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Browser extension for pinboard (including omnibar search, sidebar and actionbar button popup)

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Description from store Shows your Pinboard bookmarks in the omnibar suggestions if "pin" is prepended. Also, allows you to view, open and edit your bookmarks in your browser. Furthermore, enables (optionally) auto-copying new browser bookmarks to pinboard. Written in pure Javascript/HTML/CSS without external dependencies (But uses Mozilla's Web Extension Polyfill to be able to handle Chrome's differences (mostly, at least). Does not send any data anywhere, as far as I know (except to pinboard, of course). Instructions * To connect the add-on with your pinboard account, enter your API key in the options page (about:addons or chrome://extensions). Do not enter your normal password! The key will be stored in the add-on's local browser storage, and I have no idea if other add-ons / users / whoever can access that. Also, it probably wouldn't even work. * The API key can be found on https://pinboard.in/settings/password. * You can search through your bookmarks, create new ones and edit old ones via the button in the Action Menu (add it to the bar if it is not there) ----- ### Changelog (incomplete) ####v1.5.1 - Fix regression of not being able to search in the address bar anymore (#62) #### v1.5.0 - Added different search modes in the options: - Result must contain the exact search phrase - Result must contain all words of the search phrase, but in any order (this is the new default) - Result must contain at least one of the words in the search phrase (#57) - Result must match the regular expression search - Added an export feature as wished in #55. I was not able to reproduce the reporter's problem though, so I don't see a use case for the export - Export a default bookmark HTML format that can be imported into any browser - Export a JSON document similar to the pinboard export over at [pinboard's backup page](https://pinboard.in/settings/backup) - Optimised some code causing API calls to sometimes be fired twice - Technical changes - Optimised how the different files / modules reference each other - Updated dependencies - Switched from tslint to eslint - Shrank the 16-pixel icon to actually be 16 pixels wide #### v1.4.0 - Added prettier dark mode and option to use browser/system setting for the dark mode, see [MDN](https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/@media/prefers-color-scheme). - (#51) Adds keybind Alt+Shift+P to open the create bookmark dialog within the popup ([Firefox only](https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Add-ons/WebExtensions/API/browserAction/openPopup)) - (#51) Adds keybind Alt+Shift+Left to open the sidebar (Firefox only) - (#50) Fixes search prefixing and makes search the same across popup, sidebar and browser address bar - (#49) Improves tag suggestions when adding a new bookmark #### v1.3.7 * Merged pull request #48, thanks @marcinsmialek! This adds the keyboard shortcut Alt-P (by default) to open the pinboard popup. Also, it fixes the behaviour when searching for bookmarks in the omnibar when no results are found. * On development side: updated dependencies. Did not replace tslint by eslint yet because it seems to be quite the task... #### v1.3.1 - 1.3.6: * Fixed some bugs * Started adding keyboard controls to the popup * Made the options screen more clear with regards to the API key #### v1.3.0: * Adds customisable colours: Set the addon to dark mode, light mode, or any colour scheme your heart desires * **Firefox only**: Adds a sidebar containing a searchable list of all your bookmarks. * Updates icons in the popup * Backend stuff: * Updated to v1.2.0 of Mozilla's webextension-polyfill * Streamlined some more code * The icons were unicode characters before, now they are embedded SVG * Moved the filter functionality into appropriate class to try and reduce code duplication * Made background scripts not persistent (https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/event_pages)

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  • (2022-04-18) Jon Bales: My favorite Pinboard.in extension -- well at least it's the first one I turn to when I need a pin! Thanks for contributing such a useful tool. To Dev: There is a small bug when you're filling out the form where the tabulation of the page in the background changes if you press the Left/Right arrow keys with the form open.


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