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Improve YouTube! (Open-Source for YouTube)

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Make YouTube wonderful&Keep It clean! YouTube Player Size Playback Quality Auto HD Speed Style Adblock Volume Playlist Channel H.264

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Description from store Setup YouTube playback, layout and new features for Youtube once today and enjoy that for years! With our browser extension you have 42+ useful unique features to use with Youtube. To make your watching experience on Youtube a whole lot better and save you a lot of clicks and time. ImprovedTube is open-source and free! • Many functions can only be found here. To list a few: ✓ Video Description: Expand always ✓ customize youtube's player Size (Resize Youtube Video) ✓ Adblocker: you can block ads but white-list ads from your Youtubers / channel subscriptions ✓ Expand Youtube videos to full window width / height ✓ Default fixed Video Quality to always match your Screen and bandwidth: always 720p, 1080p, 4k, 8k ? Or simply 480p, 240p? avoid 60 frames (vs. 30 fps)? • Hide Elements (distraction free, or for teacher presentation): ✓ Remove Related Youtube Videos ✓ Remove Header ✓ Hide Annotations ✓ Hide Youtube Comments ✓ Hide live chat ✓ Reverse YouTube Playlist ✓ Shuffle Playlist ✓ H264 codec (h264ify to speed up Player / save CPU electricity. H.264 encoding is fast, efficient in GPUs built before 2016 without VP8 VP9 ) ✓ Customize Player Shortcuts / hotkeys • Extra Player Buttons (optional): ✓ Loop (Repeat) ✓ "Screenshot" (Save current Video Frame) ✓ Rotate Video ✓ ... *Buttons work in embedded player now,* ✓ Default audio volume Level *(in YT videos on Facebook & everywhere)* ✓ Default Playback Speed *also in embedded player now* ✓ channel page: Enable / disable "featured content" and youtuber's intro trailer ✓ Mini Player (when scrolling down) ✓ Pop-out Player ("always-on-top" is only possible through an app or your OS) • Auto-Play always off / on by default: ✓ Player Auto-Play ✓ Youtube's "Up Next" ✓ Playlist Auto-Play • Night mode: ✓ Schedule better viewing at night time ✓ Dark theme and Black theme ✓ Blue-light filter (Preserve sleep. Relax eyes) ✓ Display dim ✓ Auto-pause ✓ Loudness normalization ✓ Subtitles / captions always on/off ✓ Thumbnail: HD or .gif on/off ✓ "keep classic Youtube" (Restore old Youtube Layout) • Applies most settings live (without reloading) • New Menu suits touchscreen without much more pixel space. (✓ Legacy menu style remains) (Survey: Does anyone use 'Force Flash player' still? [email protected]) And many more features ✓ ... ✓ ... ImprovedTube is lightweight. You can expect all normal YouTube functions to work as expected. We also care about your privacy. (Unlike many other extensions out there, we only request access to www.youtube.com) We can't care about what videos you watch, we just care that you are enjoying them with our extension and that you save time. ✓ Other Youtube extensions: We tested many unique, friendly extensions and their compatibility • Some notably cool, smart features recommended to use with ImprovedTube: https://improvedtube.com tell us what else we should feature! • With ImprovedTube you don't need extensions offering the following common features: dark skin, adblock, automatic 4K YouTube auto hd, popout, lights off, floating, cinema mode magic actions, adblocker, youtube bandwidth enhancer, window expander, YouTube theater mode, looper, auto replay repeater, playback speed control; h264, video speed controller, ..., ... Of course not all extensions are always compatible with each other but you can try all you need. ⇒ Just note that no Youtube app yet actually needs a permission other than "access youtube.com"... - at most! (Only accept permissions like "alerts", "change privacy settings", "access all websites" and "browser history", if you don't care about privacy or spam sometimes. They could easily make permissions optional opt-in.) Official Accounts and Links: • Website: https://improvedtube.com • Twitter: @ImprovedTube • Github: https://github.com/ImprovedTube/ImprovedTube ⇒ Status: We just Fixed: [✓] YouTube Codec [✓] YouTube Autoplay & Autopause [✓] Forced YouTube Theater Mode [✓] Player Size Skeleton [✓] Many small fixes and improvements [✓] Popup font size (chrome -> settings -> font size -> large) [✓] YouTube-Player Size & Transparent Background; [✓] How long ago YouTube Video was uploaded [✓] Dim & Bluelight [✓] YouTube-Screenshot [✓] YouTube Video Quality [✓] Moving Thumbnails [✓] Collapsed YouTube comments [✓] (YouTube Channel) Video counter [✓] And when sidebar is empty, then content (video info, description, comments...) is centered ⇒ New Features: Custom Shortcuts & Hotkeys for Youtube Hide Youtube details Youtube Themes YouTube language New feature for YouTube's "Scroll for details" YouTube Volume Mixer ImprovedTube icon on YouTube: Draggable ImprovedTube Search and language translation to all languages Known Issues / To-Do List: [x] ... Notice An Issue? If you notice any issue, require support, or want a new feature please go to our Support Page. Please do not voice your issues in the Review section until after you try contacting us about the issue. We will work on resolving the issue to make your experience with ImprovedTube a 5/5 star experience. You can get to the support page either through our extensions options page or you can visit our website directly at www.ImprovedTube.com to contact us. (Please contact specifically: [email protected] or [email protected] ) We are not affiliated with YouTube or an official extension. This extension is independently developed for use with Youtube since 2012.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-01-28) Keron: Великолепное расширение для Youtube!
  • (2020-01-27) Abhishek Kumar: Totally mandatory for me. It's the first extension that i always install. Highly recommended.
  • (2020-01-26) Steve B: gotta like it
  • (2020-01-25) Iam Hero: great...
  • (2020-01-24) Could Not: Well, It is honestly pretty great. But i also have the enhacer extension, and that is honestly good too.
  • (2020-01-23) Jeff Marks: I Loved It A Lot!
  • (2020-01-23) Tio Hitler: Muy bueno
  • (2020-01-23) Nurbol Kapakov: Супер! Все можно настроить! Если б еще на русском языке было, цены не было бы!
  • (2020-01-23) PankajBhardwaj info: great
  • (2020-01-23) 那留餅士: block機能がうまく動きません。 動画サムネイルに現れる×ボタンが効く場合と聞かない場合有り。 登録済みのエントリー(チャンネルまたはビデオ)の削除ができません。 別のblock専用拡張を使っているのですが、もっと良くなればこれだけで済みますので期待しています Firefox用も欲しいです。 追記 「チャットのリプレイ」が邪魔な場合に「折りたたみ」にすると動作不良になるのでやってはいけません。Normalにしておきましょう。
  • (2020-01-23) Andrew Henderson: Unfortunately, the reason I installed the extension (reverse playlist feature) didn't work. It only reversed the playlist panel, and the next/previous video buttons, but when the video reaches the end, the autoplayed video is the unreversed next video. Rating it 3 stars because, even though for the functionality I wanted, it's 1-star, as it doesn't do what it claims it does, the other functions seem to work, so it seems wrong to 1-star it. Should probably remove the "Reverse video playlist" from the features list, though.
  • (2020-01-21) Queen Asriel: Works as described. Very nice. I hope that one day these features are built into YouTube. I really like the ability to change the color of the progress bar. I currently have mine set to pink.
  • (2020-01-21) 离枫: 超级好用的,但是可惜的是,打开之后视频只有最高1080P了,4K选项没有了
  • (2020-01-20) Buraz: Very functional! Working very vell!
  • (2020-01-20) black gate: Все что нужно
  • (2020-01-19) Lazar Gugleta: Clean and functional
  • (2020-01-18) Omar M. Challan: nice
  • (2020-01-18) IceClaw: Its a Good extension but with Allow 60 fps in videos off it still would have the video set to 60 fps quality but with rotating it is awesome
  • (2020-01-18) Alvin Chong: Really great replacement for Iridium. Good work!
  • (2020-01-16) Silver Squall: It works and it simple
  • (2020-01-16) Sofia Narine: I love this extension and i will definitely use it from now ! It's really make YouTube look better than before .
  • (2020-01-15) Ole Magnussen: reverse playlist button dosent work, also its impossible to reverrse a playlist longer than 79 videos, and if you try to repeat the playlist to get to the top of the playlist it dosent do that it just starts playing the next videoin the non reversed playlist even if it looks like the playlist have been reversed.
  • (2020-01-15) Vlad Iftime: Finally, I can see the last seconds of the video without wondering what's behind the recommended. Thank you for doing smth that a billion-dollar company cannot afford to do for its users. Good job!
  • (2020-01-15) mr_rusik: Блин добавьте уже хоть кто нибудь возможность свернуть левый блок меню с трендами, подписками и остальным, до узенькой полоски, как оно например сворачивается для экономии места при маленьких разрешениях экрана, сколько расширений и тем перелопатил нигде такого нет, это же первое что хочется сделать в этом убогом дизайне ютуба
  • (2020-01-14) 박성빈: good

Latest issues

  • (2020-01-26, v:2.1.41) Trent Bates: Legacy Mode is stuck on
    Hi, I tried out Legacy Mode and now it is stuck on. I toggle the switch and it changes back after the screen refreshes. I had it in Youtube's built in dark mode prior. I'm not against using your extension, but I'd like to know how to change it back to what it was before I tested the extension. I have tried a few things such as uninstalling and reinstalling the extension, etc. Thanks!
  • (2020-01-26, v:2.1.41) L Svensson: Blacklist
    How does the blacklist work with channels and videos? does it make them not show up in recommended or what?
  • (2020-01-25, v:2.1.41) Innocuous Barrel: legacy
    STILL cant use the legacy youtube option. still turns itself off every time i refresh or open a new youtube window
  • (2020-01-23, v:2.1.41) Sen Howler: Youtube comments.
    If I edit a comment on Youtube that has someone's name in it (a direct reply to them that automatically adds their username at the beginning of the reply) then "/videos" gets added to the end of their name. I suspect this is due to setting the "videos" page as the default page when I view a channel. So, like "@mbmirkwood" becomes "@mbmirkwood/videos" And another "/videos" gets appended every time I edit. Is this something that can be fixed?
  • (2020-01-22, v:2.1.41) Yaro Kasear: Reverse Playlist doesn't work
    How do I get the reversing of playlists to work. I installed this, turned on the feature, and literally nothing on Youtube changed. Is there documentation for how this is supposed to work?
  • (2020-01-21, v:2.1.41) Tado Samardžić: disable 60fps
    I have disabled "allow 60fps" but majority videos that i watch still reproduce 60fps video at resolutions 720p and up. My current laptop is slow and can't reproduce 60fps videos without stuttering, so 30fps option is helpful. From time to time this option is not working ( I guess youtube makes patches). Please investigate this issue and if you can fix it. This is still the best all-in-one Yt extension.
  • (2020-01-21, v:2.1.41) Joonyeong Kim: Full screen of horizontal video for vertical monitor
    I'm using a vertical monitor as secondary monitor. It is possible to see 'vertical video' as a full screen in it, but the originally 'horizontal video' cannot be full even if when I press the rotate button. I wish the rotate button also has a feature of expand the rotated video as a full screen at the vertical monitor.
  • (2020-01-19, v:2.1.41) Alvin Chong: 2 problems I encountered
    1. Always show progress bar The shown progress bar stops updating after a while and you need to move mouse to call up the full playback control area for it to update. 2. Full window player size On opening a fresh Chrome window Youtube forgets the theater mode setting which breaks the extension's Full window player size function. Had to install another theater mode memory extension for a workaround.
  • (2020-01-18, v:2.1.41) Alvin Chong: About the header hover
    Is it possible to make the header hide more? Move it up more so less of the bottom show.
  • (2020-01-17, v:2.1.41) Zhen Zhu: Question
    Hi, I was just wondering if it was possible to disable suggested videos at the end of a youtube video? If not, that would be a great feature. Thank you
  • (2020-01-14, v:2.1.41) BJ Sully: FIREFOX!!
    Please develop this for Firefox/Waterfox ... or am I just missing it..??
  • (2020-01-13, v:2.1.41) GlitchYou: Add Auto Like/Dislike
    Depending on the percentage (programmed by the user) of the video being watched (by the channel marked to enable this action) It has an extension that says it did that but it didn't work
  • (2020-01-11, v:2.1.41) YARANA MUSIC PRESENT: youtube
  • (2020-01-10, v:2.1.41) Den Shad: old youtube design
    Hi, the old design youtube doesn't work, please fix it.
  • (2020-01-09, v:2.1.41) barbateis: extension not working
    Chrome build 79 has broken this extension, i got it working again by Searching in Chrome://flags/ for #global-media-controls. and Disabling it
  • (2020-01-08, v:2.1.41) Sprache Chroe: Doesn't stay on anymore.
    Legacy button doesn't work. I select it, it changes, then one refresh later, it's gone going back to the garbage mobile look. What's up with that.
  • (2019-12-28, v:2.1.32) Joshua DeVance: How many processes?
    How many processes does this take up in task manager? If you select more options to enable, does that add more?
  • (2019-12-26, v:2.1.32) Cơm Trứng Rán: Bug
    If change player size, from Full Windows to Fit to Windows. Have issue of player and playlist
  • (2019-12-25, v:2.1.32) Ruslan Toleuov: Open Transcript
    Please Add Automatically Open Transcript Function.
  • (2019-12-23, v:2.1.32) Сергей К: background
    Can I make the background around the video dark? except themes
  • (2019-12-22, v:2.1.32) Jonatan: Hide startpage content
    Hey! I love your youtube extension it really improves the experience. It would be amazing if it also would be possible to hide the start page (all recommended videos etc.). Is this a feature you have considered adding? I would like to be able to use youtube just like a search and watch service instead of having all these distracting videos recommended to me on the startpage. There's no youtube setting to hide them currently, I've looked. Best/J
  • (2019-12-20, v:2.1.32) Андрей: Некоторые пункты недоступны для нажатия
    Выбор языка, качество видео, удаление рекламы...
  • (2019-12-20, v:2.1.32) M.Grey: App not disabling 60 fps in some new youtube videos after October.
    Like this one here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bn3q5pUypkM or this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRhZQR5U8vM where 60 fps still shows.Please fix this as it's wasting up my bandwidth.
  • (2019-12-18, v:2.1.32) E. P.: Не работает блокировка рекламы / Ad blocking does not work
    Выбираю: Настройки - Плеер - Реклама - Block all Открываю ролик - начинается показ рекламы... Версия 2.1.32. I choose: Settings - Player - Advertising - Block all. Open video - the advertising starts... Version 2.1.32.
  • (2019-12-10, v:2.1.32) Junayd Mahmood: Back to 1x button?
    Hey there, could you please make a button on the player speed slider that automatically brings the player speed back to 1x? Currently there's a lot of fiddling with it which makes it hard to dial in on a slider. Maybe have little buttons that go to 1x, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2 and so on? Would just make things easier rather than slider. Thanks!


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