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Description from extension meta Watch Next lets you tell YouTube which video you want to watch after this one.
Image from store Watch Next: YouTube
Description from store Ever saw a couple of YouTube videos and wanted to watch them just right after the one you are watching now? Make a Watch Next playlist - it plays automatically when you finish watching the current video. You can add a video to Watch Next playlist from any thumbnail on YouTube, or from any link to YouTube (right-click menu). Have fun making playlists! Icons by Alexander Moore Changes in version 1.10.2: * fixed buttons not showing on new version of youtube * fixed buttons not responding on new version of youtube Changes in version 1.10.1: * fixed buttons showing on thumbnails really late * fixed buttons sometimes adding wrong movie to the playlist Changes in version 1.10.0: * ~EXPERIMENTAL~ rendering watch next button on YouTube's new layout, please send any bugs to [email protected] You can try the new look here: http://www.youtube.com/new Changes in version 1.9.2: * fixed playlist not showing up when user added a video with hidden statistics, thanks Charles for the tip! Changes in version 1.9.1: * fixed the start / skip button not showing when the autoplay option is disabled Changes in version 1.9.0 - Added extra control buttons under the video player to add current video to playlist and to play next video from playlist immediately - Recently added videos now have green border (experimental) Changes in version 1.8.0 - You can now add duplicate videos to the playlist from the right-click menu - You can now add duplicate videos to the playlist from thumbnail button - just move your mouse away from the thumbnail, and when you target it again, you can add it again - If you click the button on thumbnail by mistake, you can click two more times to remove the video from playlist Changes in version 1.7.1 * Fixed playlist not showing the recently readded (from history) item * Fixed playlist sometimes not refreshing the icon when changing playlist size Changes in version 1.7.0 - Playlist is now synchronised between computers using the same Google account. * If you have more than one computer with different playlists on them, the playlists will be joined together. * Fixed a typo
Latest reviews (2019-10-11) Sheet Music: Hi, It works so fine. But can you please add a feature which allows users to add multiple links at the same time. Sometimes I want to add 30-40 links to play but clicking all those links manually is not a fun job. (2019-09-20) Nguyen Tuan Anh: looks good, but would be better to be able to change order of videos in list (2019-09-14) Julian Stejman P.: it works almost perfectly and i love it. the only issue i seem to have is when i'm moving a video up in my queue, it jitters and doesn't work at all. moving things down works fine. (2019-09-06) Igor Portnoy: It is great You just have to turn off YT's auto play (2019-08-06) me am: Great, but it has no double links cheking. Duplicate inks are added many times (2019-08-06) Артур Клесун: Cool app. Author, if you are reading this, would you consider adding one more button "Add to the _start_ of the list"? My use case is that I constantly have 30+ songs in the list, I want to keep it, but I see a song I want to be played right now once current one ends. Adding it to the end of the list with the normal button and then changing it's order with drag-and-drop is a bit impractical, as scroll does not work when you drag... A button "Move to top" in the playlist would do too. (2019-07-01) I like Pie: GREATEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN, CAN'T BELIEVE I'VE BEEN LIVING MY LIFE WITHOUT IT OWO (2019-06-24) The Servermonitor: This is the best one. Other ones were intrusive or would stop at the end cards, making me have to manually click next arrow. (2019-06-23) Drbadnick: 10/10, Youtube is unusable for music listening without it. (2019-06-16) Ildo Gržić: Great add-on working just what it supposed to do! Highly recommended! Feature idea; Possibility to remove duplicates, or warning when adding song already on the list. Keep up the good work :) (2019-06-13) van toan: very good but now it stop working.now i used youtube real time playlist (2019-06-07) Jacob Harris: Extension seems to have stopped working where the button does not work on click, autoplay doesn't happen, and the next icon does not appear (2019-05-24) Aleksa Smiljanic: usefull (2019-05-19) Ethan L: Works great. Exactly what i needed. (2019-05-10) vivi Uk Vivi: Really good addon,i many times wished that exist a playlist generator like this,i can save any video and this automatically play without the need of creating an actual playlist every time.I also like the right click option so i no need open every video just to add for the next play. (2019-05-01) Adam Aley: I've been using this extension a few months now, & it works very well, very logical. I also can't autoplay when casting but hopefully that will get fixed. Much more useful than "add to watch later/playlist" The browser version of YouTube is really lagging in tech advancement, & this gives you some of the features you wish you had. Highly recommend. (2019-04-15) 王文華: Can you make the playlist be able to play all videos in full screen mode? (2019-03-29) Jared Dyck: PRO: it's not obtrusive i syncs between work computer and home computer instantly! :) CONS: The hover icon doens't seem to always work, but you Can still right click to add one (2019-03-14) muy buena, solo un pequeño detalle q al tener un video de la lista en pantalla completa, al reproducir el siguiente, te saca de la pantalla completa... espero lo toemen en cuenta y puedan dejar q se pueda repruducir la lista sin sacarte del modo full screen (2019-03-07) Åke Svensson: Works great on Google Chrome stable on Ubuntu Linux! Just what I needed to chose what I want to watch. In way you can describe it as creating play lists on the fly, but not quite. Very flexible. It adds small buttons just where you need them on Youtube. Try it! (2018-12-04) Jen: I'm a new user of this extension and I think its awesome! I've used it everytime on utube, its quick to use, simple, very effective and very handy. So far its been immaculate without any flaws with my desktop chrome on windows_7. Wish I found this earlier! Thanks & Good job Guys! (2018-11-24) Yeans Perez: Es muy útil te ahorras en abrir muchas pestaña en youtube. En ves de ir abriendo 10, 20, 30 pestañas abiertas Watch Next almacenas los vídeos de youtube en una lista como si fuera un reproductor que le estas agregando canciones, esto ahorra memoria ram y ancho de banda. ademas te agrega un botón verde para ir pasando el siguiente video tranquilamente. Esta función lo debería tener youtube en forma predeterminada. It needs to be improved. (When watching the video comments that Watch next does not go to the next video) correct that (2018-11-14) ВАСЯ пупкин: Намного легче конкурентов. А интерфейс удобней. Спасибо! (2018-10-16) -21 g: It will not continue playing if you are on another tab!? That's my only complain, but very important one to me. (2018-08-27) Daryl Van Humbeck: This is what YouTube's built-in "Watch Later" feature SHOULD have been.

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