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Update site bookmarks to your current page automatically. Great for webcomics, wikis, blogs, and YouTube!

Image from store ABU (Automatic Bookmark Updater)
Description from store Tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wigmKGt5hQ Never manually update your bookmarks again. Create ABUkmarks that automatically update as you read webcomics, wikis, or blogs, and even watch YouTube! Here's how it works: Say you create an ABUkmark on Page 1 of your favorite webcomic. When you continue to Page 2, your ABUkmark automatically becomes a bookmark to Page 2; go to Page 3, your ABUkmark updates to become a bookmark to Page 3; and so on. Later when you open up the ABUkmarks folder and click on your new ABUkmark (maybe after moving it out onto the Bookmarks bar) you'll continue reading from Page 3, right where you left off! (This also works for YouTube playlists, or even saving your spot inside of individual videos) If you don't want to add to your giant list of bookmarks, you can convert existing bookmarks to ABUkmarks instead of creating new ones! You can even have multiple ABUkmarks for different sections of the same website. You can follow all of your favorite websites' webcomics and blogs! Thanks to the following for the use of their webcomics for screenshots: Laura Cooper (XP): http://xpwebcomic.com/ Kirsty Mordaunt (164 Days): http://164days.co.uk/ Pascalle Lepas (Wilde Life): http://www.wildelifecomic.com/ ----------------------- ABU 1.4 Updates: -Special fix for MangaHub.io -Altered some text for clarity ABU 1.3 Updates: -Added support for Google Sheets -Added support for saving your time in YouTube videos (individual videos, and videos in a playlist) ABU 1.2 Updates: -Icon is now gray when ABUkmarks aren't used on the current page (rather than a hard-to-differentiate green) -Completely reworked methods for tracking the current webpage, so it should work for even more sites now and be faster! -ABUid shouldn't break webpages anymore -Convert ABUkmarks in lower levels of a site to higher levels safely -Updates ABUkmarks of webpages not currently focused on -Remove ABUkmarks from list when they've been manually deleted -On unABUing, remove ABUid from bookmark URL -Performance improvements -Special fix for Webtoons (should get correct URL every time now) -Special fix for Lezhin (should get correct URL every time now) -Support for Tapas (their URLs are weird) -Support for YouTube playlists At this point, I'll only be updating ABU to fix bugs and add website support. If you find a bug or unsupported website, email me at [email protected] (I don't get notifications from the support page, unfortunately)! ----------------------- Potential Fixes (If people care- if you do, email me!) 1. Support for YouTube mini player 2. Support for YouTube videos playing in background 3. Don't update YouTube time in querystring- this was an easy solution, but it means when you share videos you'll be sharing them from your current spot. Feel free to ask for support via GitHub, email, or PM on Twitter!

Latest reviews

  • (2023-02-13) Sam Watkins: It works well, thanks. I have a couple suggestions: - it should only update the bookmark when I open the bookmark in a tab, then navigate somewhere else on the site. At the moment it's updating the bookmark when I go to any page on the site. - fix the youtube timestamp history problem that another review mentioned
  • (2022-06-22) gabrielwoj: This is a simple extension and it works as intended, although there aren't many options for you to choose from. I wish there was an option that it could remove the "(ABU)" that gets added to the bookmark's title (I did read the review where this isn't possible, though), although this doesn't matter much for me as the browser I use let me disable bookmark titles, so I only leave the icon on the bookmark bar instead. However, this extension does have big problem. In websites that change URL dynamically, the extension, for some reason, will keep those URL changes on your browser's history and will also change the address bar accordingly. Now this might seem obvious, but the reason I'm mentioning this is that, despite me not enabling ABU on Youtube, and only having an ABUkmark in one website, Youtube videos will always update the address bar on the top to include the "&t=" string. This string is updated every second, provided you keep your mouse over the player. This is quite frustrating when I want to copy and paste a video to a friend and having to remove the string beforehand, and the biggest problem is that these tiny URL changes floods my browser history a ton. So if I watch a Youtube video, every time this string changes, it gets saved on my browser history again. I watched a 42 minute video yesterday, and my browser history has 442 instances of the same video but with a different value for the timestamp string. This is even more frustrating when I want to visit a website by searching the site's name on the address bar, and I only get results from the many instances of the same Youtube video. I managed to fix that by using Chrome's "Site access" option that every extension has, and only included the website that I'm using the bookmark from. However, if I had to use for a Youtube bookmark, let's say for a long Youtube playlist, then I would need to deal with the history flooding and constant change of the URL. I don't recall this problem happening before... it could be related to a Chromium update (Google Chrome engine) that messed up with the extension's code. Other than that, it's a cool little extension.
  • (2020-12-14) צרי כסלו: This is awesome! Is there any way to make ABU not change the bookmark's name or logo? Thank's!
  • (2020-11-23) Bryce Oakes: Just stumbled across this today, the extension is awesome even if its a little dated in appearance it works great.
  • (2020-11-11) Carlos Torres (Cato): Great add-on for keeping track or my anime and tv series, I wish i had found this years back. Simply to use, yet effective and clean. I'd only like to be able to keep a custom name for my ABUkmarks. Thanks for keeping this extension updated!
  • (2016-03-14) Tristan Franco: The addon is so simple to use, one time setup for each bookmark which takes all of a couple of clicks more often than not. After that you can just read like normal and it all happens transparently. The only problem I had with it is it failed to sync across devices using the chrome sync. However the latest update promises to support syncing, I haven't had a chance to try it out and will do when I get home but given how everything else works I'm happy rate it with the assumption it will work as described.

Latest issues

  • (2019-02-26, v:1.2) Jay Sabra: Doesn't seem to work for Google slides.
    I'm trying to use it for google slides, but it confuses multiple files If I have more than 1 google slides docs bookmarked, might be worth looking into it.
  • (2018-04-09, v:1.1) &ABUid appended to bookmark
    Several bookmarks have stopped working correctly as &ABUid=<number> is added to the end of the URL, which causes the web app to fail when attempting to process the ABUid parameter, which should not be forwarded to the website.
  • (2017-06-24, v:1.1) Neal Morgan: Firefox
    Please create a Firefox compatible version of this wonderful extension. Opera would work too. I would like to use it on a mobile device where i read most of my web comics/novel updates.


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