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Capture research and use it in your writing - no matter where you write online.

Image from store Airstory
Description from store Put an end to copying and pasting interesting quotes, data points, images and more you find online. Now with Airstory, you can save your favorite online research as a note. Then drag that note into any space you write online. Your note automatically merges _with_ the source URL included (so you can cite in a snap). 1. Click the Airstory icon in your Chrome browser (or right-click on a page). 2. Highlight and clip a single text snippet or multiple snippets as you scroll down a page. Select any images you want. 3. Tag it for easy future use. 4. Save it as a reusable note right inside Airstory. Any time you want to make your writing more convincing, open up Airstory and drag one or more notes into your writing. Great for: - Business - Students - TAs and RAs - Academics - Content creators - Copywriters Drag notes into Gmail. Google Docs. And anywhere else you write online.

Latest reviews

  • (2022-03-27) Rob Hadingham: Rediscovered this tool today (March 2022) after years of not using it. It's nearly perfect now - so close! Snipping quotes and images and keeps the reference/citation too - just in a couple of clicks (if it was 1 click it would be perfect). Insert your clipped notes into a google doc, gmail message, and anything else in chrome. My new best friend. And if you ever buy a tool because of the team behind it, this is the one for you. Check out videos from Jo Wiebe (Copyhackers) - highly recommended. Unbeatable I think.
  • (2019-08-27) Andrew M: Great tool for researching content, especially for tagging text that falls under certain themes. I'd love if you could easily autofill tags so you don't have to fully retype them each time but other than that it's 100%
  • (2019-08-03) algorithm whisperings: It's an amazing product. And free for all. I'm not sure if it's beneficial to the seasoned writer/researcher/content creator but for a noob like me it's a Godsend. I would have never gotten organized and efficient had it not been for the airstory team. Now it's time to learn to author effectively. Any advice on that one?
  • (2019-03-26) Lauren: Love this tool!
  • (2019-01-08) Jeff Kahuthu: A great clipping tool.
  • (2018-12-23) Philip Cross: Awesome tool! I love the way it help me collect elements from all over the web and then organize them in way that makes it REALLY easy to find them again quickly. It's one of those apps that's actually fun to use.
  • (2018-11-27) Wegis Silveira: Airstory is a great tool, but it's not working perfectly neither on chrome nor on firefox. When I highlight any text the option "select your project" is not available. It would be really helpful if anyone could give me a solution. :)
  • (2018-11-22) Ligia Morera Arauz: I love Airstory! It changed the way that I write and content creation is easier and help me to have it organized! The research tool is pretty cool!
  • (2018-11-06) Very helpful extension...you'll love it!
  • (2018-03-20) Virgil Vergara: Great tool for content creators.
  • (2018-03-20) Todd Jones: Airstory and the Researcher has drastically sped up my blog post writing as I can drop in snippets of content into my Airstory to create research cards. Once I drop the snippets in, I can put them in my writing wherever I want.
  • (2017-12-25) Talia Wolf: Can't write a single word without AirStory now. AirStory has completely replaced G-docs for me, Word and any other tool I'd use in the past for writing articles and emails. Love the notes, the clean look and feel and the tabs!
  • (2017-10-21) Bernie J Mitchell: Ok I LOVE airstory but the spelling and grammar functions in it are a deal breaker. As someone who writes too fast and is dyslexic I totally rely on gadgets like Grammarly and even in browser checker.  No matter how hard I look I can never find a way to make this work. They are working on a grammar check for airstory and I can’t wait for it!  In the meantime, or is that meen thyme?
  • (2017-10-03) Nichole Schlecht: Super useful tool. You can't go wrong with Airstory!
  • (2017-04-12) Andrew Appleby: Very handy for grabbing little clips of info, while I researched for my project!
  • (2017-03-07) Chris Redshaw: Really cool but wish it didn't have the success message after each clip. Wish you could clipping without having to close it each time.
  • (2017-02-24) Shane O'Quinn: No more switching between multiple projects. Love that you can clip some text and save to a specific project - even when you’re working on something else. Saves a lot of time.
  • (2017-02-13) Sarah Dlin: The best way to collect data from around the web - invaluable for the research portion of the writing process!
  • (2017-02-04) Joanna Wiebe: A handy research tool. Best part is it grabs the URL for the clip and keeps it attached to the card it makes - this way, I don't have to copy and paste the URL into the clip or try to remember where I grabbed it from.
  • (2017-02-03) Tiffany Garden: This is a great addition to an already awesome content marketing application. :) Really streamlines researching.
  • (2017-02-03) Lance Jones: Being able to capture multiple paragraphs and images in a single click is so helpful.

Latest issues

  • (2018-01-09, v:1.1.15) James Willett: Can I use Web Clipper a la carte?
    Or do I also need airstory?
  • (2017-11-25, v:1.1.14) Abe Safa: Never worked
    I cannot get this extension to work at all. I have tried everything. Have had this software for months and never could use it. I just tried to uninstall and install again. Same problem....I get the spinning wheel. I did as you suggested..signed out and signed in, same result.
  • (2017-07-03, v:1.1.14) Penny Dablin: Can't install
    I'm getting the same message as others: UTILITY_PROCESS_CRASHED_WHILE_TRYING_TO_INSTALL I've closed Chrome, rebooted my PC and tried about 6 times. Still no success. Any other ideas?? Thanks
  • (2017-07-03, v:1.1.14) Stuart Morris: Fixed
    Never mind, it worked this time. Took about 6 or 7 goes though.
  • (2017-07-03, v:1.1.14) Stuart Morris: Crashing on Install
    Everytime I try to install the ext, it crashes. Keep getting an error message - Could not install package: UTILITY_PROCESS_CRASHED_WHILE_TRYING_TO_INSTALL
  • (2017-06-28, v:1.1.14) Can't Install
    Keep getting an error message - Could not install package: UTILITY_PROCESS_CRASHED_WHILE_TRYING_TO_INSTALL
  • (2017-05-02, v:1.1.12) Vicki Auditore: Extension warning
    It can read and change all your data on the websites you visit??? What is that about, please?
  • (2017-02-14, v:1.1.2) Lance Jones: UPDATE on "cards not saving: issue
    Thanks to everyone who reported the issue. We're addressing this bug right now and will have a fix available within the next few hours (no need to update your version of the extension).
  • (2017-02-09, v:1.1.2) Jade McFarland: No cards appearing in Airstory
    After highlighting and saving, it says the card has been saved successfully in the app, but nothing appears in my card library. I've tried signing in and out of both the researcher and the app, tried different sites, etc. but no cards appear.
  • (2017-02-02, v:1.1.1) Alex Au: Spinner continues after first install + sign-out + sign-in
    I'm still getting the Spinner after: 1. Installed 2. Sign-out 3. Sign-in 4. Click "Start Highlighting" And when I highlight things, I'm not getting a response.
  • (2017-02-02, v:1.1.1) Lance Jones: Spinner when you first install it
    If, after installing the extension, you click "Start highlighting" and the progress spinner won't stop, please sign out of Airstory using the extension's sign-out option -- and then sign back in.


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