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Hold Shift and select text from a link.

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Description from store Small and fast extension. Looks and feels almost like in the Opera browser :) Enjoy!

Latest reviews

  • (2020-03-09) Christian Kilb: Doesn't work on Mac
  • (2019-08-08) Adam Kim: Does not work
  • (2019-07-30) Brandon Jewett-Hall: Doesn''t work on my MacBook with Chrome 75.0.3770.142. When I hold down Shift and click and drag on link text, the browser still tries to drag the whole link somewhere as a bookmark or some such.
  • (2019-06-04) Stefane Guevremont: This is a pretty good extension. However, it doesn't work with every hyperlink.
  • (2019-02-18) Martin Petráček: Skvěle funguje napříč weby, již několik let bez problému...
  • (2019-02-14) Mihail Petkov: Love it, very usefull tool!
  • (2017-08-10) Jeffrey Norden: Doesn't work for me.
  • (2017-06-28) lowpoly brain: This is the best ext for what it does. Simple and effective. No need to press 3 buttons at once, feels just natural.
  • (2017-05-20) Daniel Hitzel: does not work!
  • (2017-02-03) Stefan Kern: Endlich! Frage mich warum Google bzw. andere Browser dies noch nicht implementiert haben...
  • (2016-11-08) Moheuddin Sehab: doesnt work
  • (2016-08-19) Dan M: I would rate this much higher if there were a way to change the modifier key to something else. Shift is a particularly bad default choice because it interferes with "open link in new window" (or if you install Tab Activate, with "open link in background"). Please fix!
  • (2016-03-08) Stepan Lavrinenko: Does not work on osx
  • (2015-10-08) MRNIKUSHA101: COOL
  • (2015-09-27) Peter Lau: work like a charm
  • (2015-08-19) Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: Suggestion: Discard the shift hotkey. Make drag left/right select text. Make drag up/down default.
  • (2015-07-19) Bram Wolfe: Incredibly simple and effective. No crazy keyboard shortcuts to memorize, no need to toggle anything on and wait for the link to become text, then become a link again. Simple, fast, awesome. Thank you. Updated: Still one of my favorite Chrome Extensions. Small, effective, perfect for the job. Doesn't try to do too much and therefore doesn't ever fail at what it's meant to do. Thanks for being awesome.
  • (2015-04-07) Kamil R: as in opera 12, love it!
  • (2015-02-03) Andy Scull: Works on some pages, doesn't work on others so it's unreliable. Shift modifier is bad chouce, alt would be better (as in firefox)
  • (2015-01-28) Aeron Bryce: The choice of Shift as the modifier key (without any way for users to change it) makes this extension unusable. Shift+Click is the shortcut for "open link in new window" in Chrome (and most other browsers). Installing this extension disables that functionality completely -- shift now prevents clicking from following links (so that you can highlight them) and thus blocks the existing shift+click shortcut. This would be much more useful with alt, or the windows key/command key, or better yet if it left the modifier key to be defined by the user. Thanks anyway, it was a decent effort, but not useful for me as currently implemented.
  • (2014-09-04) Bart S: Very useful!
  • (2014-08-21) Phillip Hustwick: It's good, but I WISH someone would mimic Operas method of text selection by moving the cursor horizontal. Is it patented or something...??
  • (2014-06-19) Tony Noga: Small utility but very helpful... ♥
  • (2014-03-08) Андрей Богданов: Выделяет текст из ссылки (клавишу shift нужно удержать перед выделением)
  • (2014-02-10) Matthias Niess: Came from Opera. Was totally puzzled I couldn't select link text. Thanks for this extension!

Latest issues

  • (2020-07-31, v:1.3) Stefane Guevremont: Shift to Select is not optimal
    This Extension works great, pressing the Shift key while clicking. The problem is with the Shift key. It can't be the Shift key because that's what we use to open links in a new window. And I use it quite a bit. Instead, now with this extension, Shift + Click Selects the text and I can no longer open links in a new window. A suggestion would be to add an option to be able to change the Shift key to something else. Or just change the Shift key all together to something else, like say... Shift + Alt. The last update to this extension dates back to 2015, so I'm not hoping for much, BUT! You never know. Cheers!
  • (2017-03-07, v:1.3) Stefan Kern: Nextcloud folder creation
    When you try to create a folder in Nextcloud and this extension is enabled all it'll do is to highlight the text but you're never able to actually start writing the folder name. Once disabled everything works again.
  • (2015-03-07, v:1.3) Robert Best: Hyperlink Text Selector
    Is this extension still under development? It has great potential, but is finicky about how it selects text if I accidentally let my pointer drop below my initial selection.... its like it forgot where I originally started my selection.


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