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This browser extension allows you to make moves on Chess.com using your keyboard

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Description from store Make moves with keyboard on Chess.com website! This way of moving pieces may enhance your board vision skills; it can also be used to improve chess.com interface accessibility. Two formats are supported now: algebraic (Nf3, 0-0) and UCI (e2e4 or e7e8q) Chess.com Keyboard is free open-source software: https://github.com/everyonesdesign/Chess-Helper Check out development roadmap in Trello: https://trello.com/b/xaiPLyB0 ☕ If you like the extension you can buy a coffee for the author here: https://buymeacoff.ee/everyonesdesign CHANGELOG: 6.4.0 - Update component chessboard selectors (adapts the extension to new Chess.com's changes) - Update dependencies 6.3.1 - Clean up input after moves with component board - Dependencies updates 6.2.0 - Improve conflicts resolution between pawns and bishops 6.1.1 - Fix area highlighting for component chessboard 6.1.0 - Resolve moves like "bb6" as bishop moves (to avoid bishop-pawn ambiguity) 6.0.0 - Allow lower-case algebraic moves (thanks @sehe for the contributions) - Migrate the extension to manifest v3 - Rewrite moves parsing core (parsers can return more than 1 move). This change allows to handle moves more intelligently in difficult cases 5.5.2 - Fix puzzle solution check when promotion is the last move 5.5.1 - Fix blindfold mode initialization 5.5.0 - Persist "blindfold" mode state between page reloads - Prevent submitting promotion moves without promotion piece type (fixes some issues with promotion) - Clean up unused pieces of code - Update dependencies 5.4.0 - Fix the extension for newer version of chess.com (canvas board) - Fix the functionality when the board is flipped - Automatically submit move in daily chess - Fix issues with highlights not cleaning up sometimes - Fix move clearing on Esc press 5.3.1 - Fix the functionality for some users (due to new canvas element usage on chess.com) - Allow players to make a move in analysis mode 5.3.0 - UCI support - Fix arrows and squares drawing on Play (BETA) page 5.2.0 - Fix an issue with initialization when Chess.com locale isn't supported - Dependencies updated - Minor refactoring 5.1.0 - Trying to fix "live" chess for some users 5.0.0 - Migrate to TypeScript - Add technical possibility to localize interface - Add Russian translation - Support yet another type of beta Chess.com chessboard ('chess-board' component) - Fixed some rendering issues (fix positioning of ambiguous moves highlighting) on Live board - Update some package dependencies to make sure the app doesn't have vulnerabilities 4.0.0 (and you thought Christmas was over 🎅) - Fix promotion on Vue.js chessboards (e.g. live chess or analysis board) - Allow making move for your opponent when you're analyzing games - Remove GA (to comply with Firefox add-on store) 3.3.0 - Support new chess.com markup (#board-layout-main) - Update dependencies versions 3.2.1 - Update dependencies versions 3.2.0 - Fix live app re-rendering 3.1.0 - Fix Ctrl-peeking for Blindfold mode - Optimize beta chessboard arrows re-rendering 3.0.0 - Support for beta chessboard 2.0.0 (big release 🎉) - Blindfold mode for fun and for learning! - Commands support (draw and resign) - Init on lessons pages - Fix init for live app in some cases 1.5.1 - Fix width issue on layout with sidebar 1.5.0 - Prevent castling for your opponents 😜 - Fix promotion syntax in live chess 1.4.0 - Squares highlighting set by right mouse clicks are preserved - Fix bug with extension preventing pieces dragging - Ignore "C" shortcut if any modifier key is pressed (e.g. for copying) - Optimize arrows and squares painting method - A11y: create label for the input - A11y: add aria-hidden attribute to chessboard element 1.3.0 - Support algebraic notation for promotions (e.g. d8=N) - Enable extension on analysis boards 1.2.0 - Fixed a bug "it is possible to make moves for the opponent" (Yes, you could do it! Now it's over, rules are rules 🤓) - Clear input on valid move submit only - Clear ambiguous moves even if the move was made by mouse - Update app styles to make the field more stylish and readable - Fix a bug with notification falling behind the menu - Redraw arrows not only on field change, but also after opponent makes his move 1.1.0 - Highlight pieces on ambiguous moves - Focus on start of the extension - Create a way to focus the field from keyboard - Enable extension on Tactics chessboard 1.0.0 - Algebraic notation support 🎉🎉🎉 - Tech staff: bugs fixing, optimisations etc. 0.0.3 - Updating manifest to fix the icon - Fix plugin appearance on live app page - Clear input on Escape key

Latest reviews

  • (2023-09-22) Andrew Lee: Works very well but recently stopped working. I wish this would work as I paid for it.
  • (2023-06-24) Pablo Javier: There's some times where this accepts inputs such as Nxd4 and it simply goes Nd4, that shouldn't happen. If it says takes and there's nothing to take it should be ruled illegal
  • (2023-04-06) Kilian Freund: Worked perfectly, unfortunately it doesn't anymore. After typing a move on the keyborad and pressing enter, the notation doesnt disappear. For example I typ "Nf3" - *enter* -> moves but now "Nf3" is still in the input box. If I continue with Bc4 it says "Nf3Bc4" and obviously nothings happens.
  • (2023-01-25) 오해성 (SsungYI): Really cool app! but why not support premove?
  • (2023-01-24) Даниил Кременский: You can try adding these: - Drawing multiple arrows / highlighting squares, sepearated by space or commas, e.g. "c6d4 g4 h2e5" - Allow premoving with it - Drawing with colors, by adding C/S/A (for Ctrl/Shift/Alt) at the start of it, e.g. "Se4e5 Cg4 Ah3e5"
  • (2022-08-19) Daniel Fonseca: Great extension, was considering developing something like this myself (Mac user, touchpad is very slow/cumbersome) but first searched for prior art.. and this is a work of art!
  • (2022-04-22) tahk ky: very good, except for a couple of things -text box still visible in analysis screens and when watching other peoples games, where it doesnt work -cant premove recaptures in games personally i dont get the preference of typing the moves over just moving the pieces other than eliminating mouseslips, but typos still happen too. i like how you have to press enter to confirm moves incase of typos, but its simply too slow a moving option for gamemodes like blitz and bullet. definitely coded well however, and fun to use on the odd occasion
  • (2021-11-01) 뽜밹렄딬: - Castling doesn't work on Fischer Random. Also, 0-0/0-0-0 is the right notation so this should be an option too. - It would be nice if the move field gets auto cleared when you input invalid notation. Along with sound alert: this will feel more haptic than text alert. -It would also be nice to have premoves, alerting if the move becomes illegal. Lichess keyboard system is quite good and should be a good reference.
  • (2021-10-17) Jose Chua: I wonder if you can add it on 4 player chess too!
  • (2021-07-03) VOLDEMORT Gaming: The only reason I gave 4 stars is that it does not work when I click it nothing happens otherwise I love it
  • (2021-04-20) GM Beth Harmon: This is excellent. The only thing I don't like about it, is the failure to save your setting when it comes to the blindfold mode. For example, I want to improve my blindfold chess ability by playing 1 day-per-move games (there's no time pressure, so I can solely focus on improving my visualisation)... but unfortunately the /blindfold command isn't saved. This means every time I return to the game after a day, I get to glimpse the board and have to enter /blindfold in all over again. If you could fix this, that would be great.
  • (2021-02-14) Vlad Dziuba: Thanks for the extension! Don't need to use the touchpad when solving puzzles :) Encountred a bug that Puzzle Rush stucks if the puzzle ends in the pawn promotion
  • (2021-01-21) Alexander Christinck: works perfectly
  • (2021-01-04) Julio Cezar Silva: This extension is as good as it gets: the mods approved it (so using it won't be a violation to the site's terms), it blends well, has an outstanding /blindfold mode, supports algebraic mode as well as the direct "c2c4", and requires you to hit enter to confirm a move - much safer than the mouse-slipping-prone default. I absolutely adore this, and it should get officially merged by chess.com!
  • (2021-01-02) Theo Pana: Would be nice to have an option to toggle on/off. The addition of the text box below the board changes the width of the page. This causes the left and right arrow keys to joggle the entire page around. This is a slight nuisance.
  • (2020-12-18) Miguel Maricalva: this is amazing!
  • (2020-12-13) Anthony Lobko: The description doesn't mention this, but it also has a perfect blindfold mode from /blindfold, allowing you to really practice thinking in notation. This is insanely useful for learning to play blindfolded, since the board is too much of an aid. Amazing extension, exactly what I was looking for. Please keep up the awesome work!
  • (2020-11-16) Phibit: It doesn't work for me. I see nothing on the chess screen but the pieces and the computer. 2/5
  • (2020-08-19) Mirza Rameez Ahmed Baig: Its very good and useful, but can for some reason pawn promotion isn't working! Still giving the extension a good review but can someone fix it or tell me what I'm doing wrong. I'm giving the pawn promotion command in uci
  • (2020-08-09) Andrew: So good that I can't believe Chess.com hasn't created this themselves. Thanks for making this and keeping it updated! I can never commit myself to learning chess notation. I'm hoping that forcing myself to play via keyboard will help me learn the notation. Next step, blind chess! I'm impressed you already have that as a feature.
  • (2020-06-25) Tuan: Only works in none-live modes which is kind of sad
  • (2018-12-30) Zachary Habrat: thanks I love you


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