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Midnight Lizard

Description from extension meta Custom color schemes for all websites: night mode, dark themes, blue light filter, screen shader, high contrast, grayscale, etc.
Image from store Midnight Lizard
Description from store Each Midnight Lizard's color scheme works on all websites and will never become outdated. There are many predefined color schemes and you can install more from midnight-lizard.org ✔ Choose between dark, light, grayscale or colorful color schemes ✔ Modify existing or create new color schemes ✔ Use different color schemes on each website ✔ Adjust brightness, saturation, contrast and hues ✔ Improve accessibility and readability ✔ Increase contrast to make text easier to read ✔ Apply blue light filter to shift all colors towards red light ✔ Keep original images and hues without inversion ✔ Schedule automatic activation and deactivation ✔ Use keyboard shortcuts to toggle extension ⮚ on current website: Alt+Shift+L ⮚ globally: Alt+Shift+M ✔ Use with PDF and local files (enable in browser settings) ✔ Shade bright colors and images ✔ Change any colour you want ✔ Synchronize your settings ✔ Configure background, text, buttons, links, borders, images and scrollbars ✔ Apply globally, per-website or with url match patterns ✔ Switch between websites blacklist and whitelist modes ✔ Use Simplified mode to improve performance on heavy websites ✔ Contribute to our open source project on GitHub.com/Midnight-Lizard ✔ Donate to our OpenCollective.com/Midnight-Lizard Please use browser themes in order to style New Tab page, tabs and toolbars - extensions cannot do that. Also extensions don't work on New Tab page, Chrome Web Store and browser settings.
Latest reviews (2019-11-12) Suha Aksöz: This extension is awesome! Could you do anything with the white flash while loading pages? (2019-11-04) Adan Alvarez: Soberbiamente de las mejores aplicaciones de este estilo que he usado. Recomendable de aquí hasta otra galaxia. (2019-11-02) James Heller: Ï used before this Dark Reader but in option they are no math Midnight Lizard win on all aspects ! best app for chrome for sure ! (2019-10-30) Дмитрий Сергеевич: Супер! Отличное разрешение, пользуюсь давно, куча гибких настроек, подойдет каждому. Благодаря ему, могу дольше находится за компом. (2019-10-28) Jun-Ki Han: 배경화면 어둡게 설정하는 확장 프로그램 중 제일 좋은 듯합니다. 레이아웃도 전부 표시되고 좋아요 (2019-10-24) 超好用,我超喜欢的。 (2019-10-24) X Guillaume: It's good, still have some issues, one criticals is that can't set readed link show as different color highlighted, or may be didn't find way to set it up. (2019-10-23) adventurer M: 非常棒的插件但是打开哔哩哔哩 TA的视频的时候有bug Awesome plugin but there is a bug when opening 哔哩哔哩 TA video (2019-10-07) Ben Piper: Just switched to this from Dark Reader, and so far I'm loving it. I went and grabbed all of the extra themes from the theme site. Great job dev! Thanks! The only problem I've had is that I can't favorite or like themes on the theme site, only install and apply them. I tried this on my main Chrome with all other extensions disabled, in Chrome incognito with only this, and a clean install of Firefox with just Midnight Lizard. Not a huge issue for me but it might be for others. (2019-09-14) Marco Colonna: Like ReShade for videogames ... but ReShade is Windows only :( (2019-09-14) François Crul: By far the best one and i tried all of the eye/headage savers on chrome store it should be advertized by google not the simple darkreader (2019-09-06) Alcatraz 98: fascinating (2019-09-06) Patrick Rego: Normally, it's spectacular, but it's been crashing recently which makes me have to repair and have all my settings reset, on Chrome/Windows 7. Also, embedded Twitter videos on other websites have inverted colors for some reason. (2019-09-03) 辰风: Very nice! 用过最好的 感谢作者! (2019-09-02) Nyasha Mushambi: Extension fails regularly for chrome on macos. I have to repair it at least once a day (2019-09-01) Mrs. Opheliac: I have been looking for something like this but it is so much better than I never imagine. So luv it. (2019-08-31) Sieg Yu: Please continue updating to effective and efficient. Keep on user's pain points, You will be next foxmail, even Wechat! (2019-08-30) 李星辰: very god (2019-08-25) 雪黁: 配色挺好的,还可以自由选择色彩进行搭配。但是有一个问题,它在百度页面的支持上有时会片面错乱。另外就是,它和一个名字是: AC-baidu:重定向优化百度搜狗谷歌搜索_去广告_favicon_双列,的脚本会起冲突,这个脚本是很多中文用户爱用的,可以去掉百度的广告,但是会和贵扩展起冲突,能否改进一下,谢谢。用dark reader就不会起冲突,但是个人比较喜欢你们的配色方案。 (2019-08-24) cars x: Completely breaks some sites. Garbage (2019-08-17) Jānis Ķengurs: 2 stars cuz was doing it well but still using cpu so cant use it- bettery drains fast.. Even in Simple mode. Why it needs cpu? A little bette then Dark reader but still all the time. (2019-08-16) yoma du: 便捷,而且实用!“夜猫”必备,了不起的小插件。感谢原创开发者~ (2019-08-08) wantao lu: so nice (2019-07-14) Dmitry Moshkin: В целом очень нравится. Меняет фон даже в PDF, открывающихся при серфинге. Но в последней фишке есть недостаток: если открыть pdf с диска, то в нем фон не меняется. (2019-07-12) yoline wu: 超好用

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