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Adds a toolbox and expands on features provided by D&D Beyond, such as Dice Rollders and Intiative Tracker.

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Description from store D&D Toolbox D&D Toolbox is a chrome extension I built to add some specific functionality to D&D Beyond website that I really wanted. It currently includes a very simple dice roller, a more complex dice roller (this one rolls dice based on elements you click on the character sheet screen) and lastly an Initiative Tracker. Features Notes The toolbox includes a custom area that allows you to create and track individual notes. This is a very basic note taking feature is really only an textarea that lets you write quick simple notes. This was added, because I hate the DM notes section of on Beyonds website, because it seems complicated to use, so this allows me to quickly create different note tabs and take notes on any page. Initiative Builder Probably the reason you are here, The initiative tracker allows you to track players and monsters initiative during combat. You can add players either from a campaign or create custom players and add them. Monsters are added by first building encounters. These encounters can be added to the initiative tracker. You can add more than one encounter at a time to the initiative. Initiative Round Tracker Add the ability to track rounds showing a round number and the estimated time elasped based off the round. Campaign / Custom Player Selection This area of the toolbox allows you to select players from any of your campaigns and add them to the initiative order. You are also able to create custom characters for players or NPC's that may not exist inside on D&D Beyond's system. Custom Players include a link, incase your characters are on another system and you would like to quickly view that page by clicking on the "View" button in the initiative order. Async Dice Roller Previously referred to as the Predictive Dice Roller, and was renamed, well because it is my plugin and I liked the sound of Async Dice Roller more. This feature scans the page for anything that looks like a dice roll and makes it a clickable link, once you click on the link you will get a popup that will show you the roll with each individual rolls and a total value for all rolles. The popup even includes an option to reroll the dice so that you can easily reroll the results. Options Page You should now be able to turn on or off each individual portion of the extension. Don't like the notes section, flip it off. Don't like the async dice roller, turn it off. Don't like the creators being highlighted in the forums, turn it off. Dice Roller This is a very simple dice roller built into the toolbox. It allows you to choose the number of dice you would like, the number of sides and a modifier. If you want to roll multiple dice at a time, you simple hit the add dice option in the bar and it will add more dice. When you have multiple dice available you will get a new button that says roll all. I personally use this feature to roll for (dis)advantage by adding two dice rolls that are both 1d20 plus my modifier and hit "Roll All". It will give me the result for both rolls and I can choose which one to use. Content Sync ** This is currently a feature in testing and may be removed at a later time. This feature causes the toolbox to update with changes made on other tabs when you change tabs. Meaning if you have multiple tabs open and change something in the toolbox on one tab and then switch to another page, the toolbox well have the updated information. So if you modify the health of a monster on one page, it will be updated on the other page when you switch tabs. Cool feature right? Well it comes with an annoying setback, currently it basically rebuilds the entire toolbox, meaning besides the main collapsible's will save their stat but everything else will default to closed. Test it out and let me know what you think. Character Sheet Roller ** This is probably one of the simplest dice rollers that could it exist. it uses the form of XdX+X . Meaning you can roll a 2d6 with a +3 modifier or you can roll 1d9 with a -5 modifier. It does no checking to verify the sides of dice you choose is an actual die, it just lets you have free range on anything you want. Please note that features with a double astricks are not currently implemented, they are either planned features or features that have not made the conversion to open source code yet. These features are still being worked on. Compatibility with other plugins This is just a small note I would like to point out, there are currently two other plugins for Beyond's website that I am aware of D&D Beyond Interaction by BitsInBytes and Beyond Help by Kabalistus. Both of these plugins are great additions to Beyonds website. I do try to make sure my plugin works well with Beyond Help however, as I don't use D&D Beyond Interaction due to our plugins covering very similar things (Dice rolling for Monsters and Players) there may be incompatibilties.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-07-30) Adam Parkinson: Hi guys, just thought I'd let you know; as of 29/07/21 there seems to be some bug that stops Twitch login on D&D Beyond when this extention is active. On both Opera GX and Chrome itself, if I try to log in through Twitch onto DDB it causes an "Invalid OAuth State" according the the DDB website. Which is a shame, because this was a great little addition, but sadly I'm unable to use it at this time.
  • (2019-03-25) I only just started using this extension but i love it. I do have a problem and i was wondering if this is just me or if it's the extension, but when i go into the custom theme color in a character, it wont let me leave the selection screen while still keeping the selected color. Anybody know why? Other than that though, this is an awesome extension.
  • (2018-12-28) Chris Kayala: Incredibly helpful! Turns dndbeyond into an even more helpful DM tool. Thank you mouse0270 for all your hard work
  • (2018-11-27) Jake Toner: Fantastic.
  • (2018-09-25) I've only just started using this, but it has been amazingly helpful, and useful for organizing encounters and previewing monsters, or moving between characters quickly. Amazing extension, I'd download it again if I could!
  • (2018-09-08) Paul Steele: Very helpful. thanks!
  • (2018-07-07) D Nielson: This is an absolutely amazing extension for D&D Beyond.
  • (2018-03-09) Adam Andrews: This is the best! The kind of functionality D&D Beyond is missing. Only feedback: I wish the sidebar was persistent and didn't reload with the page. Also needs some UI tweaks.
  • (2018-02-11) N L: a+ work by this dev.
  • (2018-01-18) Matt DeKok: I use this whenever I DM on roll 20. Mostly for note keeping, but it's nice since I can keep it open next to my adventure book.

Latest issues

  • (2020-07-11, v:0.8.4) Fireborn Performance Arts: Visibility
    Hi, I'm wondering if this app allows the dm and other players in a campaign to see each others rolls? Mainly can the dm see your rolls?
  • (2019-11-02, v:0.8.4) Matt: Creatures not showing up
    Hello - so friends and I went to use the D&D toolbox today, and when we click on "encounters," no creatures show up! I'm wondering if there's been an update to windows or chrome that has made the extension not work properly (since this has never happened to us before). We've tried on multiple devices (one mac, multiple PCs), and on multiple people's accounts. Do you know if there's something we're missing? We've loved using the extension before this!
  • (2019-10-02, v:0.8.4) Lexaire: Async Dice Roller Issues
    The async dice roller only displays the roll dialog box if I have the other Chrome extension Beyond Help enabled. Would be nice to be able to use this extension on its own. Seems to be a major bug.
  • (2019-07-06, v:0.8.4) Dakotah Cote: Support for new encounter builder?
    Now that D&D Beyond has released their combat encounter building into alpha, will you be adding support for that into your encounter build and initiative tracker? I like what you done in being able to import all the characters from a campaign and it would be awesome if I could make encounters using D&D Beyond's encounter builder and then just select/import them into Toolbox. Also when looking at monster stat blocks in the encounter builder the rollable stats and weapons aren't able to be rolled on that page. Thanks! -Dakotah
  • (2019-06-30, v:0.8.4) Michael Barnes: Not working well anymore
    Encounters are not functioning really at all, this used to work, but not sure if there was an update that broke everything.
  • (2019-06-17, v:0.8.4) Jake Dray: Toolbox won't allow me to add new encounters
    All of a sudden the toolbox looks different and isn't working right. I've tried reinstalling, but it's not working.
  • (2019-01-31, v:0.8.0) Cam: Character Sorting
    I absolutely love the folders for characters that this app provides, but I do not like the auto-alphabetical sorting. Would it be possible to make it so I can have the folders but not the auto-sort? Currently I don't see an option in the settings for it.


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