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Allows a user to use commands available in the popular text editor vim to edit text in google chrome.

Description from store Vimable is an Extension for Chrome that gives users the text processing capabilities of Vim, in their browser. It enables fast text processing and browser navigation all with the aim of increasing productivity for developers, technical professionals. This is a project that I am developing for a college project, and will be open sourced on git hub once the college semester is over. Feel free to leave feedback, any suggestions/reports of bugs are appreciated. Lastest Features: - Expanded command support in Normal and Visual Mode. - Click Vimable browser button to toggle the extension on and off. - UI prompts added to indicate the current mode. (A badge over the browser action button) ========================================================================= Most commands can be preceded by a number, treated as [count] 3, 10, 11. The command is then performed that many times. Currently supported commands: Normal Mode: ‘h’ - Move the cursor [count] characters to the left. ‘j’ - Move the cursor [count] characters to the right. ‘k’ - Move the cursor [count] lines upward. ‘l’ - Move the cursor [count] lines downward. ‘w’ - Move the cursor [count] words forward. ‘b’ - Move the cursor [count] words backward. ‘(‘ - Move the cursor [count] sentences forward. ‘)’ - Move the cursor [count] sentences backward. ‘{’ - Move the cursor [count] paragraphs forward. ‘}’ - Move the cursor [count] paragraphs backward. ‘i’ - Enter “Insert Mode”, and insert the input text, [count] times. ‘~’ - Change the case of the next [count] characters. ‘r’ - Replace the character after the cursor with the next input character. ‘R’ - Enter “Replace Mode”. Replacing text, rather than inserting it. ‘p’ - Paste text from register “x” [count] times. ‘P’ - Paste text from register “x” [count] times. ‘u’ - Undo Insert Mode: ESC - return to normal mode. Visual Mode: ‘h’ - Select [count] spaces to the left. ‘j’ - Select [count] spaces to the right. ‘k’ - Select [count] lines upward. ‘l’ - Select [count] lines downward. ‘w’ - Select [count] words forward. ‘b’ - Select [count] words backward. ‘(’ - Select [count] sentences forward. ‘)’ - Select [count] sentences backward. ‘{’ - Select [count] paragraphs forward. ‘}’ - Select [count] paragraphs backward. ‘~’ - Change the case of the selection, or (if nothing is selected) the next [count] characters. ‘y’ - Copy the selection, or the next character, into register “x”. ‘d’ - Delete the selection, or the next character. ‘c’ - Delete the selection, or next character, and immediately enter Insert Mode. ESC - return to normal mode. =========================================================================== Updates coming soon: Navigation mode - Will be used for jumping between text areas and form elements. Search mode - Functioning like "find/replace" UI Fragments - a "help" dialog box with the list of available commands.

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  • (2015-04-30) Dan Malone: Really cool idea, I love that its a chrome plugin.


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2015-05-28 / 1.1.1
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