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Description from extension meta Open links as background tabs by clicking links and holding
Image from store Long Press New Tab
Description from store This extension provide the functionality to open links in a new tab by a 'long' click on a link. long left click long middle click long right click v3.1 middle button v3.0 added drag and drop links (disabled by default) v2.2 added Open in Readability Opne in Instapaper Mobilizer
Latest reviews (2019-07-24) Jan Bruun Andersen: It works for me with me with Google Chrome. version 75.0.3770.90 (Official Build) (64-bit). Sort of. It works for links on most sites (but not all - I assume those sites does some funny Javascripting). It does not work at all for my bookmarked links - which was what I was after. I also tried an extension called "Click to Tab". It suffered from the same problems, so maybe extensions cannot control the behavior of bookmarked links? (2019-05-18) Frank Ellermann: Interesting, but too complex for me, I'll remove it. "New tab (foreground)" is apparently the same thing as "open in current tab", so don't try that for a left click. "New tab (background)" ended up as a new last tab, perfectly fine unless you are used to Chrome's wannabe-smarter behaviour. (2019-05-14) Michał Kupczyński: Simple. Effective. Great. Highly recommended! (2018-10-24) András Balkányi: Open in Readability and with Instapaper Mobilizer do not work anymore but still it is the best extension for long click and drag link control. There are others I tried but with this all the three mouse buttons can be configured with click delay. (2018-07-30) Экспертный Взгляд: Просто супер! Давно искал. Очень удобно! Большое спасибо разработчикам! (2018-07-19) RM Hutchins: Very helpful to avoid annoying changing screen focus to new tab while keeping screen focus on current tab. (2018-06-28) Aurelia Nervosa: У меня опять сломался клик колесиком, но это расширение спасло от траты денег на новую мышь из-за какой-то одной функции. И оно прекрасно работает в моем браузере Vivaldi. Идеально мне подошло. Большое спасибо разработчикам! (2018-06-23) Lisa Miller: The lack of a solution to opening links in a new tab has been my only reason to not switch from Firefox. Now I have a fix! (2018-04-14) whole product: kkjh (2018-02-08) Андрей Снег: Нужное расширение. Хотелось бы возможность в опциях включать : 1. Обработку кликов по закладкам 2.Обработку кликов по картинкам 3.Обработку кликов по элементам журнала. И тогда будет 5++ (2017-12-15) Souvik Roy: good (2017-12-02) Judith: woohoo (2017-11-03) I. M. Cuesta: Perfect (2017-08-18) Niall Quirke: Class! loved it! Just really wanted an option to make double clicking open links in new tabs so ended up making one myself, try it out if you like.. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/doubleclicker/kdfhgamfoobfingdhklhmjpbgflibeng (2017-08-12) Diva Artist: Love the options available to long press to foreground or background. Glad to know right and middle click press are available as options too. Good thinking! (2017-08-03) Michael Ryan: Was excellent but now changes current tab too, so you end up with two tabs for the same site and have to hit the back key to return to your original site (2017-07-31) 양루카: this is not work in surface. please fix it to work in windows tablet. (2017-07-16) Максим Миронов: Отличный плагин. Пользуюсь несколько лет. (2017-06-10) Jack Z: It doesn't work at all now. I tried all the combinations I could and it just doesn't work. (2017-04-23) zma61: Работает, есть настройка действий, есть дополнительные опции. Если не любите кликать колесом по ссылкам, чтобы их в новых вкладках открывать то это расширение будет полезно. Норм плагин. (2017-03-10) Robby Bennett: Easy to configure and extremely usefull (2017-02-23) Hai Nguyen: Amazing. Great extension !!! Thanks. (2016-08-09) Daniil Ishchenko: Отличное расширение. Работает в отличие от конкурентов. Пользуюсь с больши удовольствием. (2016-06-14) Oscar Banda: Could you make the slider go lower than 100ms? I use Vivaldi browser, and this is the only extension that works correctly when opening a new tab in the foreground. Could you make the slider go all the way down to 0ms so it opens the tab immediately with no delay? (2016-05-11) Josef Marc: I too would give this 10 stars if I could! An elegant granting of a longtime wish.

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