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Description from extension meta Make PDFs easier to read using BeeLine Reader's award-winning technology.
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Description from store UPDATE: we've added compatibility for more types of PDFs, so you shouldn't see page inversions like in the past. Reading PDFs has never been easier, or faster! BeeLine Reader's technology has won awards from Stanford University and Dell Education, and now you can use it to read PDFs in Chrome! Want to be able to read PDFs faster? Many people can read 20% faster with BeeLine Reader. Best of all, BeeLine Reader doesn't impair comprehension like some other speed reading tools. Independent studies have shown that BeeLine Reader's technology dramatically increases reading fluency, and BeeLine Reader is used in schools, colleges, and universities around the world. For educational licensing, email [email protected] Details: This PDF viewer will add BeeLine's color gradients to text (not scanned) PDFs for viewing in Chrome. In addition to opening PDFs in Chrome by clicking on a PDF's link, you can also drag a PDF from your desktop into a Chrome window, which will launch the BeeLine Reader PDF Viewer. The BeeLine Reader PDF Viewer is built using the Mozilla PDF.js project; the Mozilla license is available at: https://github.com/mozilla/pdf.js/blob/master/LICENSE
Latest reviews (2019-03-20) Алекс Грей: Lag (2017-04-20) E. 2019: i am paying it almost for a year. It still has the same technical problems. When the pdf is opened, for first pages it functions properly but for the other pages the program clashes and it does not work. i had contact with the developer months ago, and he is unable to fix the problem. That's unfortunate. (2016-12-05) Brian Landry: This is great, except the text prints at low resolution. When the text is rendered on screen it is great and appears to be vector format. However once printed it seems the text is converted to a raster image. Additionally this raster is low enough resolution that after printing the text is noticeably blurry making it hard to read. Additionally it would be nice if the preparing to print dialogue continues its process when the tab was not in focus, but Im assuming that is a chrome limitation? (2016-10-31) Tristram S: The concept is great, but the implementation is buggy. Loading a pdf instantly causes a redirect to a 'beelined' version. This is fine, but it makes it impossible to 'back' out of a loaded PDF to whatever page you came from because you 'back' to the normal pdf which lickity split redirects to the beelined version. Another issue is that there's no 'off' button, so if you wanna read something without beeline, you have to navigate to the extension page and disable it. It's super annoying. If this were a free app that'd be one thing, but for a charge, I expect basic bugs like this to be fixed. I hope they improve the app some day. It really does help me read. (2016-10-05) Rachel Ratliff: I downloaded this app because I read a lot of science articles for school on my laptop and it doesn't work. The title page and citation page of the PDF will be colored, but not the actual article. (2016-04-30) Clifton Roozeboom: Great app!!! (2016-03-03) Zoë Redstone-Rothstein: Is there a way to turn the BeeLine Reader view off for individual PDFs? Sometimes I want to look at a PDF on the regular Chrome PDF viewer, but I can't figure out how to do that without disabling this extension (which in turn, seems to automatically close any PDFs already open in the BeeLine Reader view.) (2016-02-24) Alice Roberts Dunn: Would be fantastic, but it doesn't work with JSTOR pdfs - at least not the ten or so I've tried. It works with the first page, but not the body of the articles for some reason. Given I'm a disabled uni student and this is the whole reason I purchased this viewer, it's a bit rubbish really. Hopefully it gets fixed in the future. (2016-02-21) Grant Gliniecki: I have ADD and struggle to focus on reading in particular, especially when it comes to very dry academic texts. Using this with my e-textbooks makes an incredible difference in readability for me AND lets me print in a gradient for on-paper reading if digital just isn't cutting it, making it the best of both worlds. I recommend Beeline every chance I get because it truly is a better way of reading. The ability to customize the gradient has also been a huge boon for online reading, as I've found that weirdly enough, reducing the contrast (making the background a soft gray) improves readability. I have abled friends who use this too to increase their reading speeds and they've said it makes reading easier and more enjoyable. This is fantastic for both abled and learning or developmentally disabled people and is more than worth $1/month. I didn't think I'd get as much out of the PDF viewer as I do, but the ability to print in gradients alone is worth it. One downside is that PDFs will take slightly longer to load and that highly degraded or poorly scanned files will sometimes not be convertible, but I've found that it's worth the wait and that I can contact my professors or the disability services office if the files I get will not work with my accessibility software to get a better-quality version.

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