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Data Scraper extracts data out of HTML web pages and imports it into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

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Description from store DataMiner is a data extraction tool that lets you scrape any HTML web page. You can extract tables and lists from any page and upload them to Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. With this tool you can export web pages into XLS, CSV, XLSX or TSV files (.xls .csv .xlsx .tsv) You can use DataMiner for FREE in our starter subscription plan. You will get 500 free page credits per month. This way you can see how it works and what you can export with no risk. Beyond our free plan, we have paid plans with more features. Using one of the existing extraction recipes, you can convert most of the popular websites to csv with just one click. The recipes are user generated and shared for others to use. We have over 1 million of them for many websites in the world. No other tool can match this functionality. You also get access to our outstanding support. We answer all emails and phone calls. We also have daily Office Hours where we screen share with customers and answer questions. If you have any questions or issues, we are always there to answer. WHO LOVES IT? - Sales people searching for leads - Leadgen companies needing for contact info - Ecommerce distributers, retail sellers, customers analyzing prices or reviews - Recruiters looking for top candidates and rates - Job searches looking for the best jobs in jobs databases - Small business owners trying to manage ratings and reviews in ecommerce sites - Businesses fighting competition in online database - Data science / scientists / students wanting to skrap and mining more clean info - Marketing professionals analyzing sentiments in tweets and posts - Growth hackers needing ways to collect and analyze information - People organizing friends list and email contacts ADDITIONAL FEATURES: - Automated crawling of paginated websites - Scrape single page or multi page pagination and crawl - Automatic navigation to next page - Extract emails with RegEx (regular expressions) - Download completed pages complete with images - International language support with UTF-8 - Form filling using xls (C) 2024 Copyright Software Innovation Lab LLC

Latest reviews

  • (2024-03-14) Yassine El marhraoui: Amazing extension, with kind people in the backstage to give you support when you need it in less than 24 hours, actually I got it in 3 hours or so.
  • (2024-02-27) Marcel Hoogstra: Works perfect and a great support! Thanks!
  • (2024-02-05) Michael Vesely: I can't say enough good things about Data Miner. I was using it to do a complex scraping and got stuck. Zach hopped on a zoom call and fixed it in a couple of minutes. Was able to scape over 16,000 lines of data!!
  • (2024-02-05) Sean Rafferty: Solid! Did what I wanted it to do. Support was top notch as well. Now know where to go when I need to scrape a site for data! PS - I forgot to cancel the paid sub. Sent an email showing no usage for 2 months and they refunded me. That's uncommon but definitely appreciated! This crew rocks!
  • (2024-01-29) Niket Hans: Great product, even better customer support. Zach from the team is the best!
  • (2024-01-18) kristeen christensen: As a novice I was both surprised and grateful that my query for help was responded to same day. Thanks to Zach and team Miner.
  • (2024-01-09) Jeremy Gibson: Worth every penny. I was looking for a solution to pull a large amount of data from a subscription website but was hitting a dead end. I reached out and Zach assisted in creating a custom recipe that turned literal days of work into under an hour. Highly recommend!
  • (2023-12-21) Jim de Jager: The customer support is superb. I asked for a solution and received a response the same day which solved the issue for me. I dont even have a paid subscription yet they were willing to help me. Kudos!
  • (2023-10-31) Kannan Al: The free plan with 500 row limit only applies to simple row & column capture. The main useful feature - detail page crawl is now a paid feature - so can't even test out the tool. For the simple table capture you don't need DataMiner with a lot of manual steps - there are other free extensions that let you capture that data in few clicks including next pages without highlighting any element. There is a bit of a learning curve and the YouTube tutorials are useful. But unfortunately it is not worth investing the learning time when you can't test out the detail page crawl feature.
  • (2023-10-05) ali raza: If anyone want to browser automation i can help you in "Ui Vision" extention which is free and easy to use.
  • (2023-10-02) Jon Miller: Won't even attempt to scrape the page I'm working on without a paid account. Why would I pay for an account when I can't even see if it can handle the data I need to scrape? At least show me you can handle pagination by scraping 3+ pages. Restrict me from saving the output. I support developers. I don't mind paying for their work. But to require payment before showing me that it works on the site I'm trying to scrape? That's just stupid. There are too many other options and Chrome makes it too easy to remove this one for that plan to work.
  • (2023-09-25) Vladimir Familio: Бесплатно всего 500 стр. Неуд.
  • (2023-09-09) Greg Einfeld: Excellent product, makes scraping really easy. Brilliant support.
  • (2023-09-08) Isaac Rosenberg: Amazing product. And great customer support. Thank you Zach!
  • (2023-08-23) Ka Shing LAU: bad
  • (2023-08-22) Kin Cheung LEE: bad
  • (2023-08-16) Yuk Ying CHAN: The operation is troublesome and does not meet my needs
  • (2023-08-16) Chun Ho LAM: 内容太多,对于只需要快速提取数据的我,难度较大,一点都不方便
  • (2023-08-14) Pui Tak LEE: The use of the function is too difficult. I have not captured much data, but I have to learn a lot of operation methods, which is not easy
  • (2023-08-11) Kam Wing Bevis CHIU: There are too few opportunities to try for free. I can't even complete the operation of grabbing valid data. I hope that I can open up more opportunities to try.
  • (2023-08-10) Hin Hin HO: I don't know if it's an operation problem or a plug-in problem. It doesn't work on many sites. Plug-in managers need to pay attention
  • (2023-08-09) Kin Bun Peter FUNG: function is not bad
  • (2023-08-02) Olga Fischer: Great technical support!
  • (2023-06-27) Nigsegg Ivan: Zach is amazing!! You should totally do, not try Data Miner.
  • (2023-06-23) HEPSİ YENİMARKA: google choreme out off memory error
  • (2023-05-12) Highly useful extension, excellent guidance and UI, very well done. I was able to create a custom recipe within 5 minutes without any reading of documentation. The automatic paging worked nicely as well.
  • (2023-04-01) Rajarshi Guha: Being in software for many many years and used various application, after so many years I found this app to be very useful. This is a great application however you need to first take lessons to learn and then try it. The documentation and videos are great. I used this from scrapping a very unorganised data and Zach help me to complete the recipe. Their customer support is great. Actually I do not mind paying a fee for the application even they refused to get them a cup of coffee also ! I suggest you choose this software now and enjoy the functionalities. Wishing very best to the team.
  • (2023-02-18) Daniel Coenen: I guess it doesn't work for everyone, but it worked great for me!
  • (2023-02-13) Anant Vijay Soni: Such a time waste. Most of the time didn't work and sometime it hang the browser, when I click on data minor icon. Its better to do everything manually. 110% Time Waste.
  • (2023-01-25) Angeles Ojeda: Most time does not work. waste time.
  • (2022-12-22) Frank D: I rarely write reviews however this product and its support team merit one. It works as designed, is easy to use and when you do need help it is quick and effective. Highly recommended!
  • (2022-12-16) Jeremy Klammer: Data Miner did exactly what I needed it to. I actually needed some help - and instead of charging me or not helping, their team has office hours each week. Zach helped me and helped me solve my issue in less than 20 min with one-on-one help. I finished my project in the next hour with the help. Pricing was very reasonable as well. Give it a try.
  • (2022-12-08) Cirius Sement: It has made our lives so much easier, and when I couldn't work out how to configure one of the advance features the support team were quick to jump in with a solution. I tried some of the other google plugins, but this one is definitely the best
  • (2022-12-06) Floria Julie: Nice one
  • (2022-11-22) vivek makadiya: Not useful and very bad search result.
  • (2022-11-21) Mi Monir: not working
  • (2022-11-02) Edi Karuna: I have been using Dataminer since 2018. I was INCREDIBLY frustrated with the overhaul in version 5. I very, very much preferred version v3.299.72 because it was no frills, the point and click selection for recipes was simpler, there was no "this recipe does not work for this page" when I had literally just created a new recipe specifically for that page. I have no idea why everything that worked perfectly in the old version was gutted and made exceedingly inefficient. I was able to use v3.299.72 from the time of version 5's release until today (11/2/22). Unfortunately v3.299.72 stopped being able to connect to the server today and I can no longer install the old crx file due to an issue with chrome - ("CRX_HEADER_INVALID" when I try to install the package, and I am unable to find a source that lets me download the old crx file as a zip. I only need an extension that lets me select the containers in each row that need to be captured, and output it to an excel file, and v3 was perfect and fast for that. I could do this in one click and get on with my workload. Now I have to scroll through pages of recipes because there is no search box in the menu that pops up from the toolbar, I am only allowed to run a recipe if Dataminer thinks it will work for the page, I have to preview the data, I have to click run, I have to change a radio button to "append" if there are multiple pages instead of just clicking run again. What were the developers thinking??? V3 was something so beautifully simple, and v5 has missing functionality & way too many redundant, unnecessary options.
  • (2022-10-31) Rory Gallagher: Great component, easy to use and AMAZING quick support. Thanks to the Data Miner Team!
  • (2022-10-25) Joe Hanauer: Great team! Really happy with this product - have used it a dozen times
  • (2022-10-19) Canna Biss: Great tool! Their customer service is fantastic too!
  • (2022-10-13) REO Asset Solutions Tsaturov: Best tool for data extraction and data mining. HUGE plus, the support staff is very knowledgeable and always has quick simple solutions.
  • (2022-09-19) Sam Sam: Easy to use, fast and hassle-free, I recommend it to everyone)
  • (2022-09-15) Greg Vencill: Best tech support around!
  • (2022-09-13) Alula Aytenfisu: Great product with great supporting staff
  • (2022-09-12) RI Razu: It was a good piece of a tool for a while, now this is useless! Most time did not work! :(
  • (2022-09-09) Maraoui Khalid: too limited you can scrape only 3 pages requires paid subscription to try scraping anything worth scraping. Could not even test it to see if it works for what i need
  • (2022-09-07) 高橋唯斗: 本当に素晴らしいサービスです! 今まで別のスクレイピングツールを使っていましたが、こちらのツールなら、データの取得が非常に簡単に、かつ速くできます。 これからも使わせていただきます!
  • (2022-09-01) Zen Transactions: requires paid subscription to try scraping anything worth scraping. Could not even test it to see if it works for what i need
  • (2022-07-28) Yousuf Y: This service is phenomenal for data extraction and Zach was very helpful.


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