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Description from extension meta Help you learn Duolingo faster and better
Image from store Duolingo Notes
Description from store Duolingo Notes can help you save notes during learning. Features: 1. bookmark the question and answer during learning. 2. Review your bookmarked notes. 3. Copy the note. 4. Speak the note. 5. Add personal comments. 6. Search the note. 7. Delete the note. 8. Delete all notes. 9. Export notes to CSV. 10. Add shortcut key (Alt+A) to add note. Source code is available at https://github.com/JakeLin/DuolingoNotes User Guide is available at https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2976444 Release Notes * V1.9 Add delete all notes button. Add export notes to CSV feature. Thanks to [northernguy](https://www.duolingo.com/northernguy) for suggesting these features. * V1.8 Support image select question. * V1.7 Improve User Experience, show bigger image when mouse hover over, add tooltip for buttons, resize the popup and display better for Windows users. * V1.6 Use chrome.storage.local to replace chrome.storage.sync due to the storage limit of chrome.storage.sync (https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/storage#type-StorageArea). Thanks to [northernguy](https://www.duolingo.com/northernguy) for reporting that. * V1.5 Added Support to Practice Lesson(practicing/strengthening a lesson). The user can add notes during Practice Lesson. Thanks to [jan williams](https://www.duolingo.com/willijanb) for reporting that. * V1.4 Added tooltip for personal comments. Thanks to [Dessamator](https://www.duolingo.com/Dessamator) for suggesting this feature. * V1.3 Added personal comments box. * V1.2 Added speech button.
Latest reviews (2019-11-27) mane ortegita: espero me resulte en el pc.. (2019-11-16) Gabriel Gimenez: Lo mejor para aprender un nuevo idioma se las recomiendo!!! (2019-11-08) Patrick Stewart: I was really looking forward to using this, but it doesn't do anything. It seems super broken and didn't work at all for me. It's a real shame because I really wanted this to work. (2019-09-22) Nelly Cuesta: Muy bueno (2019-09-22) J.JESÚS MARTINEZ MORA: La forma que se indica para descargar duolingo, bastante sencilla. (2019-08-15) msergazin: Doesn't work on Chrome 76.0.3809.100 (2019-05-20) Carlos Roberto Da Rosa. Da Rosa: Na medida que vamos evoluindo na fase-1 começa ficar lento e no final da fase 1 tranca e não funciona mais... Esse app na modalidade free - gratuíta - foi projetado com um luping(laço de retorno) para... a partir de uma determinada fase, começar a forçar uma forma de pagamento. Não foge à regra de tantos outros excelentes apps que, te fazem gostar do produto e imediatamente te frustram pelas propostas no meio do caminho, É essa a nova abordagem de negócios da Tecnologia a serviço da globalização do capital,.. Quem não têm dinheiro, não tem chance... nesse caso, Não termina o curso ainda que imbuído de enorme vontade. Dá-se o pirulito para a criança e tira-se para os pais comprarem... quando a criança chorar. Que pena !!!!!!! (2019-05-11) Carolina Ramirez: Excelentisima para aprender desde cero (2019-05-07) Meifwa Girl: i looked at the help station and it didnt work, i would double click and click add to notes but then i would check it and nothing would be there. i was really looking forward to using it :T (2019-03-01) Icela Gutierrez Garcia: me gusta muchome a sidomuy util gracias (2019-02-26) Roquelin Huancas Flores: GOOD JOB (2018-10-24) N. A: no cool (2018-10-01) Darwin Guerra: Es una mu buena aplicación ! (2018-08-25) neiby Sera: genial (2018-06-11) josdarlin polanco: es bueno el juego (2018-05-26) Patriarchy of Demons: Okay, so the app doesn't work anymore, because it was last updated like 3 years ago. It was made voluntarily by a guy 4 years ago and he has moved on to other projects. You should be able to get the code and modify it to get it to work if you want to, the app is open source. (2018-05-20) Alex dos santos barbosa: ok (2018-04-24) hernan guerra: debo descargarlo para decir que esta bien (2018-04-11) MYREYA CARRERO ROJAS: es increible (2018-04-10) ngocdanthi thai: cái này tuyeetf vời qá (2018-03-27) Norman Kaye: doesn't work . full stop (2018-02-11) Dennix Rodriguez: excelente para estudiar (2018-02-09) Duolingo has a new site now. I think it doesn't work on the new Duo site. It needs to be updated. It only shows a tool to search notes, but nothing to create them. (2018-01-23) Luan Oliveira: good (2018-01-23) Great app and its free! Thank you

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