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Requestly - Intercept, Modify & Mock HTTP Requests

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The easiest way to Redirect URLs, Modify HTTP Headers, Mock APIs, Inject custom JS, Modify GraphQL Requests

Image from store Requestly - Intercept, Modify & Mock HTTP Requests
Description from store 🚀 Chrome’s favorite Open-Source DevTool of 2024! Named one of the best Chrome extensions to Modify HTTP Requests by the Google Chrome team. ❤️ & Used by over 250000+ web developers in 15000+ organizations. Github Repo - https://github.com/requestly/requestly/ Best alternative to Charles Proxy, Fiddler, and ModHeader that works directly in Chrome with beautiful, modern UI and team collaboration features. 🌟 Top Use Cases → Test JavaScript changes directly on your production site without code changes. → Use the Redirect Rule to load scripts from local or staging environments on production sites. → Modify and Mock API Request payload, Response body, & Status Code. → Override GraphQL Requests 📌 https://requestly.com/blog/what-is-requestly Unlike Charles Proxy & Fiddler, Requestly doesn’t set up a proxy in your browser, and hence, developers don’t face VPN issues or lags while using it. Requestly leverages Chrome Extension APIs under the hood to hit API endpoints and intercept & modify requests. ======== Top Features ======== 👉 Mock XHR & Fetch API requests → Define Custom Response for your APIs requested by XHR/fetch → Modify API response directly on Staging or Production sites → Works with GraphQL APIs → Simulate fake HTTP Status Code (400s or 500s) for your APIs 📌 Demo Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIPbxUGUYq8 👉 Redirect URLs, Change Host, Modify Query Params (Map Remote or Map Local) → Use dev/staging APIs in production sites & test local changes without code changes → Debug remote Javascript by loading locally running JS in production sites → Switch Hosts (e.g. abc.com/* to xyz.com/*) using Replace Rule → Debug Ad Tracking Pixels, Debug A/B Test Campaigns, etc → Remote Debugging with Requestly on Production sites → Swap Adobe Launch (Adobe DTM) scripts in production with staging script 📌 Demo Video -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85GVaOWTnlE 👉 Insert Scripts to any Webpage like TamperMonkey or GreaseMonkey Scripts → UserScripts are simple JavaScript/CSS code that can change the layout of a page, add or remove new functionality and content, or automate actions. → Use File Server to upload long scripts and Inject them using Script Rule → Inject your JS tags on potential customers' sites and test your features → The sales/product team can use this to demo the product directly on the prospect’s website (10x engaging demo) 📌 Demo -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dvucRjLwGY 👉 Mock Server → Create API Mocks → Generate Mock data (random data) in the API response → Test Mock API endpoints using API client → Add delay to the endpoints → Define custom HTTP status code & custom headers in the API Mock → CORS enabled. The mock endpoints work seamlessly without CORS errors. 📌 https://app.requestly.io/mocks 👉 Session Recording → Visual Bug Reporting Tool → Cut down your bug reporting time & debugging time → Automatically capture browsing video, Console logs, Network logs & env details → Get quality bug reports from QAs, Customer Support & other non-technical people → Never deal with asking for Steps to Reproduce → Never deal with generating & Sharing Har files → Attach the session recording link in Jira Tickets, Emails, or Slack anywhere → Much better experience than Fiddler Jam, BirdEatsBug, Jam.dev (Jam dev) or Marker. 📌 Demo Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_qXQAzUQgU 👉 Additional Features → Enable/Disable rules with a single click → Export and import the rules and maintain a backup for your rules → Easy collaboration with others. Share Rules with other Users in one click 📌 Demo -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BM7kTFy-vdc ======== References ======= 🏡 Website - https://requestly.com 📖 Docs - https://developers.requestly.com 🥷 Github - https://github.com/requestly/requestly 💻 Desktop App - https://requestly.com/desktop 📳 Issues - https://github.com/requestly/requestly/issues 🔓Privacy - https://requestly.com/privacy

Latest reviews

  • (2024-04-30) joonhyung sim: it has fewer bugs compared to other proxy tools and the UI is clean.
  • (2024-04-10) Arthur Engelhard: Love using Requestly to swap version of Adobe Launch from Prod to Staging and Dev. And also blocking various martech scripts to analyze their impacts on CWV.
  • (2024-04-09) Daniel Bakh: Great tool! I use the tool to easily inject the script of our app onto customer websites to use during sales demos so I can show Fullview running on their sites
  • (2024-02-17) Ashish Amar: Requestly Review: Simple UI, Huge Impact Loved the intuitive UI for request body modification. Helped in confirming backend security with my senior engineer, even bested Postman Interceptor in some cases.
  • (2024-02-08) Alex Ercolin: it's extremely helpful in developer daily basis, thanks a lot for creating this tool!!!
  • (2024-01-22) Harsh Vats: Awesome tool. I use it almost daily for my projects to modify request body, headers, etc. Would recommend it to every frontend developer out there. Thank me later :)
  • (2023-12-29) Lee Yong Wei: Easily one of the best tools currently for intercepting and modifying HTTP request and response
  • (2023-12-18) Thomas Pattoka: I used the extension to delay specific backend HTTP requests to analyze the loading behavior, worked like a charm :)
  • (2023-12-12) Eden Eliyahu: Amazing!
  • (2023-11-07) Mark Mekhaiel: We used this to delay API responses and modify params received to see how front end would handle them - this allowed front end to re-create a range of scenarios without wasting any back enders time. Did exactly what we needed it to, would recommend
  • (2023-11-07) Yazan Alshekha: very helpful
  • (2023-10-30) Mustang: Works as it should, but adds its script to every page even in paused state - I don't like this and so have to manually disable it every time I finish working with it. Update: the script is called "libs/customElements.js" and, as I understand it, is part of the "Session Recording" option. It's injected into each page when requestly is enabled (paused or not, it doesn't matter), and even if it doesn't do anything, I generally don't want extensions interfering with pages when I disable them.
  • (2023-10-26) Rahul Choudhary: I was recently introduced to Requestly and used it for verifying libraries created in Adobe Launch without actually publishing them and I must say it performed perfectly. It is super user friendly and offers great ease of use.
  • (2023-10-25) Anthony Baldwin: While I've only utilized a small subset of the extension, it appears to work great for my needs. The session recorder does have some quirks, such as some elements not being captured and response data being too large to display; however, the development team is aware of these issues. Overall, the development team is highly responsive and readily available to assist with any problems. I hope I can get the rest of my team on board. Keep it up. :) Edit: The response data was bumped to 100kb by the development team. We'll see if that does the trick. 🤞
  • (2023-10-18) Facundo Gadda: We are using this extension in my current company as frontend developers to modify API responses and it works very very well. Highly recommend it.
  • (2023-10-11) cantthinkofausername lol: epic tool, lets me ban the accounts of pvz gw2 pc players i don't like so cool loving it
  • (2023-10-09) Divyanshu Sharma: Requestly's browser extension is remarkably easy to use. As a full-stack developer, I often need to test data-intensive UI for edge cases and performance. Using Requestly I can do it very easily by mocking network requests, without needing code changes or database seeding.
  • (2023-10-06) Nancy Coceres: Very useful extension. Thanks a lot!!
  • (2023-09-22) Omar: I can't redirect/block twitter no matter what rule I apply
  • (2023-09-19) Soner Sayakci: When got Developer tools so annoying. I just want to set a request header and it asks for a Google account.
  • (2023-09-15) Alexander Renn: Does not work at all. The Host header is set by the browser, extension is useless and can't override it.
  • (2023-08-13) C: This is a great extension to have in my toolbelt
  • (2023-08-10) NIDA Account: love it. works perfectly, great support.
  • (2023-07-28) Vikas Reddy: I use this to rewrite new Reddit (which is slow, unintuitive, frustrating and crashes all the time) URLs to old using a regular expression. The extension is super simple to use
  • (2023-07-23) Preet Raj: Requestly has been a great asset for instantly creating client demos. I love their script injection feature which allows me to inject our code into any website and really impress our clients as they see our product on their website during demos :). It's probably one of the best developer extensions out there. Great job Sachin and the team! 👏👏
  • (2023-07-13) Jose Browne: This is by far the best tool for managing request headers! Plus the developers are very active meaning you'll get help if you're ever stuck or need help solving a problem. I use it daily and couldn't be happier.
  • (2023-07-04) Lucas Laricchia: Very helpful! We use it every time to test experiments
  • (2023-07-04) Mochamad Oki Husni Karyadi: Very helpful testing and development tool to stub request!
  • (2023-06-30) xin xiao: Not work offline
  • (2023-06-16) Sachin Jain: Awesome 5-Star product for Web developers. Our team uses it everyday. Covers all aspects of frontend development from development to testing to debugging. We use Sessions for PR reviews apart from reporting & debugging issues.
  • (2023-06-01) Ezequiel Schmit: Thanks a lot for developing this, It saves a lot of time!
  • (2023-05-25) Abhinav S: Great Tech!! Easy to use, Very Handy options. Saves a lot of time!!. Love their tutorials too!!🙌🏻
  • (2023-05-23) Aleksey Kallistov: Does not work in incognito mode.
  • (2023-05-20) Kors Man: not working
  • (2023-05-18) Dan Mindru: Absolutely insane level of customisation and flexibility. Used this on a number of different use cases and love it. Works great and I found the UX fantastic. Nice job!
  • (2023-05-16) Richard Hamlyn: I have been using Requestly for a few weeks now, what an amazing tool. So many rich features, great tutorials and the support is brilliant too.
  • (2023-05-12) Rafael Alves: Only works opening in new tab or after refreshing page, not instant
  • (2023-05-10) Ден Галкин: При его включении вылазит куча ошибок zone.js
  • (2023-04-27) nazar dzys: Great tool with nice and responsible support!
  • (2023-04-18) Sarah P: This is a great tool, would recommend to anyone. Makes our team's lives a lot easier being able to mock what we need. Sachin and his team are always super helpful.
  • (2023-04-18) Asaf Dev: Been using this extension for a few years now, it has completely transformed the way I approach web development. It allows me to intercept and modify HTTPS requests with ease, and it has saved me countless hours of troubleshooting. It is incredibly useful to test different scenarios or simulate different user behaviors. It also gives me a lot of flexibility when it comes to testing and debugging. 5 stars :)
  • (2023-04-18) Anjana Bajaj: Very useful extension as a developer. As a frontend dev I use it to modify my api response during testing and it makes my work much easier.
  • (2023-04-16) Adam Brown: It doesn't work. All I needed it to do was redirect one part of a URL string to another. You can test it, but there's no obvious way to save the rule and apply it. It's worthless.
  • (2023-04-13) Azhe Kun: sangat mantab
  • (2023-04-12) Devin Howard: This tools is great for doing developer work and proof of concepts on the fly. Would Highly recommend!
  • (2023-04-12) This tools is simply great for developers and it makes possible collaborative work in team.
  • (2023-04-07) David McKinney: Great application for devs! Really neat
  • (2023-04-03) Useful. Helps me a lot daily in testing.
  • (2023-03-31) gabriel borges: I highly recommend this extension, I work with software development and it helps me a lot in the tests I have to perform on the endpoints
  • (2023-03-29) Colin Ratcliff: Excellent extension! At most I wish there was a way to logically only replace the values under certain rules!

Latest issues

  • (2023-09-15, v:23.9.2) Domenico Cosentino: Non riesco ad utilizzarla
    Ciao non riesco ad utilizzare l'estensione requestly su chrome, mentre disattivando lo SmartScreen riesco ad utilizzarla su Edge. Cosa posso fare?
  • (2023-06-27, v:23.6.23) Lorenzo Paci: Methods supported
    Hi, the extension is very very nice. Lots of work went there for sure. Unfortunately it seems that the interceptor only supports GET requests, is that the case?
  • (2023-04-04, v:23.3.3) Arushi Mishra: not able to add this extension
    Not able to add this extension on chrome getting this error: "Image decode failed"
  • (2022-09-12, v:22.8.27) Ber: Здравствуйте!Не устанавливаеться расширение совместимое!
    Здравствуйте!Не устанавливаеться расширение совместимое!
  • (2022-08-15, v:22.8.9) Vítězslav Ackermann Ferko: Intercept another extension's requests
    Can it also intercept and mock another extension's requests? I am on a site abc.xyz and I interact with an extension which pops up. This popup requests a remote url and displays some data. Can I intercept or mock this request?
  • (2021-07-06, v:21.6.30) Mai Y: Does not react
    Good morning. No response when I click anywhere after pressing "open app". I would like to ask for confirmation and countermeasures. Thank you.
  • (2021-07-01, v:21.6.30) Tik Tok Viral Fans Latino: It does not work
    Good morning, I have been using the application and it has worked perfectly, but a week ago it stopped working and I don't know why? could you clarify my doubt
  • (2021-06-15, v:21.6.4) faiyaz f: Enable Requestly redirect url in Automation
    How to enable the this extension through automation selenium with c#? If any solution is there kindly let me know it would be helpful to us.
  • (2021-05-13, v:20.9.9) Jakub Gasiorski: Activation rule from js
    Is it possbile to activate and deactivate rule from js code. I would like make it dynamic depends to selected option in web application (js). Please let me know if it is possible.
  • (2021-05-12, v:20.9.9) Marco Farinetti: Keep header case
    Hello, I used the app to add a header to outgoing requests, which works well, but it doesn't keep the case I specified in the rule. If my rule is MyHeader: SampleValue the header that actually gets added is myheader: SampleValue Would it be possible to change it so the case is maintained as defined in the rule? Have a nice day :)
  • (2021-04-07, v:20.9.9) shreyansh sheth: How to get 500 status code even if we get 200 from API response
    I want that when i am hitting any API i need 500 status code even if it returns 200. this i required for testing purpose. Thanks
  • (2021-04-03, v:20.9.9) Krasimir Dobrev: App doesnt work!
    Hello, Rules website doesnt work https://app.requestly.io/rules/
  • (2021-03-24, v:20.9.9) Petar Nikov: Error 520
    I'm receiving error 520 every time I try to open the dashboard from any browser: Error 520 Ray ID: 634f743538b21c37 • 2021-03-24 11:10:36 UTC Web server is returning an unknown error
  • (2021-03-19, v:20.9.9) Gia khánh Vũ: Cant upload files
    i cant upload my texture pack requestly :<
  • (2021-03-14, v:20.9.9) Shally 9xPro: Modify Response Not Woking
    I tried everything, but the content modification still doesn't work
  • (2021-02-05, v:20.9.9) zhen liu: The rule configuration page cannot be opened
    Hello, why do I often fail to open, and it has been loading.
  • (2021-01-22, v:20.9.9) Erdenebat Oyungerel: JQuery version?
    Hello. What is the version of JQuery used in Requestly?
  • (2020-11-23, v:20.9.9) Shlomi Sasson: Extension case "TypeError: Cannot read property 'childNodes' of undefined"
    hi, Some of our users at www.beatsense.com complains they have this error in console: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'childNodes' of undefined" It comes from Angular(js) framework we're using and after an investigation, we found that it happens only when your extension is installed. I wonder if you guys are aware and going to fix it? Thank you!
  • (2020-11-09, v:20.9.9) AmudhaVigneshwaran Kmp: Requestly not loading
    https://app.requestly.io/rules/ not loading for me.. It loads for other colleagues..!! Any way to identify the cause of this issue ?
  • (2020-11-02, v:20.9.9) Pandiyarajan Ganapathy: Not loading - https://app.requestly.io/rules/
    Its keep on loading....Can you please help
  • (2020-10-15, v:20.9.9) Ras al ghul: Open sourc
    Is the extension open source or not? can i find it on git hub? I wanna know how are accessing the requested URL before blocking it
  • (2020-08-05, v:20.6.1) Eduardo M: Redirect not working
    Redirecting a js file request is returning 403 code. It started today. I never had problems with it before.
  • (2020-08-04, v:20.6.1) John Doe: Redirect and replace do not copy cookies anymore
    It seems that redirect and replace rules stopped copying cookies
  • (2020-07-17, v:20.6.1) Joe Cocker: sbis.ru not working with Requestly
    After installing the extension, the site https://online.sbis.ru/ is broken.
  • (2020-07-17, v:20.6.1) Mr. McSpocky: Can get a redirect to work in Firefox, not Chrome
    Where can I get some help for this? I have tried email (message back said they don't do tech support), at website (no answer), via Twitter (no answer). I have a simple redirect I want to use and it works with your program in Firefox, but will not with Chrome. Chrome is my primary browser so I'd like to find out how to fix the problem.
  • (2020-07-10, v:20.6.1) Juan Polo: Como instalar the requestly extension
    Ingreso pero no encuentro como instalar
  • (2020-06-22, v:20.6.1) Yan Li: seems the customized header cannot be added to websocket request wss://
    I tried to add a customized header and it's good for all http requests but failed with websockets request. Tried the filter and check the websocket didn't work.
  • (2020-06-13, v:20.6.1) ahmet musa yıldız: yüklenmemesi
  • (2020-06-13, v:20.6.1) ahmet musa yıldız: yüklenmemesi
  • (2020-05-28, v:20.3.16) 123 cccraf4: error of an offer
    I have a problem with the screen when 1) I go into the game and then 2) I launch this application, it says there is nothing there + I have a white screen !!! do something with this offer ...
  • (2020-04-27, v:20.3.16) Andrey Nikolaev: How to modify header?
    Can I modify headers concatenating some value to their existing value? I could only totally rewrite it but I need to change "<something unknown>" to "<something unknown><my value>" in HTTP responses.
  • (2020-03-21, v:20.3.16) Eli Maddy: how to get comedy world
    on vyond
  • (2020-03-05, v:19.10.15) shankar veerappan: Comedy world goanmaite
    comedy world is the best and is so talking its have a lot of charters and they have a lot of zombie faces and they are a lot of sitting and silents and they have a lot of backgrounds
  • (2020-03-01, v:19.10.15) Davel Liu: 尝试用正则,$1 没生效。不确定哪里出了问题
    尝试用正则,$1 没生效。不确定哪里出了问题。正则写的没问题,可以保存,也用别的测试过。/https:\/\/a.com\/pr\/(\d)+/ -> https:\/\/a.com/pr/$1/diffs 希望加个测试功能,添加完成后可以测试 url 是否可以正确被替换。
  • (2020-02-26, v:19.10.15) Daria8686 Nergvi: question
    how do you use Extension please reaspon to me and teach me please
  • (2020-02-10, v:19.10.15) Murga ツ: Problem!!!!!
    Requestly has a bug when i want save texture pack it wont save
  • (2019-11-27, v:19.10.15) top4ik555: как убрать клетки
    как её использовать ?
  • (2019-11-22, v:19.10.15) Василий Ставенко: Requestly app doesn't work with with my chrome
    I cannot use requestly admin page for editing rules - turning them on and off after chrome update. After opening console - it looks like i have no internet - seems like url is not hooked.
  • (2019-11-13, v:19.10.15) רועי ברקאי: how can I use this in an enviorment without access to network
    how can I use this in an enviorment without access to network
  • (2019-11-12, v:19.10.15) 张挺: 打开Rules空白
  • (2019-11-04, v:19.10.15) Rahaf 90: woow
  • (2019-10-11, v:19.9.19) Kaspars Siričenko: Doesn't save redirect
  • (2019-10-10, v:19.9.19) Stefano Capuzzimato: Modify query parameter rule not working correctly
    I have a rule set using your tool that would allow me to change a parameter usually included in the request. The rule is structured as follows: # Request URL contains - maxResults # add/replace param - maxResults # value - 20 Original URL: * http://localhost:8080/rest/api/2/search?jql=(project%20=%20%22MetroSystems%20automation%20test%22)%20and%20key%20!=%20MAT-15&maxResults=10&_=1570634038378 * http://localhost:8080/rest/api/2/search?jql=(project%20&maxResults=20&_=1570634067336 Long story short, it looks to me like we're losing a much bigger chunk of the original URL while we (correctly, at least) fix the parameter that we wanted to amend, and the resulting API request obviously dies screaming as the value of the parameter is no longer valid (missing round brackets and everything past the '=' sign). A way forward to amend the requests on the fly using your tool would be great. Please advise. Many thanks, Stefano
  • (2019-10-02, v:19.9.19) Alex Man: Rules work
    How to make my rule work on all sites except one or two
  • (2019-09-24, v:19.9.19) Chris Callan: Can't use in latest Firefox version
    Installed on my FF browser (69.0, 64-bit on Ubuntu 18.04) and found that although the install seems to go flawlessly that it never installed the app icon. so the extension is "installed" but there's absolutely no way to interact with the rule editing. Put Chromium on my system and the install and app icon worked perfectly so there must be something missing in the FF install process that's missing the app icon registration with the browser.
  • (2019-09-15, v: Rachel: :(
    i cant open it


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