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Switches between Frontend / Backend and work environments on your TYPO3 projects. Preserves page path and base url.

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Description from store https://github.com/w010/chrome-typo3-switcher ** What's that (and for who)? It's a productivity everyday time saver / navigation helper for (mainly) TYPO3 web projects, originally dedicated to TYPO3 CMS integrators / devs / editors / project managers. Especially recommended for those who works with a large number of projects that runs multiple instances / continuous integrated etc. - But it's a great work improvement for everyone who works with TYPO3 on everyday basis. (I've got feedback that non-TYPO3 people also finds some of its elements very usable - so in future the "/typo3" segment will be configurable, making the ext system-independent and universal) In short words, simple yet advanced - it can drastically simplify everyday navigating through your projects instances / their backends / trackers / repos / whatsoever. Forget searching for bookmarks, which usually throws you to homepage anyway, forget clicking again and again through some sub-sub-menus looking for that one subpage on stage that you just edited on dev, or copy-pasting paths from domain to domain every time... Have all instances within a click, teleporting from one to another in a second, always landing exactly where you wanted. + With minimum effort and easy config exchange it helps to keep full url sets always up to date for all team members. (More coming soon) ** So what does it do? - One basic function is the toolbar button which opens TYPO3 Backend of current site (base href-based), or returns to Frontend, if already there. But it offers much more than that. - Magic starts when you work with many projects that runs on multiple staging environments and frequently jump between them. Go to the options and start using Projects configurations - create or import from your teammates. Name the new project and set all urls for environments / contexts / servers. Now you can quick jump between them keeping path (go straight to the very same subpage). It shows color badge and favicon overlay on each one to visually distinguish and always have a good overview where you are (and avoid mistakes like messing on the wrong one - set red for public servers and you never miss that again). You can also add some project-related links (like issue tracker, wiki, repo etc) to show in project's context menu. - Projects can be easy exported/imported in json format (all or separately) to share with your team / post to wiki / etc. More advanced functions wip, comes in next big release! - Switching to Frontend tries to use current pagetree-selected page id and open it instead of just base url (similar to "View webpage" button in backend, but works even if you're in a module without page tree or such button). (you can turn off this behaviour) [note, it doesn't respect multidomains - probably impossible to implement easy] (tested in versions 6.2 - 10.4) - If you rather go simply, you may turn off all that fancy environment-related functions, and use only BE/FE switch button to keep lightweight. (but why give up all these great features?) Note, that this ext doesn't load any js libs in its background instance (only some in options panel) so it doesn't eat too much memory. - Also, I'd like to make it expand the pagetree and select current page, best will be based on url, when switching to backend. It would be a huge productivity boost. This will probably work in TYPO3 11 once it lands, which will introduce backend direct links. But current TYPO3 architecture doesn't allow such trick. (I'm experimenting with some js hacks & workarounds to make it work in <= 10.x, but no success yet) Security Trust: See FAQ ** Story: There was that Chrome ext for opening backend, some time ago ("Fast TYPO3 CMS Backend switch"), but it only opened current domain + /typo3/ segment - I've used it for a long time though. Thanks to the author of it, Patrick Lischka, for inspirations to improve this idea.</p> - My ext goes much further and it can open back the Frontend from Backend, also it can not only add a path to a domain, but tries to fetch the <base> tag from source, then uses it for a backend url build (or just a domain, if not found). So it works as expected when running project in a subdirectory, ie. on your dev environment. (even though that approach is not recommended and usually leads to misc problems with some extensions - like buggy ajax in formhandler - many people works that way and I needed to handle that to avoid everyday frustration) (For this to work, it needs that <base href="[url]"> is set in <head>, so if you rather use absRefPrefix, I have no idea, how to help you) Please write me any problems, suggestions or ideas and feel free to report issues on Github. https://github.com/w010/chrome-typo3-switcher/issues wolo.pl '.' studio 2017-2021 ** Legal: TYPO3 and its logo are trademarks of the TYPO3 Association. http://typo3.org/about/the-trademarks/ ** Icons based on: https://github.com/TYPO3/TYPO3.Icons https://typo3.org/about/the-brand/style-guide/the-typo3-logo/

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  • (2019-12-18) Pawel SchwaÅ‚kowski: It speed up my work. And provide good utility.
  • (2019-02-22) Daniel Bogusz: Quite useful when you use it to the full.


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