple extension to your browser. Now you know how to use modern methodology for focusing attention using a simple extension to your browser. You also have an understanding of all the steps of the method using our extension. Let me remind you them: - take task from your daily plan - start working cycle of pomodoro method by pressing start button - if you need to take a break, then press the pause button - after 25 minutes focus method cycle take a break for 5 minutes - every fourth break should be longer (20-30 minutes)


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