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Search, annotate and organize what you've read online.

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Description from store An open-source and privacy focused extension for people who don't like wasting time on bookmarking, retracing steps or copy-paste work to make notes about their web research. FEATURES: ========= 🔍 Full-text search your web history and bookmarks. 📝 Highlight and Annotate Websites 🗄 Flexible organisation: Tag & Sort pages into collections + tab manager 📱Across devices: Save, View & organise your knowledge on iOS and Android ⚡️ Quick onboarding. No signup necessary. Import from every major bookmarking service 😎 Offline-first. All data is stored on your device. Full Privacy & Open-Source ⛅ Backup (and soon sync) your data to any of your favourite cloud providers View our privacy policy: https://worldbrain.io/privacy HOW TO USE ============= 🔍Search: Type in 'm' followed by pressing the 'space' bar or tab in the address bar. 📝Annotate: Highlight any piece of text and use the tooltip 🗄Organise: Move with the mouse to the right side of the screen, or click on the little 'brain' icon in the extension bar FEEDBACK and TROUBLESHOOTING ============================ To leave bug reports and feature requests: worldbrain.io/help Support email: [email protected] Chat with the team: worldbrain.io > the chat bubble in the bottom right corner If Memex causes issues, there is this trick as old as computer service people are around: Have you tried restarting the extension? 🤓 You can do so via chrome://extensions. If a problem persists, keep the extension deactivated and drop by in our help section (above). When deactivated then does not need RAM or CPU.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-02-28) Jo Sprague: I've been searching for this app for years. This is one of the most exciting projects I've found in a long time. Just installed, and everything is working great. Excited to make this a regular part of my workflow.
  • (2020-02-27) xi zhao: 为什么取消了划词弹出的功能,双击词语还是会弹出,受不了 经常性搜不出来
  • (2020-02-02) Extra Google Account: I just want to say to anyone deciding on whether to get this or not, get this - it is excellent! There were a couple two star reviews for very specific issues, but the extension has amazing functionality and truly is part of a new breed of web apps. The team has really thought through how our browsing has evolved. Traditional bookmarks and history pages are no longer sufficient for the modern web user/researcher. They have a well-developed roadmap and great new features coming up (and they used Notion for making their support/tutorial/user guide pages). To the team: I can't wait for the mobile app! I do have a feature request/question, though. I would really like to save a session (or a window) and put the session in a collection with other sessions. So, for instance, if you were working on Project X, you could save several sessions (or windows) under that topic. It would basically be adding another layer. (And lastly I am having trouble saving "all tabs." I watched the "Add many tabs" Gif and thought I did exactly what was done in the instructions. When adding tags to "all tabs," after selecting the desired tag(s), I then click "Back" and then open the dashboard to see they aren't there. Am I supposed to hit "Back" after selecting the tags?) -Thanks Worldbrains.io team!
  • (2019-12-08) Daniel Turner-Lloveras: 5 stars all day until it stopped working 3 months ago, still not fixed. will change to 5 stars once its working again and i can get what i paid for.
  • (2019-12-02) Yifei Kong: Not working so well. 1. Importing causes google to show captcha page. 2. Imported number is greater than anticipated. 3. Search result rank is not good. 4. No duplicate page detection, different url with same content is shown twice
  • (2019-11-22) Xfly Xx: 一直在找这样一个工具,以后开始探索看看有多好用
  • (2019-11-17) X GNU Bio: Hey guys. If you use Bash and Terminal, you can try a little Bash Script I made. Once you have a URL list, which is easy to make through Chrome history/bookmark manager or by the terminal itself, the script will visits each URL and scrape the full-text page. Actually, it accesses webpages with cURL/Wget and uses Grep and regular expressions to search for matches. You can get a help page running the script with the flçag "-h". If you want to check: GitHub link: https://github.com/mountaineerbr/scripts/blob/master/urlgrep.sh It works differently than WorldBrain's Memex extension in that this script does not index visited pages randomly/bubbly, and you can use this script with your current history/bookmarks right away. Cheers!
  • (2019-09-27) Allen Lee: After Genius, this is the best web knowledge management app I have ever use. High recommend it! 🔥
  • (2019-08-07) Saul Venskutonis: This is a fantastic app! The future of note taking! Evernote watch out!
  • (2019-07-31) Robert K: didnt know i needed this. someone mentioned it on r/selfhosted, so i downloaded it to try it out. have been doing a lot of comparing different lists to see what names appear on which list. now, i just have to open each of the pages and search through memex for the names, makes this a lot easier
  • (2019-07-21) Naved Islam: Really ambitious app which has been backing that up with solid progress. Really mature approach and plan, and once mobile apps and to-read features are ready this will be THE app
  • (2019-07-21) bilderうん: 很好用
  • (2019-06-26) XX Gu: The newest version updated at June 24th seems mining at the background, it makes my fan burst and my CPU usage very high
  • (2019-06-18) 虞骏豪: WIN7按住W+空格键貌似没有用
  • (2019-05-18) Joker Qyou: Unfortunately it does not handle numbers. I remembered visiting a webpage with some phone numbers, and I remember one of the numbers, but it does not show up in search result. If I manually go over my history I can find it, and surely it is indexed. Seems like this extension does not care for number. Too bad.
  • (2019-05-13) Max: Создает базу полных текстов на основе закладок браузера и, на выбор, по истории посещения. Если у вас много интересных закладок, то получается свой небольшой гугл. Аннотации это не основной функционал, как я понял.
  • (2019-04-18) Shankar Reddy: This is the best extension you can come across for your bookmarking, web history and research purposes if you are an ordinary student like me, reading articles and watching videos etc. It is way faster to use due to its keyboard shortcuts .
  • (2019-03-28) Martin Lichtblau: Great for finding a page you once visited, thanks to full-text search. Simple to use for annotating and highlighting important passages on any website. Top: 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞
  • (2019-03-14) Михаил С: не подсвечивает текст прямо на странице. не показывает заметку при наведении на текст. бесполезно для меня
  • (2019-02-09) Ross Teixeira: It doesn't seem to be saving text of pages I view, all of my searches turn up blank.
  • (2018-10-18) ra ra: Meh...half the things dont work and its not intuitive at all. Wanted a better alt to crappy chrome BMs didnt yet find one.
  • (2018-08-27) Biswarup Banerjee: The best extension for: 1. Performing online research 2. Searching your history to find out content from websites you have visited.
  • (2018-08-03) Acer Chang: This is so impressive
  • (2018-06-22) Richard Moss: I liked the principle of this extension as I have lost large amounts of time trying to find something I remember seeing/reading/passing-by-at-high-speed and I thought this extension would solve that in future and I've had this extension happily installed for some months now. However, the last update changed permissions to monitor (and modify, what!?!) clipboard activity as well and I think that is a step too far. It may be that the permissions are restrictive so you can't have a permission for reading OR writing, but either way it's irrelevant - recording searches and pages is one thing, monitoring my clipboard is out of the question and so I have now (somewhat reluctantly I must admit) removed this extension.
  • (2018-03-25) Sandria A. S.: only around 38k history detected from 60k. and the process is really slow, it's often stuck. hope there's a way to just export and import manually.

Latest issues

  • (2020-06-08, v:2.1.4) Stephen Wicklund: Causes error in DevTools
    I'm a web developer, and I've noticed that since installing this extension, it triggers an error whenever my website is reloaded. Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/DLvsGDg.png I'm not sure what the issue is exactly (due to lodash's "_.all" being optimized by Chrome into machine code, apparently), but I figured it was worth reporting in the hope it could be fixed. (I'm on Chrome v81) Note that on my site, the error triggers even without "Pause on caught exceptions" enabled. Since I can't really share that project website atm, I tried reproducing on a public website. I found that it only reproduces on the public websites I tried when I enabled "Pause on caught exceptions". Anyway, here is a simple page where the error can be seen: https://web.mit.edu/physics/about/contact.html Just open dev-tools, open the Sources tab, enable "Pause on caught exceptions", reload the page, then press continue for other extensions until it hits an error in "content_script.js" from the WorldBrain's Memex extension (id: "abkf..."). I then pressed the small "pretty print" code-icon at the bottom left of the panel, to format the code nicely as seen in the screenshot. There are a few unrelated "feature testing" caught "errors", before it then gets to the error on question on the "_.all(e).catch(function() {})" line. (for me, this was at line number 36,189, after the pretty-print formatting) Anyway, not sure if this will be seen by the devs of this part, but it would be nice to get this fixed; it's quite annoying to have to press "continue" for an error each time I reload the webpage I'm building. (and Memex is the only extension I use which does this...)
  • (2019-10-21, v:1.4.0) Leon E: Not saving anything
    After installing and browsing around for 30 min nothing showed up in the index too bad bc this a really good idea What could be wrong here ?
  • (2019-02-23, v:0.13.0) 陈彦伯: Conflict with notion.so
    The web app of notion.so is not able to use when this extension is enabled.
  • (2018-06-26, v:0.4.0) Julian Kingman: Why does it need clipboard access?
    Worldbrain became disabled because it's not requesting access to my clipboard. Why does it need clipboard access? I'm understandably wary...
  • (2018-02-14, v: Dylan Schadeck: I had to disable because of error being thown
    There seems to be an issue with the browser-polyfill.js. It keeps throwing a large number of errors.
  • (2017-10-17, v: Zhihong Lan: constant crashing
    constant crashing
  • (2017-10-04, v: Randy Hanson: Constant Crashing
    Every time I start Chrome the extension crashes. Re-Enabling does not help.
  • (2017-09-25, v: Dennis Bareis: Keeps Crashing
    I assume from my experience and other comments that it can't handle the amount of data it has collected.
  • (2017-08-17, v: Crash
    Can't re-enable in chrome. Can I save my data before re-installing?
  • (2017-06-01, v: Jinni Xue: content searched differ between the address bar and extension "Preference" page
    I can only find quite a few result by typing "w" and tab and key words in the address bar, but in the extension "preference" page, in "stored pages" section, I can find many results, why?
  • (2017-05-27, v: Guy Thomas: Keeps crashing immediately
    Mac OS, Chrome 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)


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