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Description from extension meta Night Shift automatically shifts the colors of your browser content to warmer end of the color spectrum after dark
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Description from store ⚡ You need to refresh all the tabs, which were opened BEFORE the Night Shift was installed. You can also restart the Chrome to refresh all the tabs at once. Otherwise, Night Shift will work only with the newly opened tabs. ⚡In accordance with the Chrome Browser policies, Night Shift is restricted to work on the Chrome Web Store and Home Page. Please open any other website (for example, google.com) after installing this extension and check the extension in action. ------------------------------------ This tiny app changes the color temperature of the Chrome tabs (entire content) towards the yellowish part of the color spectrum, that reduces some of the blue light from the screen, thus, an eye strain during night-time use, helping to reduce disruption of sleep patterns. This helps to have a better overall night's sleep. You can manually choose the shift from color presets, to pick up the most comfortable and calm atmosphere for your eyes during the night sessions or thru the all day long. Night Shift provides itself on a schedule basis, you can choose from 3 options: 1. Sunset to Sunrise (Chrome colors will be shaded everyday automatically on Sunset). 2. Off (manually enable the Night Shift to shade the screen) 3. Custom (set up your own schedule to start up and finish display color adjustments) Please, pay attention, page reload is required to apply display color shades and adjustments, even if schedule time has come.
Latest reviews (2019-11-15) Oleg G.: Не работает! Срабатывает только один раз при демонстрации. (2019-11-14) Ionatan S: Half of the time it does not work. (2019-11-13) Zhan Mr: 终于找到能用的了,几乎把商店的护眼啊,夜间啊之类的插件全都试了个遍,坑爹的几乎都是针对网页部分去取进行填充,搞得看个网页一块凉,一块暗,贼难受,但这个不会,相当于在屏幕前设置了一个亮度调节,跟直接调整屏幕亮度一样,强烈推荐! (2019-11-10) FdzH 2001: This is Good Extension (2019-11-09) Leif Sylvester: aint working -.- (2019-11-09) daphrozen: Don't listen to weird comments. The extension works perfectly and doesn't brake down chrome. I'm using it for quite a while now I've decided to drop a positive review on it. People are just weird that's all ;-) I can only suggest it. (2019-11-03) sa yas: とても良いです!目の負担が軽減されて助かりました。このようなブルーライトカットのアプリにやっとたどり着けました。 (2019-10-31) max ricardo Heredia: Simple y eficaz bien ahi (2019-10-31) Mr Limitless: Doesn't work (2019-10-30) l_u.c.i_a: No solo útil sino también eficaz. Ideal para lo que es y para lo que sirve. (2019-10-29) Meek W: If it would actually do what it says it does in working automatically it'd be great. But I need to turn it on every site i visit and every new tab and every click practically. And sometimes it doesn't actually turn on when it says it's on. Waste of time. (2019-10-27) Nazmul: Doesn't work when you open new tab. Have manually check the button again EDIT: just read the overview! i know why ^ happens Problem is tabs that has night shift on they resets after opening new tab (2019-10-25) Jürgen Müller: Wundervolle App, ich war auf der Such nach einer App die weiße Hintergründe auf Websites etwas abdunkeln kann und bin dann auf diese App gestoßen, habe mehrere ausprobiert, die alle nur immer den Hintergrund ganz schwarz machen, ist dann leider nicht auf jeder Website anwendbar, was bei dieser App ganz anders ist, es stehen 12 Farbtöne zur Verfügung, sodass jeder sich den Farbton raussuchen kann wo er die besten Ergebnisse mit erzielt. (2019-10-24) Rao Ubaidullah Munir: gud one for my eyes (2019-10-24) Mango Flamingo: I really like it, it works well, and I love that you can change the color. My eyes are very well pleased. (2019-10-22) Cassi Pettigrew: I like it. If it works, which for some people it doesn't, It can help reduce eye straining. Nobody is a whiner, though. One man's trash is another man's treasure! ;) (2019-10-19) Xewxewokê Xewlêheram: bi rastî jî pêvekek pir kêrhatî û delal e. (2019-10-17) Tomas Matusek: Amazing! Exactly I was looking for, I have quite big and bright monitor and event I turn some brightness and colors down it is still quite intensive. This plugin really helped me to work at night. Thanks! (2019-10-17) Do Cid: It noticeably slows chrome down when scrolling up and down on a certain website. (2019-10-13) Redditz: great when you are in class (2019-10-10) Ryland Cline: I've primarily used Dark Reader ever since it took over and became the go to. I saw no need for this extension until I realized two things: 1. There are times when I need a specific site to not be dark such as when designing a website and 2. It's far quicker to edit the temperature of a specific window than having to go into the settings to make system wide night shift temperature warmer or cooler. So kudos for having this feature! (2019-10-08) NIK2 AGa3: Спасибо за это расширение. Хотелось бы иметь опцию - список сайтов исключений. (2019-10-08) 32 varchar: When I use this extension, the scrolling of the web page is not smoothly. (2019-10-04) ნიკოლოზი ჯანგირაშვილი: it is cool app (2019-10-01) Lila Singer: I didn't like this extension. It was a little annoying and the colors were too intense for me. Every time it appeared on my screen I had to delete it. It was supposed to calm me down in the evening but it just frustrated me!

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