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Take tabs from parent windows and arrange them in layouts of tiled sub-windows.

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Description from store CHANGES Version 11.20 • Minor bug fix.. OVERVIEW Tile Tabs WE provides facilities to take tabs from a parent window and arrange them in a layout of tiled sub-windows. This makes it easy to browse or monitor multiple web pages, or to compare multiple web pages using synchronized scroll. Layouts can be saved and later re-opened. Tile Tabs WE is an alternative no-restart version of the well established Tile Tabs add-on for Firefox. Tile Tabs WE is implemented using the new WebExtensions API and is available for both Firefox and Chrome with identical functions and user interfaces. BASIC OPERATION Tile Tabs WE emulates 'split browser' functionality with simple switching between the normal view and the tiled view. Tile Tabs WE displays multiple tabs in a layout of tiled sub-windows ('tiles') within the area of the parent browser window. The tiles can be arranged horizontally, vertically, or in a grid. A tiled layout can be created using the toolbar button, button menu, context menu, quick menu, or keyboard shortcuts. The parent window is indicated by a badge on the toolbar button showing the current number of tiles. Tiles are indicated by a badge on their toolbar buttons showing the letter 'T'. When a tiled layout is created, tabs from the parent window are moved into the new tiles in the following order: first the selected tab, then tabs to the right of the selected tab, then tabs to the left of the selected tab, and finally if there are insufficient tabs then new tabs will be created. A tiled layout can be saved and previously saved layouts can be opened or deleted. A default layout can be configured. Dragging the borders between two tiles will resize both tiles (and any sub-tiles). OPTIONS PAGE The Tile Tabs WE Options page can be accessed as follows: • Firefox - On the menu bar select Tools > Add-ons (or press Ctrl+Shift+A), select the Extensions tab, and then click on the Options button. • Chrome - Right-click on the toolbar button, and then select Options. TOOLBAR BUTTON After installation of Tile Tabs WE, there will be a new blue 'tiled-layout' button on the main toolbar. To create a new tiled layout, click on the Tile Tabs WE toolbar button. To switch between the tiled view and the normal view, click on the Tile Tabs WE toolbar button again. CONTEXT MENU & BUTTON MENU To perform any layout or tiling operation, right-click on the page contents to open the context menu, select the 'Tile Tabs WE' sub-menu, and then select one of the menu items: • New Layout - creates a new layout and moves one tab from the parent window into each tile. • Close Layout - closes the existing layout and moves tabs from all tiles back into the parent window. • Hide Layout - hides the existing layout and moves tabs from all tiles back into the parent window. • Show Layout - shows the existing layout and moves one tab from the parent window into each tile. • Refresh Layout - brings all of the tiles to the front and focuses one of the tiles. • Toggle Toolbars - toggles the tab bar and address bar in the currently focused tile or all tiles. • Tile Tab - tiles a tab above, below, left or right of the currently focused tile or creates a new layout. • Add Tile - adds a new tile (with a new tab) above, below, left or right of the currently focused tile. • Remove Tile - removes the currently focused tile and expands the other tiles as necessary. • Expand Tile - expands the currently focused tile to the full size of the layout. • Contract Tile - contracts the currently focused tile back to its original size. • Open Layout - opens a previously saved layout and assigns the saved tabs (if any) to the tiles. • Save Layout - saves the current layout and optionally saves the tabs assigned to the tiles. • Delete Layout - deletes a previously saved layout. • Default Layout - sets the default layout to be one of the previously saved layouts. • Sync Scroll - enables/disables synchronized scrolling of tiled tab contents. Or right-click on any tab to open the tab context menu and use the 'Tile Tab' menu item to create a new layout. Alternatively, right-click on the Tile Tabs WE toolbar button to open the button menu, and then select one of the menu items. There are options to: • define the default page for new tabs created by New Layout or Add Tile. • show/hide the Tile Tabs WE submenu item on the context menu. • show/hide the toolbars for new tiles created by New Layout or Add Tile. • open the default layout on browser start and restart. • reload pages in tiled tabs during Refresh Layout. • synchronize scroll only when scrolling the focused window. QUICK MENU To provide quicker access to frequently used commands, a small Quick Menu icon is displayed in the bottom-right corner of the page contents of each tile. The Quick Menu is especially useful when the toolbars are hidden or when the Tile Tabs WE toolbar button has overflowed off the toolbar. To perform frequently used commands, hover the mouse over the Quick Menu icon, and then select one of the available commands: • Close Layout • Hide Layout • Refresh Layout • Toggle (This or All) • Sync Scroll • Add Tile (Above, Left, Right or Below) • Remove Tile • Expand Tile • Contract Tile Note, the Quick Menu icon is not displayed in some special pages (e.g. about: or chrome://...). There are options to show/hide the Quick Menu icon in all tiles and to position the Quick Menu icon in any corner of a tiled tab. ASSIGNMENT OF TABS TO TILES There a several different ways of assigning tabs to tiles. If there is only one tab selected, then creating a new layout will assign the selected tab and tabs to the right of the selected tab to the tiles in the layout. If there are not enough tabs to the right, then additional tabs will be assigned from the left of the selected tab. If there are still not enough tabs, then new tabs will be created and assigned. If the new layout is an 'All Tabs' layout, then all of the existing tabs will be assigned to tiles. If necessary,an If the Tile Tab menu command is used to create a layout, the selected tab and the tab chosen by the Tile Tab menu command will be assigned. If a multiple highlighted tabs are used to create a layout, the highlighted tabs (including the normal selected tab) will be assigned to the tiles. If there are not enough tabs, then new tabs will be created and assigned. If there are too many tabs, then the rightmost tabs will not be assigned, but the selected tab will always be assigned. There are options to: • assign existing tabs before creating new tabs. • assign existing tabs from left instead of right. • automatically close tabs created by Open Layout. • automatically close tabs created by user in tiles. KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS To perform the most frequently used operations, press one of the four keyboard shortcuts: • New/Close Layout - Alt+Shift+Up (Windows and Linux) or Control+Shift+Up (Mac OS X) • Hide/Show Layout - Alt+Shift+Down (Windows and Linux) or Control+Shift+Down (Mac OS X) • Refresh Layout - Alt+Shift+Left (Windows and Linux) or Control+Shift+Left (Mac OS X) • Toggle Toolbars - Alt+Shift+Right (Windows and Linux) or Control+Shift+Right (Mac OS X) There is an option to set the Toggle Toolbars keyboard shortcut to toggle all toolbars. OPEN LINKS IN NEXT OR PREVIOUS TILE Ctrl+Middle-click on a link in a tile to open the link in the next tile (to the right or below). Press 'Shift' as well to open the link in the previous tile (to the left or above). There are options to open links as normal or to configure the click type as: Ctrl+Click, Middle-click or Ctrl+Middle-click. MOVE OR RESIZE LAYOUT To move or resize a tiled layout, first hide the layout, then move or resize the parent window, and then show the layout again. RESIZE TILES Dragging the borders between two tiles will resize both tiles. Resizing of tiles is limited by minimum width and minimum height constraints. WINDOW MARGINS There are options to configure the window margins for tiles for different operating systems. On initial installation: • The top margin for tiles is 0px for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. • The other (left/right/bottom) margins for tiles with toolbars are 7px for Windows or 0px for Linux and Mac OS X. • The other (left/right/bottom) margins for tiles without toolbars are 7px for Windows or 0px for Linux and Mac OS X. • The adjustment if the parent window is maximized is 1px for Windows or 0px for Linux or Mac OS X. SUPPORT Please e-mail: [email protected] LICENSE Distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2. See LICENCE.txt file and http://www.gnu.org/licenses/

Latest reviews

  • (2020-06-26) Patrick Fitzgerald: Thank you, this is very useful for doing UI testing with two windows and synchronized scrolling!
  • (2020-03-18) Boštjan Marlboro: So sad how bad browsers are and they could be a lot a lot better and easier, if only devs know that every user use browser different. In 20 years browsers are still the same as before! How awesome will be, if all browsers have Tab Groups! Peoples could open, send, share unlimited numbers of tabs and groups on all browsers with simple file. Not this old window mode from year 1950! User need to install 30 addons and still browsing is complicated as... all this addons have bugs, because browsers are very very bad developed. I click on icon 4 times and I have + icons in the bar. This never happen on Tab Groups! Browser will only be worse and worse... Firefox have/had the best Tab Groups and with this powerful computers is no problem to use or leave in other groups even 200 tabs. If I close Browser all tabs and groups are saved not only that I have one window and for minimize/maximize etc. is just simple click on browser icon in start row thats all! I used Tab Groups in Firefox v3.0... at home on all computers is installed Firefox v52! I can`t update or move on any other browsers, because they are all the same as IE in windows 95! My father use above 40 tabs average and without multi-row browsing will be very complicated! What I see on Chrome are only icons no pages name :D On Firefox v52 at home my father see with multi-row all pages names without any additional window or any aditional click simple and fast browsing! It is not stone age any more and most of the peoples have minimal 20" screen (We have 3 - LCD 24") and with 3 more rows no problem, but at least I see page name not only icons. Good idea, but they are still old window mode. I know Browsers are garbage and addons can`t be good like in old days. That is why we use Firefox 52 and we will till web pages will not support it... that we will need to move on this garbage browsers. A lot better will be if one addon have more features, because this way I need to install at least 30 addons for using browser at least more easier. Browsers even now do not have even one new icon/feature ex: Last closed tabs or do not close browser when last tab is closed. And for this I need 2 addons then simple bookmars again new addon, next Toomanytabs for Chrome for this one in settings will be option turn on/off multi-row with min and max size number simple as **! But no browsing most be complicated or devs are not happy...
  • (2020-02-20) Jencese Frank: Awesome! Exactly what I need!
  • (2020-02-14) Giovanni Oberti: shiiiitt why the original has been removed
  • (2020-01-08) Paul Li: More powerful than I hoped.
  • (2019-12-18) Keshab Bist: this is what i was looking for.
  • (2019-11-12) It's Cheeeseballz: It works great! My issue is that if you have used windows game overlay (Win + g) It will keep spamming you with those pesky notifications.
  • (2019-10-13) Bobby Salmon: Okay after you figure out how to get it to work; useful but not very intuitive. And the sync scroll feature is apparently broken.
  • (2019-09-21) Myy Entertainment: super extension. Makes watching por... I mean work easy. 4 stars because whenever I first split my tabs it makes 3 chromes total (1 original, 1 left, 1 right). If it were only 2 chromes (left original, right new) would be 5 stars.
  • (2019-09-20) S. Ercan Kantar: I used the Tile Tabs Firefox addon before Firefox killed all older extensions by introducing Web Extensions. I appreciate the developer's effort not to give up! The capabilities are very limited in web extensions framework but he still managed to come pretty close to what was possible before. Before leaving a bad review please spend some time with it and try to understand how it works. There are still some small bugs though, which I already reported via email.
  • (2019-08-11) Christoffer Brobäck: not flawless but extremely useful and perfect for my workflow! i open a s*t ton of tabbs and then need a fast way to load them up beside each other! wonderful!
  • (2019-05-07) Alicia Altair: I was looking for something that would integrate with AquaSnap and this is it. Others that I found create the layout based on your total screen area, but with this one you can create groups of tabs and snap them to different areas on your screen with AquaSnap or whatever you're using as your snapping tool, then create a layout of each group of tabs within that existing window. So if you have 16 tabs and split them into groups of 4 snapping to each corner, your screen is split into 4 sections with 4 tabs in each section. Then you use Tile Tabs in each section to split those 4 tabs into a grid, now you have all 16 tabs displayed in a grid you can visually scan, rather than alt + tabbing through each tab heading individually to find what you need. This is especially useful when you need to repeatedly reference specific areas of a page because it eliminates the need to touch the mouse or use keyboard shortcuts, which saves time and reduces repetitive motions. I'm guessing there are other tools out there that do the same thing but this was the one that both worked as promised and seems to be actively updated. Thanks to the developer for their hard work.
  • (2019-04-09) Maciej Kociałkowski: Hey, app work great. Thank you :)
  • (2019-03-18) 11100100: what a powerful extension! but I wonder how to stop the pop-up window "chrome-extension://lbnnfjfjdijcnaakaebgcoemmlicjbnl/keepopen.html" appears unexpectedly?
  • (2019-03-10) Carlos J. de Pedro Jiménez: Es exactamente igual que abrir ventanas y alinearlas como te parezca por tu cuenta.
  • (2019-01-17) What does it mean??? "Allow this extension to read and change all your data on websites that you visit:" And "Permissions Read your browsing history Display notifications" Does it mean all data in the browser is now visible to the extension developer? Seriously?....
  • (2018-12-29) Jerome Pacman: The best real tabs manager in layouts. Excellent work. Lot of details to make things easier. If you need to monitor simultaneously different pages in the same single view (like a trader!) it's a no brainer. Also, you can't get multiple tabs under a parent window, it's no more available whatsoever & it's not related to the author but Chrome. Anyhow, you'll find a lot of ways to easily manage your tabs, thanks to the programmer. In a click, all your tabs can be resumed in one single window, & you go back & forth in a snap. There's no mess at all ! ************
  • (2018-12-25) Alberto Ordóñez: Tiene errores en Chrome para Linux
  • (2018-10-10) Dani M: Perfect!!
  • (2018-09-29) まさがら: 最新アップデートで使えなくなってしまいました。 すごく便利な拡張機能だったので改善されることを願っています。
  • (2018-09-29) Nathan Piper: It was good while it lasted, suddenly stopped working
  • (2018-09-25) Harry Lin: Finally found an extension to do exactly what I want! You can save layouts with urls and you can toggle toolbars of each tile. The extension is really powerful.
  • (2018-08-04) Robson Martins: Funciona muito bem
  • (2018-06-08) Nicholas Hsiang: 这可是当年在Firefox必不可少的Addon!以前好用多了,直接在当前标签页内分屏,现在是开两标签页,体验不是很好,不过没办法,浏览器厂商的限制。 --- This is the year that Firefox is absolutely necessary Addon, previously much easier to use, directly in the current tab page split screen, is now open two tabs, the experience is not very good, but there is no way, browser manufacturer restrictions.
  • (2018-04-20) Xin Guan: This is exactly what I was looking for: customize whatever number of tabs I want, drag it to the scale I want, save the layout, set it as default. And then every time I just need one single click to get to the Chrome window layout I specified. Solid five stars! Highly recommend. One suggestion: when opening the layout, instead of using blank windows as new windows, use tabs to the right of my current tab.

Latest issues

  • (2020-03-25, v:11.20) Francisco Hanna: Source code
    Hi there! I will really like to get access to the source code. Is it publicly available?
  • (2020-01-23, v:11.19) Steve Rogowski: Rotate tabs
    When I remove the toolbars using your extension (really nice feature), the rotating tabs (a different extension) fails. Can you add a feature to rotate tabs in your extension which will also work when the toolbars are minimized?
  • (2019-12-07, v:11.19) Johannes B.: Javascript not enabled
    Thank you very much DW-dev for this add on :-) But: I cannot see any chart because it says javascript is not enabled, which is wrong for my firefox. I would be pretty if javascript could be emplemented for the tiles. Cheers
  • (2019-10-17, v:11.19) T I: 一緒に閉じてしまう
    Both screens are now closed when one of them is closed while being split. Even if the add-on is reinserted, it is completely inconvenient.
  • (2019-10-04, v:11.18) kevin han: vertical tile
    If i have more than 3 tabs i want to vertical tile all of them, but it only tiles 3 and any other tabs just remain in the background un-tiled still tabbed to the main window
  • (2019-10-04, v:11.18) kevin han: windows closing
    am i doing something wrong? I'll tile out my tabs and then i close some of the windows but then windows that i didnt close end up closing out with the other windows
  • (2019-10-04, v:11.18) kevin han: how to disable non-overlap
    Once the tiles are set, is there an option to disable the windows to resize themselves to not overlap? I'd like the option to get the windows to tile but then resize the windows which may or may not cause overlap which I'm OK with.
  • (2019-09-17, v:11.18) いしい: 両方閉じてしまう
    3ヶ月ぐらい前からなのですが分割している状態で、片方を閉じると両方の画面が閉じられるようになってしまいました。 アドオンを入れ直しても全く変わらずとても不便な状態です。 これは私だけでしょうか?
  • (2019-08-26, v:11.17) Dax Liniere: Sync Scroll broken
    Hi there, Thanks for this cool extension. It seems the Sync Scroll feature is doing nothing when enabled, unfortunately. Any chance of a fix, please? Thanks! Dax.
  • (2019-07-03, v:11.15) James Wilson: Scroll Sync Issue
    Hello! I was excited to try out this extension as I wanted to view multiple pages at once and utilize scroll lock to scroll all tabs so I can easily review differences from page to page. Unfortunately I was not able to get the scroll sync to work. I attempted to change the scroll lock on focused window only option, but that didn't seem to make a difference. I am on Chrome: Version 75.0.3770.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) and Macbook Pro: 10.14.5 (18F203) I'm not sure if I missed some kind of setup or option somewhere. Thank you for looking into this! -James Wilson
  • (2019-04-14, v:11.13) data tankup: Full screen video function...or F11...but limited in split window...!?
    In next dev, could it be possible to click full screen on video or F11 feature of one web page...but "full screen" only in the resize area of the split windows by "Tile Tabs WE" , for example in the case of each quarter size of screen combination, maybe by some options in settings...!? Datatankup
  • (2018-10-19, v:11.3) Andy Bulka: alt-shift-left/right problem on macs
    On Macs, alt-shift-left/right selects the entire preceding/following word, but when this extension is enabled, that selection no longer works in the address bar. Similar problem was in this other extension https://github.com/opus1269/photo-screen-saver/issues/16 FYI.
  • (2018-09-29, v:11.1) Kelvyn Souza: It stopped working.
    Now I cant use te add-on


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