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Quick searching for browser tabs, just like what the vim ctrlp plugin does for files. 标签快速模糊搜索,同时支持英文/拼音.

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Description from store Having tons of tabs open in the window? This plugin comes to save! Fast tab switching tools inspired by the famous vim plugin (http://www.bestofvim.com/plugin/ctrl-p/).Support fuzzy search for both English and Chinese pinyin (the pronunciation system for Chinese). ★ Basic Usage: ➤ For Mac users: press Ctrl+P to launch. Type to match the tab name. Use arrow key to select. Press Enter jumping to that tab. ➤ For Windows users: press Alt+P shortcut to launch the plugin. ★ Extra features: ➤ Press Alt-6 (Ctrl-6 for Mac users) to switch between current and last viewed tab. ➤ Press Alt-O (Ctrl-O for Mac users) jump back to previous visited tabs (and Alt/Ctrl-I to jump forward). ★ Note: if the shortcut not working, probably it's in conflict with existing system/browser keybindings. In such case, open chrome://extensions in a browser window, scroll all the way down, click the "Keyboard Shortcuts" to customize the shortcut. 模拟vim文件搜索插件Ctrlp功能,支持浏览器标签模糊搜索,同时支持英文+拼音, 拼音部分支持3500个常用汉字,支持多音字匹配。 ★ 基本用法: ➤ Windows用户:Alt+P打开插件。Mac用户:Ctrl+P打开插件。输入英文字符,自动匹配英文字母和中文拼音。方向键选择多个匹配结果。敲击回车键跳至所选标签页面。 ★ 额外功能: ➤ Ctrl-6 在当前和上一个浏览器标签之间来回切换。 ➤ Ctrl-O访问之前浏览过的标签页,Ctrl-I 返回之后浏览过的标签。 ★ 注意:某些特定情况下,插件快捷键与其他浏览器快捷键设置冲突,快捷键可能无效,此时在浏览器窗口中打开 chrome://extensions,下拉至页面底部,点击右下角"键盘快捷键”连接,自定义插件启动快捷键。 ★ 已知问题:受字库大小限制,个别常用汉字无法进行拼音转换。

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  • (2019-08-08, v:1.2.0) Gonzalo Serrano: Permissions
    Hi, Why does it require to "Read and change your data on ajax.googleapis.com"?
  • (2018-02-13, v:1.1.4) Switching tabs across windows
    Thanks for this - but I use chrome on multiple screens with multiple windows. Tab switching across them is vital! Any chance you can add this?


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