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A simple in-browser, offline text editor. Quickly cut, paste, edit, save, print and email text. Has simple HTML code editor/viewer.

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Description from store QwikNote is a simple text editor that runs inside of a browser in offline mode (i.e., requires no internet connection to work). It provides a very quick and simple way to draft a note or to copy / paste / edit / save / email / spell check / print text found while browsing the web - you don't need to find and start up and wait for the system's editor application. It also provides some common templates (memo, letter, HTML file, etc.) to shortcut repetitive tasks. If needed, the editor can pop out so you can work between several tabs or other apps. A QwikNote can also be created by right-clicking on text selected in any existing window or tab and then selecting the QwikNote menu entry - a new QwikNote tab will be opened containing the selected text. You can also open a local file and append it into your edits. A Tools panel provides extras such as line, word and character counts. Simple support is provided for the creation, editing and previewing of web pages. To get you started, an HTML template is provided (found in the Tools panel) that enters the HTML code for a sample page containing a header, a table with a caption, a glossary and a few paragraphs. You can then edit the HTML code and preview changes along the way in a separate tab (you can open multiple tabs, one for each set of edits, to compare each set). Alternatively, you can open an existing HTML file or create one from scratch. Text will be saved locally in the browser; your edits will still be there even after the QwikNote tab is closed or if the browser is restarted. If you use Google Chrome's Sync feature, it will also be saved across all of your browsers (please read the help page's Persistence section for more details). If you dislike starting a separate editor app just to quickly revise some text or make notes or are not always on the internet or like your data private to your machine then this is for you.

Latest issues

  • (2016-01-23, v: Dracule Mihawk: letras
    as letras ficam maiores?
  • (2015-09-01, v: Reinhard Klatt: Shortcut
    Hello, is there a shortcut to go to the beginning or to the end of a line of the text? MTX Reinhard
  • (2015-08-11, v: Sunupa1010: Disappearing QwikNotes
    Oddly, when I make a qwikNote, and close the app it will 'sometimes' disappear. Otherwise most of my notes can be found intact. What is the cause of this?
  • (2014-11-10, v: Peter Milewski: Qwiknote doesn't appear in list of apps
    Qwiknote is an extension enabled in my Google Chrome. But when I click 'open' on, for example, a .txt file in Google Drive, Qwiknote doesn't appear as an option. Various other apps such as drive notepad appear which are useless, and I've tried to get rid of them but they still appear. Why doesn't Qwiknote appear? (of course, I can still use Qwiknote by starting it from the apps menu then opening the file from the app - but that's not the point. Google Chrome seems to be spurning it).
  • (2014-08-22, v: one page
    Very helpful. Could I open new pages, or is there only one page at a time?
  • (2013-04-13, v: Tarlan Aliyev: new offer
    It would be well preserved text in the doc format, or to a button to export to Word
  • (2013-01-21, v: Jerry Frebowitz: QuickNote won't install
    I have tried installing QuickNote on two different computers without success - getting the same error each time: An error has occurred Package is invalid. Details: 'Could not load background script 'background.js'.'.


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