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Shows a counter of open tabs in the extensions bar. Also records the number of opened windows and all-time opened tabs.

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Description from store Shows a counter of open tabs in the extensions bar. Also records the number of opened windows and all-time opened tabs. NEW in latest update: * show counter of tabs in the currently open window * shows counter of currently open windows * ability to change the icon background color Features * Shows counter of open tabs, open windows, all-time opened tabs, max concurrent opened tabs * Multiple Chrome windows supported * Tweet your stats & share on Facebook * Extension does not track your browsing history or any other personal data This is an open-source extension, review the code here: https://github.com/fero8/chrome-tab-counter

Latest reviews

  • (2021-07-28) Najla N. A: Literally great, i always open tab more than 10-20 or more and acutally wanna know the count of the tabs so i can organize it since i am only have 4gb ram.. but just a suggestion, can it have option to show what count is it will show.. like; show tabs,show windows,show current windows tabs. on the badge on the extension. so i don't need to open it if i only wanted to know one of several thing in it, thank you.
  • (2021-02-14) Newtomic: I miss some more advanced options, but I didn't find any better one for this effect so. Anyway thanks for this extension.
  • (2021-01-01) The Techno Guy18: Came here from Krazy Ken
  • (2020-12-11) Miguel Khoury: Thank you. Nice! But what is the difference between Open Tabs and Max Concurrent Tabs? Also, could you please modify the extension with an option to see the dropdown on mouse hover? Thx again. Good work!
  • (2019-03-04) 雷雨: VERY GOOD, I LIKE IT, THANKS
  • (2018-11-13) Rashedul Hoque Milon: Its very nice tool. It helps me very much. Unfortunately "Reset" button don't work. I hope developer fixt it as soon as possible.
  • (2018-11-05) Александр Колин: неплохо
  • (2018-01-05) Souvik Roy: Not good add tab on current window
  • (2017-10-06) euros ST.: Simple and does what it suppose to do. Very good job guys :-) => I didn't understand the "All-time tabs"... what exactly this is? Thank you.
  • (2017-06-09) Randal140d: Of no value to me. Small white font on gray background makes it very difficult to read. Oddly, it use a fourth of the space allowed for it.
  • (2014-12-08) Good, but I prefer "Tab count", because it gives the list of the opened tabs, and you can switch to them by clicking them in the list.
  • (2013-05-10) mpzeroninezerofivenineone atgmaildotcom: It's very functional, does what it says it does.

Latest issues

  • (2021-10-15, v:1.2.1) S W: Count by domain
    Is there a way to get a count of tabs open per host/domain (extracted from the URL)? And a way to close them? Use case: There are a bunch of Zoom tabs or Google Search tabs open in various windows that I want to easily close, but I currently have to find/go to each individual one and close them
  • (2021-07-27, v:1.2.1) Robin Tan: Number of windows counter
    Hi, can you please add showing the number of windows opened (not tabs).
  • (2020-07-01, v:1.1.2) Sebastian Wientzek: Whitelist and the New Tab/ in german Neuer Tab or just activating it?
    If I use multiple new tabs then the last one get's closed but not the first will be 'focused'. The focus goes to the last page then. Another point to this new tab would be for me, if I could whitelist it. Is that possible? I tried several urls for it but it didn't work: chrome://newtab chrome-search://local-ntp/local-ntp.html Neuer Tab New Tab Is there another way that would be correct? Thank you very much! Best regards Sebastian
  • (2020-05-20, v:1.1.2) TEENYcharmander: the background color for the numbers is red
    i personally don't like it, mostly because it seems like there is something wrong with my tabs, and the backgrounds dont match with ABP, which annoys the hell out of me! Please add an option to make the backgrounds for the numbers whatever color we want!!!! Anyone else?
  • (2020-05-03, v:1.1.2) Laurentiu Macovei: Please make the counter black and not red!!
    Having 55 tabs open is not a bad thing just a fact!
  • (2019-04-16, v:1.1.1) Benjamin Ellis: Keep track of the most tabs you've ever had open
    Just like how there's an all time tabs it'd be cool if there was an all time high for the most tabs you've ever had open at once
  • (2018-09-18, v:1.1.0) Rainbow Warrior Princess: Suggestion
    Also show tabs of active window
  • (2017-08-26, v:1.0.8) Allan Laal: does not report accurate numbers
    I have to kill and reactivate this plugin so it would update to the correct tab numbers
  • (2016-04-29, v:1.0.6) Skyler Burwell: Can't install
    Package is invalid. Details: 'Could not load extension icon 'icon31.png'.'.
  • (2016-03-24, v:1.0.6) Jon Jon: Error message during install
    Just to report an error message during install. Package is invalid: could not load extension icon icon31.png
  • (2015-11-16, v:1.0.6) Warmuser: Add the extension counter function, please
    Will be great if this extension can count also the extensions actived during the navigation.


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