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View, filter and save your Trello notifications as read or unread.

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Description from store ++ Features ++ * Unread Notification Count * Ability to Mark Read or Unread * Filters for All, Unread, Mentions, Comments and Members * Notifications Link to Users, Cards, Boards, etc. * Sound plays when notification arrives.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-11-20) Ai Manalo: life changer!
  • (2019-06-20) Ben Cheshire: I've been using this extension almost every day for over a year now. A huge productivity boost. I prefer it to Trello's own notification menu on their website! It does not support some new Trello notification features such as "comment reactions" (ie. when someone likes a comment) but aside from that it's near perfect.
  • (2018-11-09) Alex S.: This is a very helpful little extension. It seem to work well for me now. I hope it improves or at least remain useful as it is now...
  • (2018-03-27) Francis NPR: It's generally an ok extension. The 'typing...' animation on the icon when someone is typing in trello is useless and very distracting. You should consider removing it or letting users disable it. Earlier today i got a couple of these 'reopenBoard is an unknown notification type' as notifications.
  • (2017-10-04) I love this little extension! Incredible to see notifications that are COMMENTS TO ME ONLY. There's a couple of things I'd love to see (sometimes notifications are marked as read, and seem to be removed after 24 hours), but all in all I'm so grateful for this extension!
  • (2017-04-29) 布萊德利酷伯: 非常方便好用! 如果可以設定背景開啟分頁就更棒了!
  • (2016-03-29) Aymeric François: too slow to open
  • (2016-02-26) Vladimir Polukhin: Can I filter notifications by type? I want to see only comment notifications and not see move and delete notifications?
  • (2015-05-13) Duc Anh Le: really worked!
  • (2014-08-22) Giangiacomo Fanizzi: Icon and graphic are not excellent, but the extension works well and does the job as expected. Very good!
  • (2014-03-14) Tammy Gretz: I really value this little extension it is much easier to read through all my notifications and go directly to card I need to review. Keeps the workflow...flowing.
  • (2013-11-20) William Larson: Is working well...Thanks!
  • (2013-05-30) Jun Ishikawa: Though i don't like the icon, I think this is the best Plugin among trello notification. they improve this plugin 1 May 2013. so I guess it's greatest one right now. this plugin show you "comments" and "moving" too.
  • (2013-02-26) Maarten Berkenbosch: Used to work perfectly but now all notifications marked as "read" keep coming back as "unread"
  • (2013-01-29) Steven Stockton: Really like it for a couple months, but recently I have to manually sign it out and back in each day. Otherwise, it doesn't show new notifications.
  • (2013-01-16) Dmitry Volodin: Doesn't work for me. When selecting "Allow" on authorization request extension goes down and is being reloaded by browser.

Latest issues

  • (2021-01-31, v:2.1.0) Yaara Rosenberg: There is no sound for notifications
    Hi, I would like to know how to get sound when a new notification arrives?
  • (2018-02-22, v:2.1.0) Window not fully opening
    Hi there, For about 3 months now the notifier window doesn't fully open, and I can't see or click on the left-hand button menu. For awhile I could just click the icon a few times and it would fix the problem, but now it's taking 5 - 10 clicks on the icon to see the buttons. Halp?
  • (2017-09-22, v:2.1.0) Auto-mark as read not predictable
    Dear dev, I wish this extension worked more predictable when it comes to marking cards as read when you open them. This is most usefull extension for Trello I've ever seen - because when you open notification it marks all card-related notifications as read. Unfortunatelly this feature is not predictable and sometimes works, but sometimes I try to click the notification several times, refresh the page and nothing happens... Please respond.
  • (2017-08-03, v:2.1.0) Сергій Козак: Notification by cards
    Please add this.
  • (2017-06-15, v:2.1.0) Tip Kilby: How to get an audible alarm on a scheduled completion
    I was hoping that I would be able to get an alarm to sound when a scheduled time is reached. I have made sure that I have connected Notifier to Trello, that I am personally assigned to the Board and the Card. I have Notifications turned on. But I see nothing happening when the schedule time is reached. Can you suggest what other steps I need to take to hear the alarm? Thanks!
  • (2017-04-26, v:2.1.0) Rui | FX: Open link: same tab / new tab
    Hi, we all here @FXautomation like this extention... But lastest version forces a New chrome window instead of openind the card in same tab. Can you please revert or put as a setting (open link same tab or new tab) Ths in advance. Rui @FX
  • (2017-04-24, v:2.1.0) Wes Bryant: Will NOT authorize
    Every time I click the icon, it gives me a link to authorize the app. I authorize it, get redirected to the Trello site, click the icon again, and get a link to authorize the app. Not usable, which is a shame because with my company's use of trello, it would be very helpful.
  • (2016-03-06, v:1.0.5) Other filters?
    Is there a way to create different filters and navigate between them. When all notifications are read and you select 'View Unread' you get a message that says 'No notifications for this filter!' Thanks for answering my question
  • (2016-02-02, v:1.0.5) Mitch McQuinn: How do I filter the cards shown?
    Is there a way to filter the cards that show up to specific boards? If you're a manager seeing every time someone moves or changes a card anywhere can be overload.
  • (2015-02-04, v:1.0.5) Text for a moved card has minor errors
    When a card is moved, the string that summarises the move has the variables in the wrong place. You can actually see this in the demo screenshot for this extension. Expected behaviour: "Bob Smith moved the card My Test Card to My Test List on My Test Board" Actual behaviour: "Bob Smith moved the card to My Test Card My Test List on My Test Board" Small thing, but worth pointing out. Thanks for this extension - it's really very useful to me Cheers Steve
  • (2013-12-02, v:1.0.4) Jonas Vollmer: Allow button redirects me to "about:blank"
    Chrome Version 31.0.1650.57 When I click the "allow" button, I first get to https://trello.com/1/authorize........... Then I click "Allow" and get to "about:blank", and nothing happens (extension doesn't work).


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