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Description from extension meta Edit web pages prior to printing. Delete, hide and format elements. Edit text. Remove adverts and sidebars.
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Description from store CHANGES Version 24.3 • New option to automatically close Print Edit WE after exiting Preview. Version 24.4 • Minor bug fix. OVERVIEW Print Edit WE provides facilities to edit the contents of a web page prior to printing or saving as HTML or MHTML. Elements in the web page can be formatted, hidden or deleted and text can be edited or inserted. Unwanted content, such as adverts and sidebars, can easily be removed. Note, to use the Save As HTML feature, the Save Page WE extension (version 14.0 or later) must be installed and enabled. BASIC OPERATION To start editing the page, click on the Print Edit WE button on the main toolbar, or select Print Edit WE > Print Edit on the context menu. A blue 'EDIT' (editing) badge will appear on the button. The 'Web Style' feature is disabled by default, so that the page displayed looks similar to how the page would look if printed normally. When the 'Web Style' feature is enabled, the page displayed will look similar to how the page looks during normal browsing. The 'Text Pieces' feature is disabled by default, so that only whole blocks of text can be selected. When the 'Text Pieces' feature is enabled, individual pieces of text can be selected and edited and line breaks are displayed. An edited web page can be saved as a single HTML file, which can be viewed or re-edited using Firefox or Chrome. An edited web page can also be saved as a MHTML file. Click the 'Preview' button to see how the edited web page will look when printed. Close the preview window to return to editing. PRINT EDIT WE TOOLBAR The buttons available on the Print Edit WE toolbar are: • Select - select all elements or all graphic elements, or re-select elements from previous command. • Deselect - deselect all currently selected elements. • Hide - hide currently selected elements. • Delete - delete currently selected elements. • Hide Except - hide all elements except those currently selected. • Delete Except - delete all elements except those currently selected, with varying restrictions. • Format - apply format properties to currently selected elements. • Text - edit a text piece or insert new text before or after element. • Undo - undo the action of previous edit command. • Undo All - undo the actions of all previous edit commands. • Save - save web page as a single HTML or MHTML file. • Text Pieces - allow selection and editing of individual text pieces. • Web Style - alternately remove or apply CSS print stylesheets. • Preview - open the Print Preview window. • Close - finish editing. • Tools - access to the Fix Page Breaks features and to the Options dialog. • Help - show the Help panel. The Delete Except button has three menu items: • Restricted - higher level elements retain their relative position and size. • Without Float - higher level elements retain their relative position and size, but cannot float right. • Unrestricted - higher level elements can reposition and resize freely, but cannot float right. In this context, “higher level elements” means the ancestors (parent, grandparent, etc) of the currently selected elements. MOUSE ACTIONS The mouse actions are: • Move - move highlight box to highlight element. • Click - select or deselect highlighted element. • Right-Click - inspect format properties for highlighted element. • Drag - select all elements within capture box. • Shift+Drag - select all graphic elements within capture box. • Ctrl+Drag - deselect all elements within capture box. SUPPORT Please e-mail: [email protected] LICENSE Distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2. See LICENCE.txt file and http://www.gnu.org/licenses/
Latest reviews (2019-10-22) Winston Zhang: 精确选择、编辑并打印所需要的内容 (2019-10-19) Ibrahim Alghamdi: Excellent (2019-10-01) Michael Madsen: Finally a printing option that can help me save a website as pdf with elemental control. Awesome job! (2019-09-09) cs X: 只有这个最好用 (2019-08-27) Constantine Mankov: Отличное расширение! (2019-08-22) hei za: 找了好多打印拓展,这是最好用的一个 (2019-08-21) Guus Eikens: Edit & tweak a webpage before printing? I'm afraid that from this moment on I cannot do without this clever extension. (2019-08-05) Garrett Fuller: I print a lot of receipts from online as a part of my job. This extension makes it easy to get things down to one page, which is a life saver for me. It really works great. (2019-07-13) Miguel Angelo Santos Bicudo: Muito bom, mas requer um pouco de prática para editar estilos. (2019-07-09) lun wang: Awesome! I usually save the webpage to pdf files, and then read them in my iPad. Thank you. (2019-06-16) Tyrant Lee: It is very delicious... (2019-05-12) Severin Vogt: Very excellent extension, saved me a ton of time erasing unwanted stuff when printing some articles for school. (2019-04-27) Ville Walveranta: Does what I needed! I wanted to make some pages shorter before printing with priPrinter so that unnecessary content on the top would not cause a page-break. Works great! (2019-04-19) Lilly Rose: Not working correctly. Still seeing images and text printed out even when deleted. (2019-04-18) bilkisu umar: I HATE THIS APP its the worst waaay too complicated (2019-04-14) David Fernando Huaman Alcedo: esta bastante bien y me ayuda a solucionar un problema al que no le encuentro otra solucion por otro lado. Gracias (2019-03-13) Niper Naadi: Very good "modular system like" edit / add / remove functionality. At the beginning the Text editor is a little bit confusing, but after getting used to it You find it much more powerful of Your expectations. Very useful to make changes before printing to remove ads or redundant content, modify web page layout, add some notes or extra tables/pictures etc. (2019-03-12) Rigo Avila: Just works! (2019-03-03) Mark Jansen: This has been fantastically useful and easy to figure out how to use. It's a tool I didn't know I needed until I found it. Thanks for all your work in creating and maintaining this...it's an example of the best, most useful free software out there. It helps me get things done. (2019-02-17) Jing OatMeow: scrore: 10, really good. (2019-01-28) Fernando Morgan: Functions amazingly and is incredibly useful! Couldn't find a way to edit a page until I finally came across this tool which had all the tools I needed to fill out a form to create a club at my high school, Thanks! (2019-01-16) Suraj soren: Great for printing use because it helps remove unwanted ads and elements. (2019-01-12) Denis Gordo: It was working fine until I noticed that none of the websites (any website) load and browser status bar says "waiting for Print Edit WE", but when I disabled the extension the pages loaded instantly.... I think it's potentially dangerous extension as they might collect your browser activity and what's on your screen. I don't see any other explanation why this might have happened. (2019-01-11) 雷雨: 這個擴展能夠讓你輕鬆的,可見即可得地刪除任何網頁元素,然後配合SAVE PAGE WE另外一個搭檔擴展,直接另存網頁,還能夠配合類似SHOW HIGHLIHTS這樣的網頁文本高亮擴展,先給網頁做好筆記和刪除多餘的內容,直接存儲到本地收藏,如果你經常在網上收集素材做心得筆記,這個擴展一定會是你完美的選擇. (2019-01-11) Bharath Raja Bhoopal Pedapudi: best customizable pdf saver
Latest issues (2019-11-24, v:24.4) GA Thomas: mhtml
I do not think the problem is Print Edit WE. Tried saving with another application called 'Save as MHTML'. It does the same thing. Automatically wants to save as .txt file
(2019-11-24, v:24.4) GA Thomas: mhtml
When I select Save As MHTML, the save file automatically wants to save as .txt Only if I type in mhtml, will it save as mhtml, but at least it will.
(2019-10-30, v:24.4) Brian Holt: May No Longer Save to ".mhtml" in Chrome - Saves as ".txt" File Instead ...
Like another user posted, I can no longer save my edited web pages in the ".mhtml" format. When I click to save the edited page as ".mhtml", the browser that I am using (Google Chrome version 78.0.3904.70 (Official Build) (64-bit) latest edition) it saves the edited page as a ".txt" file. If you would please work on a "fix" for this I would really appreciate it, as your extension is absolutely awesome, and I use. it multiple times a day! Thanks.
(2019-10-27, v:24.4) T Bell: Print Edit We no longer saving as mhtml file
I've been using Print Edit We for years on Firefox. Even kept an extended release version of Firefox so I could continue using this extension when newer versions of Firefox stopped supporting it. But then I changed over to using Chrome and was delighted to find the extension was available in Chrome. In the last week however, when I go to save a page, it no longer saves it as a .mhtml file, but instead saves it as a .txt file. If I manually change the extension to .mhtml, it does turn into a.mhtml file , but why this change in behavior? Does it have something to do with the fact that Chrome no longer lets you save web pages as mhtml files? (Very stupid thing to do, on the part of Chrome developers. Had to install a special extension so I could continue to save pages as mhtml files.)
(2019-10-18, v:24.4) olivier Dulac: get rid of size limits - tables boundaries
I love your extension : I can quickly delete unwanted columns (side columns, menus, top bar, ads, etc). But then I end up with a narrow colon with what I want, but I couldn't find any simple way to resize that (ie, let it expand in the page's width that has been freed from the former clutter)... how does this work? (There is, to my knowledge, no HowTos showing how such common tasks are done, nor are there complete explanations of what each of the PrintEdit tool can do)
(2019-07-04, v:24.2) James B: Preview
When I edit and than click on preview, the preview shows my tab bar (covers a part of page text) on Chrome
(2019-06-21, v:24.1) Filippo Bottega: Unable to select area with mouse left button
Hello, I'm unable to select regions using the mouse. When I click the left button, a blue square appear and the red rectangle disappear. It seams that the drag and drop area is wrong. I have made a video to clarify the problem: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AcVhKZoa6-ceU_x4PHjq6FVk7C0vdPzS/view?usp=sharing Best regards, Filippo.
(2019-06-07, v:24.1) Dean Karr: Need very, VERY basic instructions
Have installed in Chrome and have been playing with for over 30 minutes, and all I have managed to do is select pink boxes and delete the rest. After that nothing seems intuitive to me. Even when selecting the pink boxes, it was one paragraph at a time; and when I tried to select a list of items, it was one line at a time. Is there no way to define a box with the mouse and select everything inside it? I need to beginners manual to define the purpose of each button on the Toolbar; and then a step-by-step procedure for selecting a multi-screen area of a web site; removing elements; adding text; editing text; resizing elements; then saving and/or printing the results.
(2019-05-13, v:24.0) Anders Frederiksen: Great extension for very simple pages - fails for all complex types...
...and I simply don't get why the edit view and print preview are totally different? It really limits the use; the prints are just as useless as FireFox's own. ;-P So I often find myself copy/pasting to a word document. Probably I should program something instead. But possibly, I'm simply missing something?!? Example: hi5.dk/Temp/Printpreview.pdf
(2019-04-04, v:23.15) Дмитрий Деткин: Nor working on Saved Pages
Hello. This is the best (and only one) utility to modify pages before printing/ Thank you. Bat not working on saved pages. I open saved page in browser and click on button "Print Edit". After that appear mess 'Cannot be used with this page". Will it work in Chrome? In Mozilla it works best!

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