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Start creating, sending, and tracking responsive HTML email templates from your Gmail inbox.

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Description from store Are you looking for a way to turn your Gmail inbox into a powerful, all-in-one solution for internal communications and email tracking? Look no further than ContactMonkey. Our powerful internal communications software makes it super easy to create, send, and track emails and email newsletters in Gmail. Create Build stunning, responsive HTML email templates in our drag-and-drop email template builder. Engage your audience with surveys, emoji reactions, GIFs, videos, customizable icons, and more. Choose from a wide range of professionally-designed email templates or start from scratch. Send Responsive HTML emails display perfectly across all devices and email clients Schedule your email sends to maximize their reach. Customize your subject line and body copy according to your recipient with merge tags. Track Get in-depth tracking metrics to determine your best-performing content from your Campaign Dashboard. Measure open rate, click-through rate, open by device and location, and more. Compare email campaigns to chart improvement and find what resonates with your audience. Looking for a sales email tracking tool? ContactMonkey’s Sales software is perfect for those looking to integrate Salesforce with their Gmail inbox. Sales Email Tracking Create, edit, and save local sales templates, personalized for your recipient Compatible with or without Salesforce Email Templates Schedule emails so your messages are delivered when your recipient will actually see them Send mass emails to up to 200 contacts that maintain the feel of a one-on-one email Track all your emails automatically – right from your Gmail inbox Get a desktop notification every time your email is opened or clicked See when your emails have been opened, from where and on which device Access the stats on your top-performing subject lines, links, cities, and more Pricing Try ContactMonkey free for 14 days! This includes unlimited email tracking, delay send, mail merge, and full Salesforce email integration. A faster, simpler alternative to tools like Yesware, Bananatag, Constant Contact, Politemail, Sidekick, Boomerang, Mailtrack, and Toutapp. --------------------------------------------------------------- Email Tracking | Email Scheduling | Mail Merge | Salesforce Email Integration | Email Templates | Newsletters | Email Template Builder

Latest reviews

  • (2022-09-05) Francis Hoffmeister: everything is hidden behind paywalls, can't even access the templates during the trial.
  • (2020-12-14) Dadasaheb Bongarde: Awesome working good
  • (2020-11-17) Mark Harrison: Terrible customer support, link ticks in compose email come and go, unreliable as opens can appear as link clicks and vice versa. Would not recommend.
  • (2020-09-11) Steven Jewels: NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!!!!!!! Have tried 6 times to get help... NOTHING! Sad when you are paying for something and don't get what you're promised. Do yourself a favor and purchase another app.
  • (2020-08-25) Sankalp Sharma: How can you expect user allowing you to send email on their behalf? I wont suggest anyone to use this
  • (2020-02-23) Frank R: App no longer works on Gmail This is the email I received from Google and on 2/22/2020 the app stopped working!! Beginning February 18, 2020, the following app will no longer have access to your Gmail data: ContactMonkey Google has always worked to design our tools and services with security at their core. Last year, we proactively updated the Google User Data Policy to better protect Gmail users. As part of this policy, apps you granted access to your Google account that have not passed a required security assessment will no longer be able to access your Gmail data starting February 18, 2020. Without access to your Gmail data, this app may not work as intended. If you have any questions, please contact the developer of the app. You can also use the Security Checkup tool to view, manage, and remove any apps that you have given access to your Google Account. Thanks, The Google Accounts team I contacted ContactMonkey asking for a refund or pro-rated refund as I had just paid for another year of service. This is their response: Hi Frank, Thank you for your email. My apologies for the delay. Unfortunately, our chrome extension is temporarily being reviewed by Google and some users are experiencing difficulties. Some accounts have no mail merge button. Until the review is completed by Google we won't be back to full functionality for all customers. We are hoping this is sooner rather than later. We apologize for the inconvenience but unfortunately, this is out of our hands for the time being. Thank you for your understanding Best regards Best regards, Emma Customer Support Specialist I'd wait for a Google approval on this app before installing and paying for it!
  • (2020-01-24) Scott Michael Vogelsang: Will not login from google mail. A redirect web page from gmail says the program is not approved for gmail login. Program will not run if not logged in. Useless.
  • (2019-04-17) Mike: Plugin for the console says "access blocked" but after deleting all chrome extensions except the contact monkey plugin its still not working. Support is non existant. There are some old cached pages to contact support but the scripts all generate errors. I suspect they ran out of venture capitol and the just quit.
  • (2019-03-25) BUYER BEWARE: Customer support is nonexistent. It hasn't worked in over two months on my Surface Pro. I can not get anyone to help! Go to another solution. This one is DOA!
  • (2018-12-19) Michael Mayers: Mail Merge button comes and goes. Support virtually nonexistent.
  • (2018-11-27) Umesh Rami: Bad customer support.
  • (2018-11-03) Esam Elavocato: good
  • (2018-08-29) Goog Renovations, LLC: Unable to install extension to chrome. I tried on windows as well as mac
  • (2018-02-08) Yaroslav Kostyuk: Конфликтует с gmail, письмо невозможно открыть (при открытии через секунду пропадает), история просмотров расположена очень удобно, прямо в отправленном письме но кто смотрел не понятно, поддержка на письма не реагирует. Очень плохо, подписку возобновлять не буду
  • (2017-12-15) Miranda Matthews: Had trouble keeping track of time sensitive emails and people just not reading emails sent to them. After using this I can direct them not only to the date but also the time and how many times they actually read it.
  • (2017-12-13) R White: I had CM before they charged for it and was fairly happy. Then I received a free trial period and decided to use it again. This time, most of my emails weren't even being read according to CM. So, I began testing it on family and friends. It was only being recorded being read 1X and in states that the people didn't live. They were opened over 100 times each! I don't find it accurate at all.
  • (2017-11-15) Vidhu Mangal: I like it tells me about how many times my email has been opened, no. of times links has been clicked. This helps a lot in sales as I know which prospect seems interested.
  • (2017-11-04) David Lee: I've used ContactMonkey with Outlook and the Google Gmail platform. Both work extremely well, and it's a tool that can be very helpful in building your business. Customer Service and Support is very responsive. It would be great if the following tweaks were made to the platform: - don't count the times that the sender of an email opens as it really skews the numbers - sometimes it looks as if an email has been opened 5 times where in reality it hasn't, this challenge is with all platforms - really wish I could have access to the platform with notifications on my mobile device Overall, a very valuable tool.
  • (2017-11-04) Kumon Danforth: Great way to keep track of emails. Amazing customer service. Highly recommending.
  • (2017-10-30) Phil Symonds: After trialing several tracking programs including Contact Monkey; Yesware and Bananatag I paid my subscription to Contact Monkey as I found it the easiest to install and the easiest to use. It gives me all the information I need in very quick time. I am not an "IT" expert, I am an Estate Planning Consultant and it is very beneficial to me to know that emails sent to my clients have been opened as that then allows me to follow up with a telephone call. Contack Monkey is a first class product with excellent pricing and I highly recommend it.
  • (2017-10-19) Cindy Vu: Not working and can't get anyone to help.
  • (2017-09-19) Bill Campbell Photography: Contact Monkey was ok to use as long as you stayed on Chrome and do not use Apple mail at all. If you use both it can't distinguish between the intended recipient opening the email or a misplaced click by yourself in apple mail. This also means that when I would look into an email to perhaps review what I had sent it would count that as the recipient of the email opening it. The sidebar panel would also disappear at times and I could not trace why, this would stop the tracking of an email. Thirdly, no notification as to auto renew coming up for the next year, no solutions offered on the online chat, no way that i could find to turn off auto-renew and initially no response from support to my email questioning the Auto renew feature. However, I have been contacted after emailing the request for cancellation of my account and a pro rated refund is being offered after I write a review here. Hopefully my honesty does not affect my refund
  • (2017-09-12) It didn't work for me. Many people could see a long complex contactmonkey url show up on their emails, which was embarrassing. I removed the extension several months ago. Recently, I ran into an issue (seems like deactivating isn't enough, one needs to explicitly drop a mail in order to discontinue from the service. It is neither obvious nor easy to find). I have been on email correspondence (maybe five emails back and forth) with customer support to help resolve the issue, and in each email either asked for someone to call me or give me a number where I can call. Zero response to that request - except to ask me to post a review after which they will escalate refund. Seriously! If I was mildly annoyed by this service until now, this recent exasperating exchange has made me really dislike the way customer support engages with its users! Proceed with this app at your own risk, that's all I would say.
  • (2017-09-07) John Voetsch: This was extremely helpful in finding various contacts that we used to advance our business. Extremely easy and efficient, took out tons of our research time making finding potential clients much easier. You won't be disappointed.
  • (2017-09-05) Cyrus Gilbert-Rolfe: I have rigorously tried all of these, and ContactMonkey is easily the best. A snap to set up, and then super reliably accurate. We have a team account, and it has been great not just for native functionality but also for monitoring team activity. Customer service is spot on, and have always been fast and a pleasure to deal with. Try ContactMonkey before the rest. You won't be disappointed.
  • (2017-08-15) Alhad Wakankar: Great application/extension for email tracking ! I was getting works done via different suppliers and this tool came in very handy to see the importance given to the topic (ex: more number of clicks, mails opened in the HQ of the supplier where decisions are taken). Also very friendly support staff. Thanks !
  • (2017-08-13) Michael Kassim: Great extension to track emails. Incredibly helpful resource! Customer support is also very responsive! Always appreciated!
  • (2017-08-10) Valerie Steinberg: Contact Monkey is simple to use, seamlessly integrated into the Gmail interface, and an extremely useful tool for mail tracking! It is completely game-changing to know exactly who, where, and when an email recipient has opened an email - it is helpful for my business correspondence on every level. My experience with customer support has also been highly positive. I would recommend Contact Monkey wholeheartedly to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.
  • (2017-08-03) Michael Butler: Great email tracking and organization tool. I have tried several competing extensions and this one is the best.
  • (2017-07-26) Rich 212: An absolute must for anyone engaged in sales using emails. Support is excellent too, overall highly recommended!
  • (2017-07-13) James Martindale: I've used Contact Monkey for 4 years now. I have watched the platform grow from being an email tagging solution to becoming the email organisation tool that it is today. Not only does the Monkey give you insight into opens but at a team level it can help you understand productivity as well as proficiency enabling you to improve and pivot what you are doing to cultivate business at an individual and team level. I recommend this to anybody who has some sales in their professional responsibilities.
  • (2017-07-10) Armande Paulette: Very good tracking tool but cannot be used if your window is not updated. If you have updated window, it comes handy.


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