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Description from extension meta Invert page colors to reduce strain on eyes and improve readability at night.
Image from store Invert!
Description from store Invert! is a useful extension that (surprisingly) inverts the colors of a webpage. Why use it? Inverting the colors of a page produces high contrast and can improve readability of pages, especially at night, and can also reduce eye strain.
Latest reviews (2019-08-20) Adrian P: + einfaches ein-Button-invertieren + invertiert auch Bilder (im Vordergrund z.B. Jpeg, Gif) + klein und flott - Hintergrundbilder bleiben positiv - invertiert nicht die komplette Seite (Google Bildersuche) (2018-11-05) A Vargs: great! works flawlessly. even with beeline reader (2018-09-09) Johny Why: Great, but sucks. Best inverter for text- doesn't hide borders and such, like other inverters. BUT, also inverts videos and pictures-- therefor, unusable. TOO BAD! (2018-05-06) Rohan Rai: really really cool! (2017-11-11) David Mahoney: Giving it 5 stars despite: - not working on certain elements maybe 5% of the time - sometimes having to press the button twice (if pressed when the window doesn't have focus...?) Because: - it does exactly what I want it to do most of the time - it doesn't ask for permission to read all the data on every website I visit (as was the case w/ the other Chrome extension I found for inverting) - I like the button : ) (2017-06-23) Trinsec Trua: It inverts when pressing the button, alright (though not for every site for some reason). But it has several shortcomings: - It only inverts that very page you're on. Not that site you're on. And after a refresh you'd have to invert again. It doesn't stick. - I miss a shortcut. (2017-03-02) Josh G.: Very nice, but a few flaws. The inversion does not always effect everything, the background is commonly just left the way it is. I would also like a feature to enable it for any website I go to, so I do not have to click the button every time I view a new page. (2016-12-26) Alex Bralich: Cannot invert irritating Googles white background. (2016-07-07) Vanshaj Girotra: didn't work perfectly (2016-02-05) Richard Bailey: Did not work right. (2015-11-30) Sebastian Paul: Good on most sites, but broken on some sites. E.g. white font on white background on http://www.coreservlets.com/JSF-Tutorial/jsf2/#Tutorial-Intro (2015-08-07) Hey Man: Incredibly easy to use, thanks dev (2015-02-24) Des Lee: Perfect - I love how it inverts everything, even the images and videos. I used to use Invert Page Colors, but they stopped inverting the images and videos, so I'm glad someone created this. This extension is perfect when using a screen inversion tool like NegativeScreen. (2015-02-06) avalanche156: It should be enabled for all pages by default in order not to have to do it manually for each new page (2015-01-10) Emad P: خوبه (2014-12-29) Art Human: you are best )) (2014-11-16) Matteo Gratton: Perfect for me!

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