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Description from extension meta strips away clutter like buttons, background images, and changes the page's text size, contrast and layout for better readability
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Description from store Reader View extension brings Mozilla's open-source Readability implantation to Chromium. Using this extension you can strip clutters from webpages and read them on "Reader View" mode. The extension allows you to toggle between normal view and reader view by pressing the page-action button. Note that reader view mode works best for web pages that have a lot of content. There are some tools in the left side panel that can help you personalize your Reader View. You can change color, background-color, font-size, font-family and width of the reader view. Features: 1. Fullscreen reading 2. Advertisement removing 3. Save in HTML format 4. Text to Speech (TTS) 5. Move to the next and previous pages 6. Keyboard shortcuts for almost all actions For more info please visit: http://add0n.com/chrome-reader-view.html Change Log: 0.1.3: Calling a reader view by restoring it from history will trigger history.back 0.1.4: A more visible icon. Fixes a reader bug. 0.1.5: It is now possible to toggle the reader view using keyboard shortcut (define one from Chrome's settings page) 0.2.1: Document parsing is improved. Switched to the latest Readibility.js library. Ctrl + S now saves the document same as pressing the "Save" button. Reader View now supports both rtl and ltr languages 0.2.2: It is now possible to select some content and ask the reader view to convert only the selected part. This is useful if the automatic selection tool is not detecting the content correctly. 0.2.4: Speech engine is added. You can now ask the extension to read the article for you. Estimated reading time is displayed below the article title
Latest reviews (2019-11-20) karmveer kumar: AWESOME Just some improvements, there are some sites, where picture is not shown in reading mode https://www.livehindustan.com/blog/latest-blog/story-editorial-of-hindustan-hindi-newspaper-8th-of- november-2019-edition-by-senior-journalist-harjinder-2837607.html HOPE WILL BE FIXED SOON!!!! THANKS. (2019-11-15) 임준우: 사파리의 읽기도구 같은 확장 프로그램이며 ... 현재 가장 유용하게 쓰고 있습니다. 특히 텍스트의 크기 조절이나 폭(너비)를 조절하는 것.... 보이는 레이아웃 그대로 PDF저장이 된다는 것 추천합니다.! (2019-11-13) Jayesh Raj Srivastava: Simple and useful (2019-11-11) David Gilks: I like this reader extension because it can block images easily whereas others don't. (2019-11-10) Ugurcan Altiok: kullanmayı beceremedim (2019-11-02) 志詳王: stupid ADDON (2019-11-01) Darrel Eddings: Thank you. This exceptional. I have been looking for this exact extension since Clearly bit the dust. I have only one question, and if it isn't possible now, a feature request: I frequent story sites a lot that have stories running over several pages. I have noticed that at times readerview stops after xNumber of pages and will not go further. I looked and either didn't see the setting or didn't understand it is I did. Is there a setting that allows all pages to be loaded and/or is it possible to add that feature? Clearly had that feature "baked in"> I am in no way criticizing your work, this is a wonderful program, thank you. (2019-10-30) Alex Alexis: Было хорошее расширение до того момента пока не вырезали из него Русскую озвучку, теперь оно стало бесполезным. (2019-10-27) BIO-FASTA-STUDIOS _: I used mercury reader for a while and liked it. It no longer works now that I've switched to a better browser and I found this extension after trying a few others. Very glad I did, its certainly better than mercury reader! (2019-10-23) 凯李: 最好用的浏览器阅读拓展 (2019-10-19) Xewxewokê Xewlêheram: ji berê de bi kar tînim û min gelek xêra ev pêvek dîtiye. pîrozkirina pêşdebirên wê -bi rastî jî- heq û pêdivî ye. (2019-10-14) Rida Zhang: Holy crap!! Why I didn't know this earlier?! You really need to do more work on advertising, dude. 这玩意儿不知道简直是损失💘 (2019-10-12) Serge Tanguay: La fonction d'enregistrement permet de télécharger le fichier HTML correspondant et de voir la page telle qu'elle apparaît sur le web en utilisant Quick Look sur macOS. Une valeur ajoutée. (2019-10-12) Robert Van Allen: Installed for only a week but working out nicely. Recommend doing side-by-side comparisons before printouts. Perhaps not perfect on every Website but certainly has value. (2019-10-12) Hào Phạm: App này có phần đọc văn bản rất tuyệt vời khi cần nghe tiếng Anh (y) ! (2019-10-11) Daki Carnhof: Amazing! Works well also on Github markdown. Thank you! (2019-10-06) عاطف بن علي: Great tool ! Are you planing to add support to Right-to-Left languages?! Thank you. (2019-09-30) Conor Mackey: never written a review for an extension before but I felt like I needed to for this. I'm a college student and I use this all the time for reading articles and other things online for my classes. Very useful extension, especially for some of the older websites and blogs I have to read from. (2019-09-20) Giulio Bordonaro: Great! Only feature missing: the chance to adjust line height in the main menu. With this one (which I imagine should be easy to implement), it will earn the 5th star! Thanks P.S.: you can manually set line height and other stuff in the "Custom styling". (2019-09-12) Rick Powell: Perfect for its purpose. I can see no flaws and a great attention to detail. Grateful. As long as so many webpages are designed so poorly, we need this extension. It saves my eyes and prevents headaches and eyerolls. (2019-09-07) Gary Hughes: Does what it says. Makes reading that little less complicated by displaying the text in a more readable form. Would recommend. (2019-08-30) Avijit Chakraborty: Excellent reader it does what it meant to do takes away clutter changing fronts and lots of exceedingly realistic features.Well done guys . (2019-08-30) KEE CHOW LOW: 👍 (2019-08-26) Velin V: It does not have a deletion mode, where you can delete elements yourself, like another extension called "Just Read". If the developer offers that, I will give this extension another try. For now, it's been removed. (2019-08-21) T4iga: Works mostly great but I am really missing the abiltiy to adjust line spacing in steps. If you set large font sizes the 3 options of "largest", "medium" and "no line spacing" are simply not enough. Also this should easily be possible as I have tried manually setting line-heigth to 1.6 instead of the stupid fixed pixel values and it worked like a charm but I don't want to manually do this every time I set a large font size. EDIT: Never mind, just add the custom style body{ line-height: 1.5; }

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