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Dark mode for Google Docs!

Image from store Google Docs Dark Mode
Description from store Dark mode for those long nights working on Google Docs! This extension changes the style of Google Docs to a dark theme that is easier on the eyes and looks cooler :) The dark mode and page color can be toggled on and off by clicking on the extension icon. 1.4.1 Update: - Added option to close control button bar - Changed donate button behavior to prevent accidental clicks - Controls are semi-transparent when not in use - Fixed scrollbar not being clickable below the controls - Added link to the drive dark mode extension - Tried bouldering last week, it was very fun :) If you found this extension useful you can also try my extension for dark mode on google drive: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-drive-dark-mode/mhlhbpejnmlkaiaggagblklodbbldmmc Thank you kindly for all your donations <3

Latest reviews

  • (2023-03-23) Alice Clarke: Hi! It needs updating as now a bunch of the icons are near invisible.(insert image, paragraph, etc)
  • (2023-03-21) Aaron Blumenthal: 1. The buttons to invert are hidden beneath Google Doc's new "add comment" toolbar on the right side of the screen, making this extension nearly unusable. 2. Dark mode does not play nice with Google Docs UI: some elements become illegible; others just look ugly. 3. On the page itself, dark mode simply inverts the colors. This is unsatisfying; a true dark mode (such as in Microsoft Word or iPad Google Docs) modifies other colors without inverting them. If you urgently have to use some kind of dark mode on desktop Google Docs, this will suffice. But for most people, this app is not worth using.
  • (2023-03-20) Lorenzo Amantillado: Great extension! Wish it extended on other google tools like calendar and spreadsheets to name a few..
  • (2023-03-19) Eve Lessard: My eyes are saved! As a college student staring at a bright white document for hours without end, this extension has saved not only my eyes but my head and just my mind altogether. It's super easy to use and is pretty personalizable (if that's even a word).
  • (2023-03-15) Icy: It's a little lazy, all it does is inverse the colours in google docs, there are a lot of better extensions then this.
  • (2023-03-15) Jose Vergani: They're watching.
  • (2023-03-14) supertoine FR: Extension was nice, but now they have useless buttons on the page at all times, and when you click on them, they do go away but they come back once you close the document. Not to mention that the new update makes icons practically unreadable
  • (2023-03-13) Ariel Williams: This extension is much needed but Iván is there any way you could add some options in the settings to customize the colors? That would make this so much better and take it from great app to killer app.
  • (2023-03-13) Conrad Su: FINALLY MY EYES ARE FREE FROM THE PAIN
  • (2023-03-02) Michael Reichel: I don't mind that it inverts the colors, but please give us an option so that the Doc itself is not inverted. If I need to share documents, the addon becomes useless. Does exactly as advertised otherwise!
  • (2023-03-02) Tanya Drápal: Does the job 100%, the sidebar is little bit of an eyesore, but other than that it's wonderful
  • (2023-03-02) brainisrunbygoblin (max): does its job but it just inverts the colors for everything sidebar is kinda ugly and distracting
  • (2023-03-01) Christopher Guzmán: This is exactly what I wanted when trying out other dark modes for Google Docs. This one gives the option to darken the background and/or the document itself, so I could customize it exactly the way I wanted dark mode applied depending on the document. Thank you!
  • (2023-02-25) Ozzy C: works great
  • (2023-02-19) Brendan Bennett: Does exactly what it says. Simple, clean, and easy. Would get 5 stars if there was an option to change the page color to something other than black, but otherwise great extension.
  • (2023-02-19) Byyuwryy: Writing at midnight and having my eyes pierced by the power of the heavens only to find a life saving dark mode extension god bless
  • (2023-02-17) Monfredi 777: 17.02.2023 Extension isn’t working no more
  • (2023-02-16) RezTheFalcon: This extension is not dark mode, it's just inverting the colors of the page, and there's also an annoying popup tab to the right that is advertising to donate to the creator through paypal.
  • (2023-02-16) ALESSANDRO ZOPPI: Doesn't work with my laptop. I have the last version of both Chrome and Windows
  • (2023-02-14) Castor Hunt-Talbot: Please fix word count display! The background is very dark as is the text, making it difficult to see. Other than that, great. See photo: file:///C:/Users/littl/Videos/Captures/A%20Chest%20on%20the%20Verge%20of%20Exploding%20-%20Google%20Docs%20-%20Google%20Chrome%202_14_2023%2012_58_29.png
  • (2023-02-14) Ben Campbell-Wilson: Makes the page dark, but all it does is invert colors. Meaning that any comments, images, syntax highlighting, etc. are inverted too. Adds an eyesore of a pop-up bar to the right-hand-side of your document to enable/disable Dark Mode, to advertise their other extensions, and to donate money to them via paypal
  • (2023-02-11) Aizler Gueco: pls include customization on the kind the various colors available for the dark mode because i dont like the current colors but dark mode is still good also include an option to open the control panel again after closing, or make it more obvious because i cant find it. other than that i think its good.
  • (2023-02-11) BusiBee: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Worked so well. Very useful for night owls💕
  • (2023-02-06) Jessica Sive Yan Hing: Does not work
  • (2023-02-06) LeopardBunny: Currently doesn't seem to work.
  • (2023-02-05) Savir Singh: It just inverts the page, which isn't great. Not the most user-friendly extension either, you'll need to toggle it a few times to get it to work. Because of the inverting, text also comes out weird and images look odd. There are certainly better extensions out there.
  • (2023-01-30) Michael U: Doesn't work at all. Literally changes nothing.
  • (2023-01-30) a_vh: works great! tysm for this
  • (2023-01-26) Sonya Gankina: Super helpful for late nights. Been a big help. Simple and straightforward to use.
  • (2023-01-25) Yoachan: Can't disable it. After installing it, the background became dark. Good. Didn't like it. After uninstalling it, the background STAYED black. I'm in dark mode hell right now.
  • (2023-01-22) Artem Luzik: Ehhh? I don't what to say, it's just bad. It works, technically (buggy, you need to switch off/on to make it work), but it looks just ugly.
  • (2023-01-20) Cole Ballantyne: Yumm
  • (2023-01-19) Runzus Fics: It works pretty well for me in Edge. However, I wish there was a setting for different dark shades. The system Black used for the actual document is too dark, it ends up feel like another contrast. I wish it was a really dark gray instead that way it would be easier on my eyes.
  • (2023-01-18) Pyro-lives: doesnt work
  • (2023-01-07) Unpopular Opinion: Listen it works but the dude plugs his damn paypall as a banner add
  • (2023-01-05) Reuben Tart: Worked perfectly for me. There is an issue with pageless, but that's not something that I have to deal with. My only complaint is that I'm used to dark reader letting me customize the amount of darkness, so this seems sort of bright.
  • (2023-01-05) Abhipsa: it only worked once.
  • (2023-01-05) Nolan Sekol: It didn't explicitly say that it only worked for Google Docs and not Sheets and Slides, waste of my time
  • (2023-01-02) Gregory Benson: Works pretty well in general but needs an update to better handle Pageless mode in docs. Using with Pageless mode creates uneven boxes of inverse colors.
  • (2023-01-02) N 1: Very cool and always works! Must have!
  • (2022-12-28) Mac Rae: Awesome bit of kit!
  • (2022-12-26) Brian Zhang: Thank you very much for making this extension. The dark mode on google docs helps a lot in being able to see the borderline of the doc. Thanks again.
  • (2022-12-23) Mohammed Kamal: the first chrome extension I try that actually works, I wish Google can incorporate its features within the product
  • (2022-12-21) Assigned Gremlin At Birth: Doesn't work in the slightest. Buttons appeared on docs, nothing happened when I clicked them. Waste of time.
  • (2022-12-20) Maxime Tant: Work great, thanks a lot !
  • (2022-12-19) Daniel Wabuge: This app is such a lifesaver. I hope the developer makes one for Google Sheets too.
  • (2022-12-19) Francisco Legón (FranLegon): It works but it looks so awful I rather burn my eyes
  • (2022-12-16) Donaldas Apanavičius: Doesn't seem to work on Google sheets
  • (2022-12-12) Shannon Allez: It used to be great; you could turn on dark mode for both the background AND the actual doc/paper. Now you can only turn on dark mode for the background, and the doc/paper part of it still burns my eyes. Not sure why they removed it, gonna assume it's for money sake but deeply disappointed. I hope I find another extension similar to the old one. Edit: deleted it and redownloaded it after a while and the options are back. I love you
  • (2022-12-10) Zana Omar: Thanks so much for creating this, but I'd prefer it if it looked more like the dark mode option in Microsoft Word online. The grey space around the completely black doc is a little hard to look at for long, in my opinion. Would be cool if there were some options for the darkness.

Latest issues

  • (2023-02-08, v:1.4.1) Todd Santee: Can't see document summary text
    Love this extension! One quick suggestion: in Google Docs, under the document outline (tab on the left), there's a space for adding a document summary. When I add a summary in this space, the text (medium gray) is barely visible on its background (medium-dark grey). It's pretty impossible to read. It'd be great if this little item could get fixed. Thanks!
  • (2023-01-22, v:1.4.1) LyingJinx: Can't Change Page Color
    Hello, I love having this extension, but after this recent update I can't say the same thing. For some reason with this new update the color of the documents themselves are now black as the rest of the layout. I do not like this at all, it makes it quite difficult to focus on working normally. Is there a way I can change the page color back to white and have the rest in dark mode?
  • (2023-01-06, v:1.4.1) aymey: Please help me reverse effects
    I downloaded this extension many months and it was useful, but when I tried to turn my browser back to day mode it wouldn't work. I have tired everything from removing the extension, to resetting my google chrome, to re-downloading the extension and trying the toggle again. This wouldn't be a huge issue except the extension also makes it extremely difficult to see the print or details on many websites. Please help! I've been at this for months!
  • (2022-12-15, v:1.4.1) Amayon Patel-Blakh: doesnt actually work?
    downloaded the extension. made sure the sliders were correct. refreshed the page. closed and reopened browser. restarted entire pc. nothing. still bright white on my docs. is there something obvious im missing?
  • (2022-12-04, v:1.4.1) Max Kretov: Hard to Read White Text
    I'd like to have the pages themselves dark, this is great. But the white text becomes hard to read. It's sort of grainy and looks faded at some points. This is with the time news roman font. It hurts the eyes, the font color doesn't look consistant.
  • (2022-12-02, v:1.4.1) Aidan Phelan: Equations and Indentation Options Impossible to Read
    I love the extension and have been using it for some time, but there are a couple boxes that become impossible to read because of the dark mode. The first problem I noticed is under Format, Align & Indent, Indentation Options, the Special Indent selection box is grey with black text when it really needs to be white with black text like the rest of the Indentation Options pop up (or the whole popup needs to be darked out, regardless it needs to be legible). The second, and more important, problem I noticed is under Insert, Equation, where all of the special characters are a weird aliased black, meaning that they're actually impossible to read on the grey background. These aren't critical problems but they are annoying, especially when writing lab papers. Regardless I still love the extension and put up with having to switch it off every time I write an equation. Thanks!
  • (2022-11-29, v:1.4.0) David Rodcam: Buttons at the right
    I loved it until the new update. The buttons at the right make it impossible to scroll. Please, please, please, please remove them or place them to the left.
  • (2022-11-19, v:1.4.0) Katherine Stark: Scrollbar Inaccessible
    A recent update added buttons to the right hand side of the document. Unfortunately the iconContainer div covers the scrollbar meaning that it cannot be interacted with. This can be resolved by changing the iconContainer CSS to use margin rather than padding, so hopefully this will be a simple fix.
  • (2022-11-19, v:1.4.0) Morgan Stevens-Reidy: Dark Mode over Word Count
    Hi, I've been finding your extension very helpful. However, in a recent update I've noticed whenever I want to keep the word count displayed on the page while in dark mode, the word count box is also in dark mode. This wouldn't normally be a problem, but the word count text within the box is defaulted to black, making it really hard to see. I'd really appreciate a fix with that.
  • (2022-11-18, v:1.4.0) Melissa Major: Page Counter on slider FIXED (bless you!), but slider now inaccessible
    Bless you, dear Developer, for responding so quickly to my previous cry for 'help'! You're a gem! But now a new problem has arisen... The same problem as noted by others: Beautiful job with the page count bubble, but now we can't use the slider at all (clever of you to put a Paypal icon there, to 'encourage' donations! ;D)! Any way to give us back the functionality of the slider AND keep the page count bubble? Perhaps if you stationed the icons closer to the page? Or made them smaller? I was happy with the "click the extension in the menu bar" to turn the dark mode on and off, but that's just me. ;) Thank you, again, for being so responsive to those of us for whom this extension is, truly, a godsend! Take care and God bless you!
  • (2022-11-18, v:1.4.0) Maxim Senkin: Control buttons
    Hello! I love your app, it helps with my writing. But in the latest update there is an annoying control panel on the right side of page. It distracts from the text itself. Could you add a way to turn it off?
  • (2022-11-17, v:1.4.0) Vixen Fox: Unable to click scroller bar.
    The new in-doc buttons cover the scroller bar. I am unable to click and drag. It would be nice to have an option as to whether those buttons are in-doc or not, but either way, the coding needs to be fixed.
  • (2022-11-17, v:1.4.0) Laurențiu Filip: Can't move the sidebar button in some situations
    I really love the toggle buttons from upper right, but they interfere with the sidebar, I can't click it at all when the sidebar is on the right of the buttons. A little bit lower of the paypal button the sidebar button starts working again. I am stuck with the scroll wheel for now.
  • (2022-11-14, v:1.3.3) Melissa Major: Page Count 'bubble' on page slider disappears
    Sorry: I didn't see this 'Contact' button, so I left this as a review 1st. Oops! PLEASE? Developer, please write another piece of code to allow the "Page Count" 'bubble' on the page slider to stay visible or to even be inverted (black letters on white background INSIDE THE BUBBLE) when in dark mode? Regular mode has the page count showing as white on black INSIDE THE BUBBLE but the moment you hit dark mode the Page count bubble DISAPPEARS. This makes navigation to a specific page number (when you're collaborating with another writer) impossible! It's quite aggravating when your co-writer says "come to page so and so" and you have no idea where you or they are! Please fix this? Thx! Otherwise GREAT extension! I turn anything I read online (FFN, AO3) to dark mode; it makes it so much easier to read! Bless you!
  • (2022-11-12, v:1.3.3) Hanna Lidström: Negative/Inverted colors
    I've been using this for several years without one problem, love it. But today when I opened a document normaly all the document was inverted into their negative colors. I use to have dark papper and light text to make it even better for dark mode but now its the oposit and all the images i've pasted into the document has turned negative aswell. Everything goes back to normal once i deavticate or redownload the mode, but yeah then google docs are in light mode again... This happend to anyone else? Will it be fixed?
  • (2022-11-11, v:1.3.3) Patrick “Wolf” Horton: Dark Mode not quite working fully on Opera GX. Know how come?
    Dear to whom it may concern, I just downloaded your Extention "Dark Mode for Google Docs" onto Opera GX. While Opera GX does have a "Force Dark Mode" function, it doesn't affect the document itself. So, when I saw your Extention was able to do that, since when I'm in pain, I minimize as much light as I can real fast, I downloaded it. However, turning on the Dark Modes given by your Extention, it made the normal stuff the Opera GX turn black to be a Greyscale grey while the Document itself remain untouched. Is there going to be a solution or update regarding this little hiccup in the Extention'sCoding? If so, how soon for it to be fixed for all versions of the Extentions?
  • (2022-11-11, v:1.3.3) Cain Toomey: Several issues
    First problem- For some reason, when hovering over the scroll bar, it will only show page count on the first page. Won't tell ya what page you're on otherwise. Second problem- on my chromebook, having the page thing set to have the page be black instead has it and the background become bright blue. Which ya know, defeats the purpose of having it in the first place.
  • (2022-11-08, v:1.3.2) not telling (Mandrake_Drakus): Dark mode update broke it
    Hey, used your dark mode for nearly a year, but the latest update has made the central writing pad black and because the courser is black i can't see where it is to do any writing let alone editing. it was a shame as I had liked the diming it did of the outside panes and now they are bright as all buggery again :(
  • (2022-10-15, v:1.3.1) EndorsedBryce: Pagless mode support
    The dark mode overrides the background color of documents in page less mode. Making all docs appear black and grey. I want the page to still by white just not the UI.
  • (2022-09-17, v:1.3.1) aymey: Browser won't return to normal
    I downloaded this extension a few months ago and it was useful, but when I tried to turn my browser back to day mode it wouldn't work. I have tired everything from removing the extension, to resetting my google chrome, to re-downloading the extension and trying the toggle again. This wouldn't be a huge issue except the extension also makes it extremely difficult to see the print or details on many websites. Please help! I've been at this for weeks!
  • (2022-08-30, v:1.3.0) Cait Harris: Reading browser history
    To to best of my understanding this is to make the "donate" button work but it's suspicious and I'll be removing until rectified. There are other ways to solicit donations.
  • (2022-08-30, v:1.3.0) Keke Xiu: "Read browser history"
    Since when did a simple dark mode addon require additional permissions for absolutely no reason? It's absurd that something like this would need such a thing, pretty sus if I do say so myself.
  • (2022-08-29, v:1.3.0) Alex Kramer (Volkai): Browser history permissions unacceptable
    Please notify me when your extension no longer requires reading browser history. Or rollback the latest update. This is an unacceptable change.
  • (2022-08-29, v:1.3.0) Joey Deiman: Read History Permissions
    Hi, I've used this plugin for a long time now. But since the last update, it requires permissions to read my browser history. Is there an actual technical reason for this, or was it added accidentally? I don't feel comfortable giving such a permission to a CSS changer.
  • (2022-08-18, v:1.2.2) Walter Hernandez: Error with page toggle
    The page does not turn dark along with the back round. The toggle is set to dark but still appears light. The backround works good.
  • (2022-08-10, v:1.2.2) Iffn: Details window not dark
    The File → Details window has a dark font on a dark background, which is barely readable. Especially the titles.
  • (2022-07-29, v:1.2.2) CrazyMonkey: Bugged toggle.
    So I've ran into an issue a month or so ago after my computer decided to update, where the toggles for does not work. When I click on the extension, I get the two toggle options for the background, and for the page. The toggle for the background works great, however, the toggle for the document/page does not work, and appears to only switch the cursor color, from the black on the white page, to white on a white page, and gets rather annoying completely losing the cursor in the page. I've read through the other reviews, and it seems I'm not alone. However this extension is wonderful, and I only wish to have it work again 100% again. If you'd like some screen caps, I'll be more than happy to send you a few to further visualize the issue.
  • (2022-07-07, v:1.2.2) Xi: Error
    I've had this extension for a while now and I love it. My problem is that in the past few months only the background has been turning black, not the page. I tried shutting off my computer, uninstalling, starting a new doc but nothing has worked. Would love a fix.
  • (2022-06-03, v:1.2.2) Jason Howard: Can you fix for pageless
    Hi, Google Docs added a new feature under page setup called pageless and it seems this plugin doesnt work with that turned on. Is there any way to update it for this?
  • (2022-05-26, v:1.2.2) Adam Lee: Does not work
    Attempted to use extension and nothing happened, closed and reopened docs and it still did not work. Tried using both buttons, one button, didn't make a difference. The quest for dark mode everything continues.
  • (2022-05-24, v:1.2.2) John: Only background changes to dark mode.
    The actual page itself is still black text with a white background making this tool useless atm.
  • (2022-05-17, v:1.2.2) Eric The Novice: Page does not turn black
    Right now, only the background turns black. When you select the toggle for the page it just makes the blinking bar that moves while you type disappear. Would love a fix!
  • (2022-05-16, v:1.2.2) Anne Sieferer: Page does not change color
    The page itself remains white, no matter what I do. Restarted Google Docs, installed the lates updates, restarted my chromebook, ... nothing worked. The interface is in fact dark, but the page - the "paper" - remains white, no matter the toggle position. I would really appreciate a solution to this problem! Thanks
  • (2022-05-07, v:1.2.2) Lauren Thomas: Doesn't work
    Does not work for me unfortunately. Made zero difference. After I downlodaded it, I closed chrome, reopened it, went to google docs, and it was still as white and bright as ever.
  • (2022-04-19, v:1.2.2) Jean Sebastien: alternative apps (plugin)
    Google Docs In Dark
  • (2022-04-15, v:1.2.2) Ameris Wilkinson: page color
    I got it to work for making the "background" dark, but the page is still white - making it this glaring white beacon on a dark screen. I've turned on both buttons, and even completely closed chrome and re-opened google docs with the extension turned on. Is there something else I'm missing? Are we waiting for an update?
  • (2022-04-11, v:1.2.2) Gabrielle: Nothing happened
    The buttons show up but do nothing. Please let us know when we can try again. Why does google hate night mode?
  • (2022-03-25, v:1.2.2) Richard Frederick: Calm down guys
    I've been poking around and the culprit isn't the app, it's Google themselves. They've been fiddling around with the canvas display and it appears a recent update broke the app itself.
  • (2022-03-24, v:1.2.2) Linger Terminus: Dark Mode for page not working
    Yesterday it was fine, perhaps there has been an update since, but dark mode only works for the rest of the page, not the document itself. Defeats the point for me.
  • (2022-03-24, v:1.2.2) Sophia Wyss: Page won't load black
    what's the point of having dark mode if you break your extension? Not sure what y'all broke on the last update. But freaking fix it
  • (2022-03-20, v:1.2.2) DONTEATTHEPIE: Page won't darkmode.
    After a few refreshes I finally got the app to work, but it only works on the background now whereas before it worked on the page as well. Please rectify!
  • (2022-03-18, v:1.2.2) David Strohofer: Not functioning correctly
    The background applies just fine, but the pages remain white. I'll try another extension in the meantime.
  • (2022-03-17, v:1.2.2) Nikki Northcutt: Pages won't turn black!
    I mostly need this so that the pages are dark and the background doesn't blind me! It'll work for a few days and then it stops working and I can't fix it... What can I do?
  • (2022-03-15, v:1.2.2) Nick Tower: Cant see cursor
    Cursor is white on white paper google docs!!!!!
  • (2022-03-09, v:1.2.2) Ian T: Doesnt work on mac
    its Doesnt work on mac!
  • (2022-03-08, v:1.2.2) Gustava V: Won't work!!
    The document is still bright! I use mac. Fix this immediately!!
  • (2022-03-06, v:1.2.2) Callum MacKendrick: NO dark page
    I switch to dark page mode and the page remains bright white.
  • (2022-03-05, v:1.2.2) Josselyn Stark: Page color doesn't change on Mac
    I installed this extension on my PC and it worked fine, but doesn't work on my Mac. The page color/font color do not change no matter what I do.
  • (2022-03-03, v:1.2.2) Dorrie Wamser: No dark mode
    This does not work! No dark mode. No dark page mode
  • (2022-02-27, v:1.2.2) Nate Perkins: Dark Page
    The overall document getting dark works but the work page remains white no matter what I do with the extension, reloading and restarting


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