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Description from extension meta Debug and test tag management (Google Tag Manager, DTM, Tealium) and analytics implementations.
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Description from store dataslayer adds a panel to Chrome Developer Tools that monitors tag management data layers and displays changes in an easy-to-read, user-friendly format. Supported TMS/variables include: - Google Tag Manager dataLayer variable - Adobe Launch rules and data elements - Adobe DTM page load rules and detection - Tealium data layer - TagCommander data layer - custom data layers (any variable represented as a JavaScript object) dataslayer supports multiple data layers / GTM containers on a single page, including those in embedded iframes. dataslayer also decodes and displays tags (including pageviews, variables, and click events) from: - Google Analytics (including Universal Analytics / analytics.js, dc.js, and ga.js) - Adobe Analytics / Omniture SiteCatalyst - Floodlight If you're using a beta or dev channel of Chrome, you can optionally enable blocking of captured tags to prevent data pollution. For feature requests and bug reports, please either use the 'Send Feedback' option in the Chrome Web Store or reach out directly to [email protected] Source lives at https://github.com/sean-adams/dataslayer if you'd like to contribute!
Latest reviews (2019-09-13) Daniel Fratus: Worked great for my purpopses (2019-08-22) Thomas Culetto: Works well with Tealium (2019-08-15) James Buckley: Sometimes using the GTM Preview mode feels a bit overkill for checking if some data layer push events or Google Analytics tags are present, which is where this extension comes in. It's an incredibly useful, no-nonsense tool which I always recommend to others when working with GTM. (2019-05-15) Daniel Valide: nice and very helpful (2018-10-15) Eu Gen: Please add "- adds advertisement to google search results" to the feature list! Otherwise it stays a secret feature and no one will ever know this nice feature exists. (2018-05-01) Alistair Johnstone: Use this all the time for debugging GA and GTM (2017-12-28) Timothy Smith: Perfect for testing any on site Google Analytics events or Google Tag Manager configurations. Easy to work with interface and very accurate. (2017-11-14) Nick Guebhard: Much more accurate than GTM Preview and Debug mode. Thank you! (2017-10-20) Aitor Alejandro: Sencilla y práctica. Para poder observar el objeto dataLayer de forma visual sin necesidad de inspeccionarlo a través de la consola. (2017-03-17) Paul Cikatricis: It's wonderful but recently it has stopped working on my local dev site. It's showing the GTM instance but not the GA. The same code works and shows just fine on production site. Not sure what this might be as it worked perfectly before and I don't recall changing anything. Other GA debugging tool called 'GA Debugger' still works fine. Otherwise a really helpful tool. (2016-12-08) Ajinkya Mhatre: simply superb! (2016-10-04) Kevin cornelissen: Very useful (2016-10-03) Alessandro V.: Not always trustful. In general a usefool tool, but right now we experience some discrepancies between dataslayer vs GTM-debugger and where dataslayer missed some important parts, which was misleading when testing. (2016-08-29) Rhian Lewis: Really useful - thank you for this! (2016-07-19) Phil Suter: thanks for this! (2016-04-08) Anton Kharlamov: really helpful!!! plus one (2015-11-19) Kiril Kirov: This extension really helped me, clean and simple, amazing! (2015-10-14) Aleksey Oblozhko: looks like the only plugin to check GTM Events that is done well (2015-07-02) Eric Matisoff: I like this extension because it requires less clicking to view page load tags - very nice. The only thing it's missing is the ability to capture onClick tags, which is a pretty big miss. Hopefully the dev is working on this now :) (2015-07-02) mannbarry2 Mann: love it (2015-06-09) Brian Katz: Simply Great (2015-04-14) Rutger Meekers: Very good! Finally an extension with the possibility to visualise the CEDDL dataLayer (digitalData). (2015-03-27) Anton Abreu: Very helpful. (2015-02-23) Andrew Kerr: Great tool to save time when testing tagging specs, thanks! (2014-10-05) Cornel Coman: Great tool!

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