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DéjàClick for Chrome™

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Record and replay in your browser.

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Description from store This is the legacy DejaClick recorder for Chrome. Our new version can be found here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/alertsite-dejaclick/ojfkmicbmffjjngfjffgiioghbkbcjdi AlertSite DejaClick is a completely built-into-the-browser, point and click tool that enables you to record and play back single and multi-step web transactions. DejaClick can easily record and play back today's complex website interactions including AJAX, clicks, submits, inputs, focus, and hover user events. After recording, execute your most common Web tasks with a single click. AlertSite DejaClick makes building your Web transactions simple with features including: POINT-AND-CLICK RECORDING: Scripts are created automatically by recording mouse clicks and website navigation an interaction — enabling anyone to create single and multi-step Web recordings. ADAPTIVE PLAYBACK: DejaClick automatically detects and adjusts for the dynamic features of RIAs, Javascript, forms and user pauses when playing back your recorded script. Proprietary algorithms ensure the correct identification of page elements for accurate playback when searching for user events. GLOBAL TRANSACTION MONITORING: DejaClick scripts can continuously test and measure real-browser web performance and user experience when combined with AlertSite's global monitoring network to provide complete end-to-end application monitoring. Registering for an AlertSite account also enables Test On-Demand — enabling you to instantly test your DejaClick scripts on select remote servers. Watch your scripts execute, screen-by-screen, and gain access to performance details.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-01-03) Souilah myriam: pas de boucle (loop) donc ne sert a rien
  • (2019-12-16) Vitor Maradei: Extension window doesn't open anymore. SmartBear should fix it.
  • (2019-12-14) Edvarc V: When I started using it everything was working fine, but after a while I couldnt launch addon, it just automatically crashed. Tried reinstalling chrome/addon, didnt work.
  • (2019-11-21) Cris Fuhrman: Did not work with Facebook in Chrome. I was trying to record and automate the hide-ad clicks. The macro records no events. This is probably Facebook being stealthy, but still don't waste your time with this extension if that's what you want to do.
  • (2018-08-25) Michael Klement: Die wichtigsten Funktion fehlt. Automatisches Wiederholen der aufgezeichneten Aktion. Somit nicht nützlich.
  • (2018-08-08) David: Gave it 2 stars as it works BUT there is no looping! Without looping the click actions this extension is pointless. The whole point is to replicate clicks, not just a single loop but as many (set a number) as you want.
  • (2017-11-28) Monica Neumark: Does not work at all. Trying to click a link that opens a modal, and then click something from the modal. The modal does not open when this extension is recording. Simply pathetic.
  • (2017-11-09) Kevin Martin: man kann einzelne events nicht entfernen, was soll das?
  • (2017-06-19) モハメッドチャウロリ: Null ppffff
  • (2017-02-24) Deexith KK Santhoshi: loving it, perfectly meeting my needs.
  • (2016-12-01) Fares Belkhiria: magic
  • (2016-11-01) Alex Dunmow: So, you can't delete events. Why not? Because go f' yourself. Apparently. Terrible.
  • (2016-09-30) Noah Fenley: Wasted time. Couldn't delete a click
  • (2016-07-01) Dániel O.-T.: not really working
  • (2016-06-09) Ricardo Marques: i cant repeat 100 times our more. this dont have option to repeat automatic.
  • (2016-02-27) Cory Kemper: Works great as an auto clicker! that is all I wanted! Could have some more features like looping.
  • (2016-02-22) Mohsin M.: cant loop waste of time
  • (2016-02-10) William Kane: Wouldn't capture all clicks or field changes. Kept breaking and caused me more wasted time than if I'd done it manually. Has nice potential, but very buggy. Please add ability to delete an event in the list. If you accidentally click on something there is no way to get it out of there.
  • (2015-12-08) Tana Perkins: Works pretty well, however sometimes doesn't capture all my mouse clicks. No ability to loop a script or to manually edit it.
  • (2015-10-04) Yaboy: Doesnt do anything, was stuck on results pending for long
  • (2015-07-25) Off Line: hhh
  • (2015-04-12) Tisabelle DeFoe: Didn't function properly. Could not edit script after recording. Would not advise for any real macro recording as you would have to record it all over again if one thing went wrong in it.
  • (2014-09-11) Demian Perry: I played with a lot of similar extensions before settling on this one. DéjàClick is, hands down, the best macro recorder for Chrome.
  • (2014-05-30) Nikhil Bhandare: Great tool to record and play back web activity as desktop and mobile user. The builtin branching logic makes this an awesome plugin.
  • (2014-02-25) Len Starnes: Love the simplicity of capturing steps taken on a web site and being able to play them back at any time, over and over again. Question DejaClick can answer: Did someone change my favorite web site or is it having issues? I can play back my recorded steps and see where it passes and where it fails. I may not remember a 50 step transaction, but DejaClick will record it for me.

Latest issues

  • (2019-12-13, v: Vitor Maradei: Extension window doesn't open
    So I have used this addon for a while now with no problems, but now when I try to open it it just automatically closes.
  • (2019-12-13, v: Edvarc V: Addon doesn't launch
    So I have used this addon for a while now with no problems, but now when I try to open it it just automatically closes. Have u updated it or what could interfere with it?
  • (2019-08-02, v: BadNodar: Auto Click
    tem como colocar o dejaclick para fazer uma ação a cada periodo de tempo, automatico...
  • (2018-11-11, v: Aloysius Tany Fernandez: Replay stops if website return HTTP 403
    I have genuine use case which expects certain API calls during a page load returns HTTP403. But replay stops immediately once it encounters this error. How do i override this ?
  • (2018-05-02, v: Harry Quan: How can I upload and cover an existing script
    Not seeing the option for Chrome. I worked fine in FF before.
  • (2017-11-15, v: P Palm: Firefox no longer works - use older version
    I've used this plugin everyday at work for the past several years. Now Firefox decides to come out with the latest and greatest new browser and it no longer works. So I tried using DejaClick in Chrome. Doesn't record anything or work at all in Chrome. Had to go back and download last (older) version of Firefox and all of my settings are BACK! I know it is less secure, but I only use it primarily for a couple of different pages
  • (2017-06-21, v: Clatyn Janes: Edit
    I would like to edit the script. For example I just with to populate fields and text on different web pages. So i just need to get rid of the navigate to page.
  • (2017-02-24, v: Auto start script
    Please add ability to start execution of script when u visit specific url or at least make console args so u can start browser with command like chrome.exe url -deja scriptname. Thanks.
  • (2017-02-08, v: Dan: Can I run the script automatically?
    I want to open google then use dejaclick to automatically login and open a wallchart. I want the entire process to be automated as it sits on a raspberry pi behind my tv.
  • (2016-10-08, v: uploading file
    When trying to upload a file it is sayin cannot establish connection with the site. Any idea why this is? i am trying to create a simple macro to do multiple clicks per second on the same location on a webpage for online slots. Thanks
  • (2016-09-10, v: T3st 4: add autoreplay.
    is it possible to autoreplay timer like replay script in X minutes?
  • (2016-08-03, v: the eva: auto start script every 1 mns
    peut on rejouer le script toute les mns svp


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