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Copies HTML tables to the clipboard or exports them to Microsoft Excel, CSV, Google Sheets, Office 365, etc.

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Description from store Table Capture gives you the ability to easily capture HTML tables for use in a spreadsheet, whether using Microsoft Excel, Office 365, Open Office, Google Sheets, etc. Features: + Copy tables to the clipboard with the necessary column & row separators (tab and newline respectively) + Batch table operations: Copy multiple tables to the clipboard simultaneously. + Easily create a Google Doc from an HTML table + Capture tables that load as you scroll and multi-page tables with the Workshop + Capture div-based tables (or any repeating items in a website) by selecting text and launching the Table Capture Workshop Table Capture Pro features: + Download tables directly as an Excel speadsheet or as a CSV file + Export tables to Office 365 + Copy tables to the clipboard as Markdown text + Screenshot tables; download as PNG images Support & Testing: + E-mail me for support: [email protected] + Before requesting support for issues you're having, please test the extension on the tables provided here: https://www.georgemike.com/tables/test/ + Please keep in mind: All spreadheet apps are different and it's difficult to ensure correct behavior among them. One last note: Reviews are great and much appreciated, but emailing me is so much more helpful when it comes to improving the extension. Last updated: 8/19/2019

Latest reviews

  • (2020-01-15) Andy Goodwin: Absolutely superb. Completed a job in under a minute when everything else I had tried failed. This has just made my life a lot easier. Support is also first rate.
  • (2020-01-13) Renan Almeida: Very good when it works! Unfortunately it does NOT work on a private section page, such as an ERP. It does work on Wordpress admin page though.
  • (2020-01-13) Modassir Nawaz: Tried several times but unable to open the table in google sheets. It is just launching the sheet but not loading the data.
  • (2020-01-12) Fazlul Haque: It is not working for me to extract multiple pages in website. It is not working for this site: http://corpus.quran.com/search.jsp?q=pos%3AV+lem%3AkaAna&s=1&page=1
  • (2020-01-11) Gokul NK: Great extension. Does what it says!!! Tables in web pages are a pain. Most of the times they are not readable, can't sort and search. If only there was a way to export them to spreadsheets. Well, now this extension makes it possible.
  • (2020-01-08) Stephen Roe: Simple yet feature-packed app that works exactly like it's supposed to. And support is amazing! I had a reply in <30 minutes with a screencast and exact steps for the site I was using. (PS—if it doesn't seem to be working the first time you download it, try restarting Chrome, that fixed it for me. :D )
  • (2020-01-01) Peter Nikolaou: Table extract is one of those extensions that when you find it you kept wondering how you used to work without it. I haven’t met a table from which this extension cannot extract data until now. The most important “feature” of this extension is its helpful developer who always listens and helps its users.
  • (2019-12-31) Deliaz: Great and useful tool! It improved my workflow in working with tables on websites.
  • (2019-12-30) Frankkez: Keep it like it is! Mantenganla como está! Funciona perfecto
  • (2019-12-14) Fabio Montefuscolo: I love you! I went from pain to pleasure when copy tables. Thank you!
  • (2019-12-13) Ramey Bell: Fantastic support. Even connected to my computer to help!
  • (2019-12-12) Finbar Gallagher: Did exactly what it said it would do, and awesome support from George. Thank you!
  • (2019-12-07) roberto ko: This tool has one job. And it does it well!
  • (2019-11-24) pish work: it's likely extension but "Paged tables" doesn't work!!! Whyyyyyyyyyy it's great option doesn't work!!!
  • (2019-11-10) Alessandro Saeli: Excellent!
  • (2019-11-03) Irwin Levinstein: Very happy with this extension. when I added it, I suggested that George Mike add the ability to copy to Markdown as I like to include tables in my gmail with the MarkdownHere extension. This works very well for that purpose. Thanks, George Mike!. Note that although it captures the whole table, you can pop the result into Vim or an editor that includes rectangular regions to edit out columns you do not want. BTW- I am using it in Opera.
  • (2019-10-31) Jim Martinelli: How can I extract all the tables in this link? I tried but some of them work and others don't. Thanks https://calculator.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html#r=YUL&key=files/calc-33bc98a700da96c552cd31e0d9c9cc84fba00a6f&v=ver20190604sQ
  • (2019-10-09) Benoit Gaillard: Very satisfied with the tool! Georges was very reactive and updated the extension minutes after I reported an issue with a page not working! Thanks :-)
  • (2019-10-07) JiaWei Zhang: This tool is awesome!
  • (2019-10-02) Gae Seretse: This is an awesome add-on! It is user friendly and saves time when copying tables, which allows for efficiency in providing analysis and reports. George shared a useful tip for collecting multiple pages: - if a website refreshes/reloads in order to page through data, use the Paged Tables toggle. - if a table loads data without the need of a page refresh, use the Dynamic Tables toggle. Thanks
  • (2019-09-18) Iván Alberto Ruiz Arias: Awesome Tool, for real. We already migrate to G Suite and is a great compliment for google sheets.
  • (2019-09-14) Nedim Malik: Excellent tool! Edit: This helps me so much, so thanks a lot, George.
  • (2019-09-07) Norm Wright: I am very impressed by the responsiveness to a bug I ran into. I am a computer programmer and it caused issues with some pages that are rendered in XML for some web services I was working on. Within minutes I was contacted by George Mike and he had a fix done in two days. I just retested and everything works!
  • (2019-08-22) Martin Morrey: Just seems to work - my joy is unconfined!
  • (2019-08-13) Иван Александров: После обновления появилась проблема. У нас в таблицу были зашиты формулы с кавычками (дальше эти формулы работали в гугл документах). Теперь кавычки заменяются каким-то другим символом и все полетело. Надо бы в настройки добавить отключение замены кавычек!

Latest issues

  • (2019-12-30, v:9.9.27) Sumit Yadav: Not Working in Google Adwords Keyword Planner
    Is there any workaround?
  • (2019-08-04, v:9.9.5) Roimers Hernandez: He won't let me download it
    When I add Chrome, it tells me '' An error has occurred '' '' This item is already being downloaded and added to Chrome '', I have almost one day and it doesn't download
  • (2019-07-21, v:9.9.4) Hunter Knight: How can I copy full contents truncated cells?
    Hi George, this extension is really helpful to me but I'm running into a bit of a problem. One of the tables that I work from is from an HTML site managed by another company. One of the columns in that table contains messages, and the table is written so that if the cell contains more than 90 characters, it automatically truncates and I have to manually click "view more" on each of the cells to see or copy the full contents. Do you know of any way around this?
  • (2019-06-15, v:9.6) Nicholas Volinchak: Table HTML being picked up
    Hello. Your tool has been very helpful over the course of the past few years. However, now with the latest update of Chrome, it is putting the web address next to items in tables if they are hyperlinked. I use this tool to feed into a number of algorithms that look at a lot of data to the point where fixing it by hand is not ideal. Any suggestions/?
  • (2019-04-26, v:7.5) Robert Merrill: Direct to Google Sheet not working, even on the test page.
    It opens a Google Sheet, displays "Working" for several seconds, then...nothing. Copy-Paste appears to be working fine, both on the test page and on the actual data I wanted to scrape. Windows 10, Chrome 73.0.3683.103 (Official Build) (64-bit) The only other extensions I have are Cisco Meeting App Screen Sharing, Cisco Webex, and Google Docs Offline.
  • (2019-03-09, v:7.4) Kesari V.S. Katakam: Copying the Selected option from Dropdown
    Hello George, When I am using this on editable forms/tables, it copies entire list of options in a drop down.. can I just choose to copy the "Selected" option only.( i.e. What I see in an editable form as selected ) Regards Kesari
  • (2019-02-08, v:7.4) Actualizar a version Pro
    Ya hice el pago para actualizar a version Pro, que mas debo hacer para activarlo?
  • (2019-02-01, v:7.4) RCM Industries, Inc.: Can't find Table Capture Icon
    Where is it?
  • (2018-12-06, v:7.4) Mahmoud El kadi: Dynamic data
    I copy pasted the data to google spreadsheet.However the data are not refreshing manually nor automatically every 1 min. By the way the only way for me to transfer the data is by control+v at the spread sheet ( could it be that I should transfer the data in other way?) Thanks in advance
  • (2018-09-25, v:7.2) John McMillan: Time out please try again issue
    Since the update I have had issues Timing out and showing no tables. If I refresh the page it will work. But I have to refresh every time. Was not an issue before and is not an issue on every page I go to but like this on several i use. example page = https://www.dailyfantasynerd.com/optimizer/draftkings/mlb
  • (2018-09-20, v:7.1) 제인: Copy to Clipboard and the new Chrome update
    Hi - Love this chrome extension! Just noticed an issue after the chrome update. Previously, when you copy to clipboard and paste to excel, it would retain the formatting. After the update, when I paste in excel, it just has everything in 1 column. How can this be "fixed"?


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